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Update: We've been working on a replacement SAM system that's coded from the ground up, it's still in progress but almost done.

AnimeNfo Radio Rules and Guidelines
Requesting Songs

AnimeNfo is an all-request radio station. As such, we have a number of rules that control how much you can request and when. We do this as a courtesy to everyone, so that everyone -old members and new- get to listen to the songs they want to hear
  • Request Limits - This is the queue restriction scheme for all users. For most high traffic times of day, the queue will limit you to three requests. Please limit yourself to two requests in a queue at a time. If the queue is very short (less than 6~7 songs) you can request additional songs but they may be removed without notice if the queue grows in size (see below).
  • DO NOT request if the queue is already over 2 hours. Wait for it to shorten up a little.
  • Variety - Do not request the same songs (this includes remixes and covers), artists, or tagged sub-genres over and over. Just because you could listen to those songs all day long doesn't mean everyone can.
  • Same show, different album - Do not request multiple songs from the same show. For example, do not request an opening from Bleach and then request an ending from Bleach.
  • Same Artist tagged differently - Due to limitations on our system sometimes you may find the same artist tagged differently (such as Hamasaki Ayumi or Ayumi Hamasaki) in the event of this, do NOT request if the artist is already in the queue and do NOT request two songs from the same artist.
  • Remixes/Covers/Etc - Under no circumstance should you request the original and an alternative version of a song together.
  • Over-requesting - If you request daily and are here all day, don't pack the queue as soon as you can, every time you can. If we see the same requester over and over, even in long queues, you risk losing your right to request at all.
    • We can see the exact date and time of your requests, so if a staff member tells you that you are requesting too much, don’t argue
    • If (the remainder of) a block is only an hour long (I.E. just before an N or Oricon Block), DO NOT use all your requests. Limit yourself to just one request, more requests might be deleted.
  • If you are concerned that you are about to break the rule or aren't sure if it's safe to request, email or ask (in the chatterbox) a staff member.
  • Request Deletions - Whenever the queue grows to around 2 hours of length, our staff might decide to remove requests from people that have more than 2 requests in the queue (as is allowed if the queue is short, see above).
Rating Songs
  • Rating songs is one of the most important parts of the radio. It's how you are promoted and it's how we determine what music we keep.
  • Rate honestly, and use the entire rate scale (from 1-10). It is possible to see your rate stats on your profile page. Failing to use the entire rate scale will prevent you from being promoted and can result in a demotion. Many users tell us that they "just can't give a song a 1 rating". This is not an acceptable excuse. As a rule of thumb, keep the percentages of your ratings below 30%.
The ChatterBox and Dedications
  • The ChatterBox is the social nexus of AnimeNfo Radio. We have people of all ages from all around the world here. We have chosen to adopt the rules governing the ChatterBox taking that into consideration. Breaking any of these rules can result in warnings, suspensions or bans.
  • You must rate at least 25 songs before you can post in the chatbox.
  • Language - The ChatterBox is an English language only area. Do not post in foreign languages and do not carry on conversations in foreign languages.
  • General Rating - The ChatterBox is rated PG-13 at all times. For those of you not in the US, PG-13 equates to the following: no foul language, no adult material - this means discussion and links. If you are unsure about posting a link or starting a particular discussion, please email or contact (in the chatter) someone on staff BEFORE you post it in chatter. For more information on the PG-13 rating, please see this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_picture_rating_system#United_States.
