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What is it

If you decided to write your own AnimeNfo Client and willing to share it with other AnimeNfo users, you can submit your client to AnimeNfo. AnimeNfo will not be held responsible if you decided to use any of these user submitted extension.

User submitted files

Internet Explorer Searchbar
Short description: Search bar for Internet Explorer
File: animenfo-ie.exe
CRC: 32211FE1 (sfv)
Size: 93,234 bytes
License: None
Submitted by: Hein

Windows Eggdrop (Windrop) Tcl Scripts
Short description: Tcl Script for win32 eggdrop.
CRC: BD5E8784 (sfv)
Size: 9,321 bytes
License: GPL
Submitted by: Malelc

Java GUI AnimeNfo Client
Short description: With ability to connect to AnimeNfo Server through proxy server to bypass firewall.
CRC: EA54CB1D (sfv)
Size: 42,115 bytes
License: GPL
Submitted by: ibliss

AnimeNfo Client - Visual Basic 6 Version
Short description: Another AnimeNfo client written using Visual Basic 6.
CRC: 2F1800CE (sfv)
Size: 1,251,136 bytes
License: GPL
Submitted by: Brian Woods (

AnimeNfo Client - Perl and Direct Connect Hub Interface
Short description: AnimeNfo client written in perl and for Direct Connect Hub
File: 1nfo-0.2.tgz
CRC: DCA73087 (sfv)
Size: 8,968 bytes
License: GPL
Submitted by: Johannes Marloth (

AnimeNfo GUI Client
Short description: AnimeNfo client with pictures and sound
File: NfoMaid.rar
CRC: ECF26D71 (sfv)
Size: 520,896 bytes
License: -
Submitted by: Philipp Lensing (

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