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Anime : Hoshi o Ou Kodomo

Hoshi o Ou Kodomo Title Hoshi o Ou Kodomo
Japanese Title 星を追う子ども
Official Site
Category Movie
Total Episodes 1
Genres -
Year Published 2011
Release Date 2011-05-07
Broadcaster -
Studio -
US Distribution
User Rating 8.7/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
Updated Mon, 22 Aug 2011 16:58:03 +0000

Alternative titles
Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below

Asuna owns a crystal radio, a memento of her father's. One day, Asuna hears a strange, but unforgettable, song playing from it. She then meets a young man, Shun, who hails from the subterranean world of Agarta. Although the two hit it off, Shun abruptly leaves. Asuna, desiring to see Shun again, next meets Shin, a youth who strikingly resembles Shun, and Morisaki, a teacher who longs to reunite with his wife. Together, the trio embark on a journey in search of the entrance to Agarta.

~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

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