AnimeNFO Channel/Network Services

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IRC has many services that are offered. Some are network specific, while some are channel specific.

[1] - Reading AnimeNFO's Channel Topic

Many users come in often complaining that the site may be down or they can't hear streams. While this is a technical issue, we thank you for your information, but massive repeating reports does become an issue. Before you ask an issue pertaining to the site or the streams, make sure you read the channel topic. The topic will most likely go something like this:

Welcome to #AnimeNfo. AnimeNfo's Site/Forums are UP/UP, Radio Site/Streams are UP/UP.

This indicates what services are up. From this topic, the main site for AnimeNfo is working, as are the forums; the radio site and streams are also in working order. If there are any problems with any service, the status would be DOWN instead of UP. In the case of streams, there may be an EXCEPTION status, usually with a reason to go with it (such as one or more streams aren't working).

[2] - Channel Bots

Marisa - The Radio Bot

The most used (and spam-tastic) bot is Marisa. Marsia provides a way of doing radio-related activies through the IRC channel. Using Marisa, you can rate, request, add/delete favourites, see what's playing (and what's next or what just played), and schedules. You have to have an AnimeNFO Radio account to use this service.

Omega - Fun Bot #1

Out of pure fun, Omega is a random AI bot that can do other things. Talk to it directly on the channel (for example: "Omega: how are you?") and it will generally give a response. Other things it can do include fmls and stocks (using the !stock <symbol> command) to get financial quotes.

Like all spam related issues, we ask you do not over do the bot thing.

Reimu - Fun Bot #2

Among the things, Reimu can check your weather and your usage count as well:

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[3] - Network Services

This is only for those who have their own channels or have status on existing channels. Most users will not require this section and can be ignored.

AnimeNFO's channel is hosted on WhatNET networks, and uses Undernet-style nickname and channel services. If you wish to register an account with the network (to provide options for your name or host), and to get access privilages (if granted) by the channel service bot. Use the /msg H HELP command to find out more.

As channel access is beyond the scope of this guide, we'll refer you to the usage. The bot Q is the channel bot. It does many things. To get information, use the /msg Q HELP GENERAL command. For more information,m

H - The Nick Bot

The H bot provides nick services. You use a private message window to interact with it. As H comes with its own help system for easy reference, the basics will be listed. Keep in mind that H does not own nicks (unlike NickServ), it just provides account services. Use the /msg H HELP NOT NICKSERV command for more information.

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