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Anime : Sengoku BASARA

Sengoku BASARA Title Sengoku BASARA
Japanese Title 戦国BASARA
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 12   (12 x 25 mins)
Genres Action, Comedy, Game, Historical Settings, Martial Arts, Super Power
Year Published 2009
Release Date 2009-04-01 ∼ 2009-06-08
Broadcaster CBC (Wed 25:29)
Studio Flying Dog (Music Production)
Production I.G (Animation Production)
US Distribution
User Rating 7.2/10.0 (2 reviews)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Kings

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The voices of warriors from all parts of the country shout out their battle-cries. The prize that all of them seek: unification of the world. Some battle for the sake of violence, others battle for the sake of their ideals. With conviction in their hearts, they plunge the world into chaos.

One amongst them stands closest to having the land of the rising sun within the palm of his hand. Meanwhile, the other warriors are determined to oppose him.

~Adapted from Official Website by Cranston

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Break & Peace (Ending)Dustz
JAP (Opening)Abingdon Boys School

Director Kawasaki Itsuro (川崎逸朗)
Music Production Sawano Hiroyuki (澤野 弘之)
Screenplay, Series Composition Muto Yasuyuki (むとうやすゆき)

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