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Anime : Arion

Arion Title Arion
Japanese Title アリオン
Official Site -
Category Movie
Total Episodes 1
Genres Action, Fantasy, Magic
Year Published 1986
Release Date 1986-03-16
Broadcaster -
Studio -
US Distribution
User Rating 5.5/10.0 (10 reviews)  (Statistic)
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In Thrace, Arion is taken from his mother Demeter by the god Hades. In the Underworld, Arion is trained to be a warrior. His training is driven by revenge: Arion was told that his mother's blindness was caused by Zeus and Zeus' death will remove the curse. Finally, Arion and Geedo (a huge ape-like creature who had become Arion's friend and companion) left the Underworld to find Zeus. Seneca, a small thief, makes off with Arion's sword and this leads Arion to his first encounter with the forces of Zeus, commanded by his daughter Athena. Arion is captured but is later set free by Lesfeena, Athena's mute serving girl. As Arion rejoins Geedo and Seneca (and worries about Lesfeena), the forces of Zeus and Poseidon face each other in battle. In the background sits the scheming Hades, and the calm Apollon who seems to have plans of his own.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Original Creator Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (安彦 良和)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Apollon (アポロン)nodescription  noimage
Suzuoki Hirotaka (鈴置洋孝)description  image
Ares (アレース)nodescription  noimage
Shimada Bin (島田敏)description  image
Arion (アリオン)nodescription  noimage
Nakahara Shigeru (中原茂)description  image
Arion(Childhood) (アリオン(幼少時))nodescription  noimage
Komiya Kazue (小宮 和枝)nodescription  noimage
Athena (アテナ)nodescription  noimage
Katsuki Masako (勝生真沙子)description  image
Black Lion King (黒の獅子王)nodescription  noimage
Tanaka Hideyuki (田中 秀幸)description  noimage
Demeter (デメテル)nodescription  noimage
Muto Reiko (武藤 礼子)nodescription  noimage
Ethos (エートス)nodescription  noimage
Miyauchi Kohei (宮内 幸平)nodescription  noimage
Gaia (ガイア)nodescription  noimage
Kinomiya Ryoko (来宮 良子)nodescription  noimage
Gido (ギド)nodescription  noimage
Nishio Toku (西尾 徳)nodescription  noimage
Hades (ハデス)nodescription  noimage
Otsuka Chikao (大塚 周夫)description  noimage
Hercules (ヘラクレス)nodescription  noimage
Gori Daisuke (郷里 大輔)description  noimage
Lesfeena (レスフィーナ)nodescription  noimage
Takahashi Miki (高橋美紀)description  image
Lykaon (リュカオーン)nodescription  noimage
Nagai Ichiro (永井一郎)description  image
Poseidon (ポセイドン)nodescription  noimage
Kobayashi Kiyoshi (小林 清志)nodescription  noimage
Seneca (セネカ)nodescription  noimage
Tanaka Mayumi (田中真弓)description  image
Zeus (ゼウス)nodescription  noimage
Okubo Masanobu (大久保 正信)nodescription  noimage

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