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2019-10-21 18:03:30 - Vrmd [ものすごく眠い子猫] :: Favblock Schedule Change
We are making a change to the schedule of Favourite Song Block with the objective of allowing users that rarely listen to the radio on weekends to have a chance to participate and/or listen to favblock.

Favblock's new schedule is:

- On Fridays at 14:00 GMT
- On Saturdays at 22:00 GMT

Favblock will no longer play on Sundays.
You can check these times converted to your timezone in the Schedule

Users that had a song in the previous favblock, can now ask for a new song starting on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Eastern Time instead of Thursdays. Users that didn't have a song in the previous favblock can ask for one at any time, just like before.
2019-02-07 23:34:41 - Vrmd [ものすごく眠い子猫] :: New Rate Block on Friday 02/08
We will have a New Rate Block this Friday, February 8th. The NRB will contain both new doujin songs released during the last Comiket and new Anime songs.

Please check the Schedule to see what time the block will play in your timezone.

We hope you enjoy the block!

2018-12-31 16:16:08 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Stuttering Streams - Fixed
Problem has been finally resolved. Should be no more skips and breakups!

Have a great New Year!

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2018-12-30 19:56:28 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Radio Downtime

We had a few hours of downtime today, we moved newer hardware. The virtualization system for SAM has also changed. Hopefully this will fix the skipping issues that have been plaguing the radio for a while now.

If you see any problems please let a staff member know!

2018-03-02 10:25:09 - Mehsi [★.★ Yhn's Lovely Twirling Tagging Princess ★.★] :: Stuttering Streams
Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed for the past few days, the streams are hiccuping/stuttering. The staff/Supers know about it, and we are trying to find a cause as to why this happens, and we hope to fix it as soon as possible.

So please be patient, and we will post an update (here/in the chatter) when we know more or when the problems are resolved!

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2017-03-21 14:51:17 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: Upgrading to DNAS2
We're upgrading to DNAS2 by the second week of April, as is going to be delisting all DNAS1 streams shortly.

If you have anything that's hard coded to the stream url, you will need to change the streaming url.

More details to come.

2017-01-09 19:27:03 - Yhn [Mehsi's Knight of Twilight] :: Mail issues with
Hey all,

we've found out that gmail hasn't been accepting any mail from the site in the past week or two.
A fix has been implemented, so any new mails should arrive as they should.

In case you use a gmail address and:
- Changed your email address, or registered a new account and still need the validation code; please use the resend code functionality shown on the page after trying to log in.
- Tried resetting your password; please try to reset your password again.

Mails should now successfully arrive, if not, please let me know through yhn (at) animenfo (dot) com.

-- Yhn
2016-12-03 18:18:38 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: UI bugs with Chrome 53 *update*
Chrome 55 was released.

If you don't have the update already, goto options on the side -> Help -> About. The browser will update it's self.

2016-09-19 17:14:05 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: UI bugs with Chrome 53
We are aware of several UI bugs with the site with Chrome 53 update.

The bug is fixed in Chrome 55 which is in beta, we will have to wait a bit before that update is pushed to everyone.


2016-08-15 11:23:40 - supers [Corpse Kitten] :: New Rate Block (August 16th @ 1 pm EDT)
We will be having a new rate block tomorrow.

If you're unsure of the time in your timezone, please check the schedule