    • Discrimination - Statements of an offensive or discriminatory nature towards any race, gender, religion or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Breaking this rule will result in an immediate suspension or ban. No exceptions.
    • NO Spoilers - We take this rule very seriously. Do not post spoilers of any kind in the ChatterBox. It does not matter how old or popular the series is, someone will not have seen it yet. This also extends to links. Do not link to spoiler material without a clear warning before you post the link that it contains spoilers.
    • Copyrighted Material - There is to be absolutely no discussion of illegal downloading or other copyright violations. This includes discussion of fansubs, fansub groups, torrent engines, or any other illegal download sites.
    • BBCode - BBCode is supported on this site, but should not be abused. Typing in multiple colours or using formats that disrupt the ChatterBox layout are not acceptable. Links using BBCode should be representative of the link posted and should not be used to send people to other sites not described or otherwise disallowed in the rules.
    • Spam, etc - Do not spam the chatbox. Spam is not clearly defined, but some good examples would be be: posting more than 3 lines of text without any responses in between, posting gibberish (emoticons, sound effects or nonsense), posting long links without the use of BBCode. Do not 'shout', it's a ChatterBox, not a ShoutBox. You are allowed to represent artists/song title's in their shown format (e.g. ALI PROJECT); but keep the rest of your sentence normally cased, you can show your enthusiasm as well with exclamation marks or a smiley.
    • Role Playing - Due to the influx of new users who insist on using Role Playing as their main form of chatting, we have been forced to enact the following rules:
      1. the RP must not be so exclusive as to confuse all non-participating members.
      2. the RP must not become so pervasive as to drive all other members out of the chatbox. If you feel that strongly about having an RP community, you should perhaps consider an IRC-based alternative.
      3. the RP must conform to all other rules of the chatbox (rating, content, etc.).
      4. If a staff member warns you individually or as a group that the RP is getting out of hand and needs to stop, it must be stopped immediately. Failing to do so will result in an immediate chat ban, warning and/or suspension of rights from the site.
  • Dedications - A Dedication is a ​statement that says in whose ​honour something has been written, made, ​performed, etc. for example: "For my friend." The Dedication option is only meant for dedications and is optional. Putting in links, advertisements and other random text or emotes is not allowed, a reason why you requested it may be accepted. All the rules of the ChatterBox apply to the dedication box.
Warnings, Suspensions and Bans
  • If anyone on staff warns you, they must supply a reason in your warning or suspension notice. They also generally supply you with a means of contacting them to discuss the matter.
  • NEVER discuss a warning or suspension/(chat)bans (yours or someone else's) in the ChatterBox. Doing so will result in an immediate loss of chatbox rights. You may email astrangerhere if you wish to discuss a warning.
  • Sometimes the Moderators can issue a verbal warning in the Chatterbox, and in those cases the above two rules are absolute. The warning will still be recorded on your account.
Radio Accounts
  • Multiple Accounts - DO NOT create multiple accounts. If you do so, the account will be banned and you will be suspended. If you create an account because your other account has been suspended, both accounts will be banned.
    If you, for whatever reasons, already have more then one account; contact a Staff Member as soon as possible to have the other account(s) deleted. This way, you can state your reasons for why it happened and decide for yourself which account to keep. If we find the double accounts ourselves, we will simply ban or remove all but one of the accounts and decide, based on your history, what to do with the last.
  • Account Problems - If there is something wrong with your account, don't make another one; please contact either yhn (yhn@animenfo.com) or supers (supers@animenfo.com) to have the issue straightened out.

