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Anime : SD Gundum Sangoku Den

SD Gundum Sangoku Den Title SD Gundum Sangoku Den
Japanese Title SDガンダム三国伝
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes -
Genres Action, Historical Settings, Mecha
Year Published 2010
Release Date 2010-04-03 ∼
Broadcaster TV Tokyo (Sat 10:15)
Studio -
US Distribution
User Rating N/A
Updated Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:01:49 +0000

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The legendary continent of Sanrisha has fallen under the tyrannical rule of Toutaku Zaku. The shadow of his evil empire covers the land and its people are in despair.

To save the people, 3 heroes arise. They are Ryubi Gundam, Kan'u Gundam, and Chouhi Gundam!

~Adapted from Official Website by Cranston

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