Song Info
Album Art
Song ID: 42558
Artist: 3L
Composed by: ZUN
Arranged by: Shibayan
Circle(s)/Group(s): ShibayanRecords, signum/ii
Title: .-.. --- ...- . (signum/ii remix)
Album Type: Doujin Album
Album Code: STAL-1402
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Year: 2014
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Genre(s): Doujin, Electro House
Duration: 6:15
Played: 37 times
Requested (Since V2): 35 times
Times in Fav Block (Since V2): 0 times
Requested (Total): 35 times
Rating: 6.97 /10 (258 votes)
55 user has users have added this song to their favourites.
Song Tags: Anpo Sayuri , Cittan* , Eguchi Takahiro , Touhou 06 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil , Touhou
The title is in Morse Code and translated means Love.
Original and Alternative Songs
Original Song(s)
3L - .-.. --- ...- . (Mágico Catástrofe)
ZUN - Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Touhou Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)
Alternative Song(s)
3L - Hinata no Iro (Acoustic Episode)
3L - Unlocked girl ~ The Girl Who Left Her Secret Room (Touhou Moon Lantern)
Aki - Double Key (Double Key)
Aki - 7 days a week (Touhou Tsukimigaoka)
aoma & Mano - Kyojaku! Knowledge Camp (Touhou Mahou Shoujo Ultimate Reimu)
Beat Mario - Locked Girl (Drizzly Again)
Hotaru - Confined Space (Ultimate Synthesis)
IRON-CHINO - Brightly colored vegetables are insufficient (FAR EAST JUDGMENT)
itori - 7days travelers (TH440)
IZNA - HANAVI (Syndrome)
Jun.A - Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Cradle -Touhou Gengaku Shiten-)
Kakichoco - Locked My World (Blaze Out)
Mie - WITCHCRAFT!! (Arcadia)
mintea - starry hope (the starry sky)
Momobako - Pachuriko (katsu+sumijun R&B HOUSE Revival) (TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.0)
nachi - Thousand Wave (4Q8Q)
nachi - Cinderella wa Mahoutsukai (Tomohiko Togashi remix) (DISCO METRIC)
Nanahira - Monosugoi Decorated Truck de Patchouli ga Monosugoi Uta (Viva Evolution)
Nazo no Jinbutsu K - Break Mind (Touhou PARTYBOX03)
peroco. - SHiNY WiNG (DiGiWi SHiNiNG)
Ranko - Never Ending Halloween Night (Scary Halloween Show)
SHO - Opened Girl ~Kaihou Sareshi Kagi (ANOTHER SIDE OF TOHO TEMPEST Vol.2 -DISTORTION-)
Stack - Witchcraft Heptagram (Shout It Out Loud!!!)
Takahito "Rute" Koshida - Manual Marionette (Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS4 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~)
Tsubaki - In'ei Kansoku, Misshitsu no Doku (Ironic Relation)
U2 Akiyama - Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room (Celestial Music Record of All Mankind ~ Touhou Hisouten Original Soundtrack)
Yaoshanbailing - Shoujo (SEEKING)
Yuuma - Stay Insider (STAR DUST MEMORY ~IRON ATTACK! Vocal Best #1~)