For any more information on how to contact a member of Staff you can visit the FAQ item located here
AnimeNfo - Frequently Asked Questions
This section consists of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we get here at AnimeNfo
How do I listen?

On the sites top navigation bar, if you click on 'Radio' that will bring up more options, if you select the 'Listen' option this will take you to a new web page with a full list of our music streams.

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Connecting to a one of our music steams

You may notice that the music streams are hyper linked and if you click on one of these links your media player should open the stream and begin playing (on Mozilla Firefox the browser might treat the stream like a download, in this event you should select the 'Open With...' option and choose a media player to use).

Alternatively with your media player already open you can access one of our streams by choosing the 'File' option on the menu bar at the top of the media player and selecting 'Open Url..' - This will bring up a URL box where you can paste in one of our streams addresses (for example: http://animenfo.com:8000)
when pasting the URL copied from the listen page, remove the /listen.pls from the address entry or this option will not work. If you are still having problems connecting you can E-mail a member of our staff

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What are “Blocks”?

To add more variety to our radio station we have set up a schedule of “Blocks” which are set amounts of time where only a specific genre of music can be requested and played (Anime, Jpop etc)
Most blocks vary between 1 hour to 2 hours in length. The following list is a summary of our blocks and their restrictions (for the full list and restrictions, please refer to the blocks page):
  • Normal Playlist – During this block users are not allowed to request and our automated selection system takes control. No one can request during this time.
  • Normal Playlist/Requests – In this block users may request anything they wish to hear. All users may request during this time.
  • Jpop – Only Jpop (or its subgenres). Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • Jrock – Only Jrock (or its subgenres). Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • Anime – Music exclusively from anime series and movies. Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • Open Anime - Music exclusively from anime series and movies. All members may request during this time.
  • Open Anime Retro - Music exclusively from anime series and movies, with one little restriction: Only songs up to the year 2003 may be requested. All members may request during this time.
  • Game – Only music from the game genre. Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • Instrumental -- Instrumental music from any genre. Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • Doujin/Electronic -- Music from Independent artists albums as well as selections from our electronic genre. Only SVIP, UVIP, and UVIP+ members may request during this time.
  • New Rate -- Brand new songs for everyone! This block has no set time, but will usually be announced a few hours before airing. No one may request during this block; it is programmed by the administrators

In addition the Animenfo Moderating team also run customised blocks to mix things up a little, these include:
  • Oricon block – This block consists of music from the Japanese top 30 singles chart and is updated once a month with new music and a countdown from 30-1
  • Favourite block – this is a 2 hour block that is changed every two weeks and is a collection of users favourite songs, to have your song added to this block for everyone to hear you can contact a member of staff either in the Chatterbox, IRC or E-mail. Any member may have a fave in faveblock.
  • Classic Favourite block -- A throwback faveblock selected from sometime from 2008-present.
  • Custom theme block – this is a 2 hour block with a different theme (such as a common word, theme or other obscure fact). Custom themes are special occasion blocks and appear randomly when a staff member decides to run one.

you can at any time find out when a block is or will be playing by visiting the schedule page here

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What are the different user ranks and how do I get one?

Here at Animenfo we reward users for rating songs, when a user has earned enough ratings to qualify for a user rank they will be promoted and more options on the site will unlock for them.
The user ranks available are:
  • Normal User - Simply register to become a normal user, you will be able to request songs during the Normal/Request, Open Anime, Open Anime Retro blocks.
  • VIP - You can achieve VIP status by rating 500 songs, earning this rank will unlock an option hidden on the songs called “Favourites list”. Just as it sounds, this option will allow you do add your favourite songs to a list that you can easily request from whenever you feel like it. You can also share this list with other users.
  • SUPER VIP - Rate 2300 songs and have at least 200 songs in your Favourites list. Once you have earned this user rank you will be able to request in ANY of the blocks besides the Normal Block in which our automated system has full control.
  • ULTIMATE VIP - Rate 6000 songs and have at least 200 songs in your Favourites list.
  • ULTIMATE VIP+ - Once users have rated 12000 songs and have at least 200 songs in their favourite list, they can contact a member of staff to have their user rank changed to say anything they want (Of course following the rules). Their privileges are the same as an Ultimate VIP’s.

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The radio won't play/The radio has stopped playing

If the radio will not play or has stopped playing and you have made sure that our streams are not experiencing technical difficulties, then be sure to try another stream as there are a certain amount of allocated slots per person on each of our servers.
If that does not fix the problem then try a different media player such as Winamp or Windows Media Player.
You can at any time contact a member of staff

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The radio keeps buffering!

This is usually caused by network congestion. Check to see if someone on your local network is saturating your bandwidth, either by downloading large files, or running Peer2Peer applications. If that's not the case, then make sure you're using a server that suits the speed of your internet. You may have to use one of the lower quality music servers.

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How do I request a song?

