2020-01-01 00:36:16 - Vrmd [ものすごく眠い子猫]
We are currently having technical issues with the Radio streams. Please bear with us while we try to find a solution.
2020-02-07 16:59:46 - supers [Corpse Kitten]

Update: We've been working on a replacement SAM system that's coded from the ground up, it's still in progress but almost done.

Donation History

Welcome to the donation history. Here you can see all donations that have been made to the radio.

If you made a donation and it is not yet on the list, a couple of reasons can be:
* Supers or astrangerhere didn't have time yet to add you yet.
* Supers or astrangerhere can't find your AnimeNfo account, in this case you've got a mail (from either of them). Please answer it ASAP to get added.

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