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Recover Your Password

There are two simple steps to assist you to recover your lost Password (or even your lost User ID).
  • Fill in the Step 1 form, and then click (Step 1) button
  • Check your email, and note the Reset Code
  • Use the same email address and the Reset Code to fill in the Step 2 form, then click (Step 2) button
  • Your new password will be emailed to you
Please note that if the email address that you've supplied does not exist in the database, you won't receive any email nor error messages.

Step 1. Getting the reset code

Enter your email address above (the one you specified in your user preferences or the one you used to register). You will receive a reset code in oder to reset your password for step 2


Step 2. Reset your password

Enter your email address (the same one you used in step 1)

Reset Code
Enter the reset code that you've received in your email


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