You can request a song by clicking the 'Radio' button on the sites top navigation bar and then selecting 'Songlist' which will take you to a page where you can search a specific artist/song/anime.
Once you have searched and found the song you want to request you can click the button (once) on the “request” button or hyperlink that will be on the same line as the song you have searched for. (the request hyperlink or button may change depending on what theme you are using)

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It says I can't request now. Why?

There are many reasons why you might not be able to request at one time, one of these reasons may be that the song you want to request is incompatible to the genre of the block playing (more info on blocks can be found here) or another might be that your user rank is not high enough to request inside that block (more info on user ranks can be found here)

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Why can't I rate this song?

You can only rate songs that have played within the last 30 minutes.

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How do I favourite a song?

Only users that are ranked VIP or higher can use the favourite song list. More information on user ranks can be found here.

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Can I have my request added to the Fav Block?

Sure, just ask a member of staff and they will be sure to add a song for you. The restrictions are as follows:
  • The song cannot be over 7 minutes
  • The songs cannot be considered one of our blacklisted "troll" songs or on an extended cooldown block
  • If you had a song in the last block, you must wait until 12pm EST on Wednesday to request a staff member to add it to the current block.

Note: The Fav Block is not limited to people having access to the favourite song list, these two - while sharing a similar name - aren't related at all. So even a normal user can ask for a song in the Fav Block.

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I've reached the prerequisites of a user rank, why haven't I been promoted yet?

The system is not automated and requires one of the staff members' approval, they will be taking many things into account such as:
  • Good behaviour
  • Proven track record of honest rating

If you haven’t been promoted yet then please wait and do not bother the staff about it. Bothering staff about promotions is a guarantee of slowing your promotion down.
And be warned that your user rank may be taken away if you break any of the sites rules.

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Can I become a VIP/SVIP/etc by donating?

Each donation is handled on a case by case basis by the Admin. Promotion of your user rank may be awarded based on overall activity on the site. There is no set dollar amount which automatically grants promotion.

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Hey, could you add this song to the site?

Before asking: Please make sure the song has actually been released on a single or album that is already available for purchase. If we cannot buy the song, we cannot add it.

We can certainly try. Email your suggestion to requests@animenfo.com. Please include as much information in the email as possible - artist, title, album (and show, if applicable). AnimeNfo remains one of the few LEGITIMATE sources for Japanese music run by users from another country- as such we are required to PAY for the music we want to play and when we want to play it. This unfortunately means we cannot add everyone’s requests but all will be considered. (If you have the ORIGINAL CD and wish to support us by sending it to us then this can be arranged)
Please note: We DO NOT reply to each individual request email. We do not reply to them period. Please check the new songs page periodically to see if your song was added. If you do not see it, the song has been rejected. We get too many song requests each day to reply to each one of them with an acceptance or rejection. Pestering anyone on staff via chatbox or email will not help your cause. We have strict guidelines for what we are willing to add, and if your song was not added, please assume your song did not meet our criteria for quality music.
WARNING - We do NOT take file submissions, this is in direct violation of our file sharing rule. We don’t want your files and will source the music ourselves.

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I noticed you don't have an album cover for this song, can I send it to you?

You can send album art to Mehsi@animenfo.com.

Note that the following restrictions apply:
  • A song needs to be rated above a 4.8 average in order to get an album art, due to the high chance of the song being deleted in the near future.
  • If a song already has an album art of high quality, we will not change it.
  • The album art needs to be at least 400 by 400 pixels, and at most 500 by 500 pixels.
  • Similar to other song information reports, please include an official source showing that the album art you've included is actually the album art as seen when you would actually find the CD in a store.
  • For enclosed CDs, the cover of the enclosure (e.g. DVD/blu-ray or game) will be accepted.
  • We will not add any CD photos or scans. If the CD doesn't have any art, nor does its enclosure, it will not get anything.

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I noticed that the artist or track title or original/alternative or series tag on a song is wrong, or an album name is incorrect, where do I report this?

