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Song ID: 23754
Artist: fripSide
Composed by: Yaginuma Satoshi
Arranged by: Yaginuma Satoshi
Title: only my railgun -AnimeNfo Radio remaster-
Album Type: OP Single #1
Album: only my railgun
Album Code: GNCA-152
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Year: 2009
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Genre(s): Anime, Game
Duration: 4:17
Played: 809 times
Requested (Since V2): 757 times
Times in Fav Block (Since V2): 27 times
Requested (Total): 791 times
Rating: 8.45 /10 (3545 votes)
1260 user has users have added this song to their favourites.
Song Tags: Nanjou Yoshino , To Aru Kagaku no Railgun , Jubeat Knit , To Aru Majutsu no Index , Jubeat