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2015-05-21 18:45:57 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Anime North meetup
It's that time of year again!

If you're in the Toronto area or going to the con and are interested in meeting up with other AnimeNfo users, please drop Okazaki an email at

2015-02-07 19:56:03 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: New artist on AnimeNfo Radio!
AnimeNfo Radio is proud to present a new artist to our playlist "Seasons of Ghosts"

Sophia Aslanidou is the creator of this new project, you may know her from music we already have on the site such as Blood Stain Child & Imaginary Flying Machines. She also has done work with touhou doujin circles Save the Queen and Pizuya's Cell.

For more information on Sophia and her group, please check out this link

You can also support her by buying the album at her website Seasons of Ghosts. The albums are also available on iTunes and Amazon MP3

AnimeNfo Radio thanks Sophia and her record label Coroner Records and INVICTUS MEDIA for donating the album and letting us play it!

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2015-02-01 16:14:47 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Semi-annual touhou block
Our semi-annual touhou block will happen Tuesday February the 10th. Please check the schedule after this up-coming Tuesday for the times.

2015-02-01 16:11:57 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: New rate block
We will have a new rate block on Friday February the 6th

Please check the schedule to see when it is for your time zone!

2014-11-19 17:58:00 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: CGI-IRC back online is up and running again for your IRC uncensored purposes.
2014-11-14 15:31:09 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Donations

For the past few months we've not met our donation goal (minus October) this helps us pay for the streaming servers. Most of the music is bought using my own personal money and ad spots we sell on the site. We do have quite a few users who buy songs for us as well.

At this rate, more focus will be towards keeping the servers up and getting less new music. The alternative is to load this place down with promos on the radio and more ads on the site, which is what I'm trying not to do to ruin everyone's experience.

If you have a few dollars, please donate. Us as staff don't ask for much and we put lots of work into keeping this radio site running.

People also asked about crypto currencies in the past, I've setup some wallets to accept them. Here's the addresses.

Bitcoin: 1Cg4k4Z98721GWJDBTfgBizubTAfkZi9Wv
Litecoin: Ld1RPVcVEpPRHx6QxzEvzYgPN981r6Dek6
Dogecoin: DAahqKxBfXPMJkLTHohgsXkjHBME8cXmPb


2014-10-16 01:03:26 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: SSLv3 disabled
Due to an exploit we've disabled SSLv3 support. This shouldn't break anything unless you're using IE6.

If anyone has a script that's broken because of this, please upgrade it to support TLS v1.2

2014-06-11 00:15:02 - astrangerhere [Hataraki Man] :: Welcome to the staff zwars!
We have selected zwars to serve as our new music staff contact. He has been with the radio for years and we are confident that he was the right choice for this job.

Please do not bother zwars about other administrative or moderating duties as those are not part of his position. Please refer to the staff list in the FAQ if you are unsure who to contact about an issue.

2014-05-29 17:25:11 - Yhn [Mehsi's Knight of Twilight] :: Site Upgrade
Hey all,

as you might notice, some things have changed ;). The upgrade took a bit longer than expected due to some unforeseen issues, but we're back.

About Templates
You might notice that we currently have a lot less templates than before. This is caused by the fact that some themers have simply not responded to the call for updates. The old templates are no longer compatible, so unfortunately, we had to remove them.

What if it's broken
Please mail me (Yhn). Do not post it in the chatter, nor in the bug tracker for now. I read my mail much more often because it arrives on all my devices, chatterbox messages and the bugtracker lack this "feature".

Google+ login
As experimental feature, we've added oauth authentication using your google account. This saves you remembering a password. You can link your current account to a google account through your profile page.
We're not sure yet if we're going to keep this feature, or expand it with other oauth provides (e.g. twitter, facebook).

Known thingeys
  • The html5 player currently doesn't have any sources yet. We're working on something for that as well, but for now we haven't added anything yet due to the "mixed content" warnings you'd get if we'd directly link the shoutcast streams there.
  • The bug/feature tracker contains a lot of outdated issues, I'll work through these in the coming days.
  • Not all chatterbox messages have been imported yet, so your chatbox message count is currently (most likely) lower than before.
  • Some members have been reporting login problems, where the site logs them in, and on the next page they're logged out again. We expect this to be caused by a broken http->https redirect; trying to log in using should help remedy this issue.
  • Some members have been reporting that validation codes no longer validate correctly, should you encounter this; please mail me (Yhn) from (or mention) your registered mail address, user name, and the validation code.
  • There is a problem with the now playing page not correctly refreshing all parts; we're investigating this issue. For the meanwhile, refresh works as "workaround" :(
  • PHP apparently doesn't understand session management; this means that if you don't check the 'remember' checkbox (and don't use g+ auth), you'll most likely be logged out after about 10~20 minutes.
  • When two chatbox messages arrive at the same time, the insertion script makes an oopsie and keeps one of them on top indefinitely
  • There are spikes of slowness on the site/server, we're investigating these.
  • ... (I'll add things to this list as we find them, so if you find something, please check back here first)

A lot of people are already asking about this. For now, I have no documentation yet and I'm not sure if the API is completely the way I want it. If you want to be an alpha test user of it, please mail me.
Include what you want to do with the API, and which data you want to request. I do also expect you to give me feedback, obviously.

Do mind that bugs and such get high priority attention, meaning that it might take a while before I reply on your API use request.
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2014-05-28 16:32:02 - astrangerhere [Hataraki Man] :: Site Upgrade on May 29th!
We will be upgrading the site on Thursday May 29th starting at 6AM EST. We are not sure how long the upgrade will take, but we will not be coming back online until we are sure all bugs are fixed and all loopholes are closed. In the interim, please do not email staff to ask when the site will be back. It will be ready when its ready. We apologize for the downtime, but hope to bring you a better site as soon as we're back up!


During this time IRC will be open the music will continue to play but you will not be able to request or rate.

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