You can report the song to Mehsi@animenfo.com and we will evaluate if a change is necessary. Please be sure to email her, don't just post it in chatbox. Emailing changes is the only way for us to effectively track them.
You can submit changes for the artist name, song title, album title, album art, artist/series/normal tags, and original songs. Genres will be changes only by staff, and any mail submitted about genres will be ignored. As for album codes, Mehsi is adding them, but it will be a while before everything has an album code, so please be patient.
In case of errors in translation Kanji > Romaji please make sure you also back-up your your statement by either listing a dictionary site, or an official site.

When reporting changes, include an official (or in case of an error in translation: a dictionary) source which backs up your report!

IMPORTANT: Reports without an official source will be ignored.

We can only add information about song origins to songs on our radio, we cannot, and will not, add information about remixes/covers/etc of songs if we don't have those alternative songs in our playlist.

Official Sources are: Artist's or Circle's official site, Records Company website or CD booklets.
Other sources allowed: Amazon(JP) or CDJapan for normal releases and Toranoana, D-Stage, TANO*C Store, Diverse Direct, or MelonBooks for Doujin/Indie releases.

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I have lyrics to a song, how can I add it to the song info?

You can submit lyrics by email to Mehsi@animenfo.com.
Please make sure we've had at least a month to add these lyrics ourselves. This means that the song should be in our playlist for at least a month, and lyrics have to be posted to a source for at least a month as well. We try to keep up with certain sources to ensure most of our songs have lyrics, and having this limit ensures we can spend our time adding lyrics, instead of replying to multiple mails for the same song/lyrics.
A lyrics submission will need to be in the following format:
  • For all allowed languages (Romanized version of the original language, and the English translation thereof) you want to submit, add a header followed by the lyrics in that language.
    Do not interleave the languages (so the romanized and translated parts inbetween each other)
  • For all parts you submit, include the source(s). If possible, please try to find sources that do not offer illegal download links or other copyright violations.
  • A song needs to be rated above a 4.8 average in order to get lyrics, this due to the high chance of the song being deleted in the near future.

We currently do not add non-romanized lyrics or non-English translations due to the maintenance load that would bring with it, just for the little part of the community that would actually be able to read/understand those.

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Deleting Songs

The song database has grown quite large over the last few years. In order to continue to bring you the newest and best J-music, we will now be periodically deleting unpopular and lower-rated songs. Keep in mind the "rate fair" rule still applies. Rating a song lower with an intent to have it deleted, or rating it up to prevent deletion, are prohibited and flagrant offenders will be banned.

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Why should I donate?

AnimeNfo Radio broadcasts a high-quality 192kbps stream, this is much higher than most internet radio stations which typically broadcast at 128kbps. This extra quality does not come cheap though, so every penny you can spare is appreciated! If you like this site, we do need your help to keep it running. The monthly donation goal is set as the cost to run the servers less the money we get from our sponsors, so it may vary from month to month.

If you donate, please include your userID or user name in the comments in the PayPal transaction so that you get properly credited on the site!

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Is there any way to donate besides Paypal?

Absolutely! Just send an email to supers and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.
Staff E-mail information can be found here

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How would I go about contacting a Staff Member?

Usually one or more of our moderating team are present in the ChatterBox, however they cannot always be there so if you ever need to E-mail a member of staff, feel free to do so at the following addresses:

  • supers@animenfo.com - supers [Admin] – contact for donations and technical questions.
  • astrangerhere@animenfo.com - astrangerhere [Admin] – contact for questions regarding rules, site policies.
  • lorraine@animenfo.com - Lorraine [Staff]
  • casandra@animenfo.com - Casandra [Staff]
  • vrmd@animenfo.com - Vrmd [Staff]
  • yhn@animenfo.com - Yhn [Webmaster] – contact for account maintenance (such as access troubles and name changes, but NOT VIP promotions) and site-related (technical) questions and problems. Also contact for the api.
  • mehsi@animenfo.com - Mehsi [Database Moderator] – contact for album art and lyrics submission as well as tag or song information questions.

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