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Song Info
Album Art
Song ID: 33716
Artist: AKINO with bless4
Composed by: Kanno Youko
Arranged by: Kanno Youko
Title: Sousei no Aquarion Oniisama to
Album Type: Vocal Album
Album: LOVE@New Dimension
Album Code: VTCL-60315
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Year: 2012
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Genre(s): Anime
Duration: 4:43
Played: 148 times
Requested (Since V2): 124 times
Times in Fav Block (Since V2): 12 times
Requested (Total): 136 times
Rating: 7.93 /10 (1117 votes)
318 user has users have added this song to their favourites.
Song Tags: AKINO , bless4 , Aquarion EVOL , Aquarion , Aquarion Sousei no Aquarion(Song)