Welcome to AnimeNFO IRC!

Welcome to the central site for AnimeNFO IRC. The purpose of this guide site is to help users connect to the more real time chat room that we offer. The term IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and uses a server to host several chat rooms across various networks, which you can participate in with the use of an IRC client.

To get started, read through what IRC is (if you care), then read the Rules page before connecting. Even though there may be not as strict rules, we do have some in place that you should adhere to. Once you do your read-through, select "How To Chat" from the menu, and follow the instructions based on your IRC client. Once you're done, enjoy!

For those of you who wish to use the extra service we have to offer on the chat room (IRC channel), take a look at the "Services" link to find out some of the things we have. If you have questions, comments, or any concerns of any kind, please contact us. Information is available in the "Help/Contact" menu page.

And on that note, Enjoy!

- ota