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Anime : Refrain blue

Refrain blue Title Refrain blue
Japanese Title リフレインブルー
Official Site -
Category OVA
Total Episodes 3
Genres Game, Romance
Year Published 2000
Release Date 2000-06-23 ∼ 2000-10-27
Broadcaster -
Studio ELF
Pink Pineapple
US Distribution
User Rating 5.5/10.0 (5 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 16 May 2008 10:42:03 +0000

This is the anime version of the game by Erufu with the same title and consists of three of chapters. All of them took place on the Toyo Gakuen's summer school, on seashore :)

The first chapters,"Recollection", told about the recollection of Yoshihiro past about various events of summer school, of the fate where encounter and separation are interwoven with each other, as Yoshiro and Matsunaga will pass the Toyo Gakuen and will arrive at summer school at seashore. A mysterious girl smiles as she watches Yoshiro who stands still at the seashore dusk. The second chapters focuses on other characters, Matsunaga, who was caught by the feeling of the past but cannot be betrayed. On the last chapter, Matsunaga met the girl of mystery from first chapter.

*** Not responsible for: description mistranslation, chance of adult content since this is from Pink Pineapple and last but not least... misguide :) -- f4t3 ***

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