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Anime : Last Exile -Gin`yoku no Fam-

Last Exile -Gin`yoku no Fam- Title Last Exile -Gin`yoku no Fam-
Japanese Title ラストエグザイル-銀翼のファム-
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Category TV
Total Episodes 24
Genres -
Year Published 2011
Release Date 2011-10-07 ∼
Broadcaster -
US Distribution
User Rating N/A
Updated Tue, 18 Oct 2011 08:44:33 +0000

Alternative titles
Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing

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Grand Lake, the source of all life. It is upon this sacred lake that the Ades Federation and Turan Kingdom have been warring with each other.

Now, the Kingdom is now on the verge of collapse, unable to withstand the might of the Federation, which goal is the military domination of the entire world. It is during this that the princesses of Turan are saved from the jaws of battle by Fam, a young girl piloting the small vanship "Vespa".

Thus begins a journey to uncover the Federation's goals and mysterious power "Exile".

~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

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