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Anime : Moetan

Moetan Title Moetan
Japanese Title もえたん
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 12
Genres Comedy, Magic, Parody, Romance, School Life
Year Published 2007
Release Date 2007-07-08 ∼ 2007-09-23
Broadcaster -
Studio -
US Distribution
User Rating 6.2/10.0 (3 reviews)  (Statistic)
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Nijihara Ink is a normal girl who goes to a normal high school. She excels at academic studies but isn't so good when it comes to sports. However, her biggest issue is that she possesses an underdeveloped body and is often mistaken for a grade schooler. Even those who know otherwise have a tendency to treat her as a kid.

One day, Ink meets a talking duck. Ink takes "Ark-kun" home and discovers that he is, in fact, a powerful magician cursed into the form of a duck. Ark-kun then convinces Ink to become a Magical Girl in order to help others.

Thus begins the adventures of Pastel Ink!

Wait a moment... Just what does Ark-kun expect to get out of this arrangement?

* thanks to cranston for description

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Animation Director, Character Designer Nishio Kouhaku (西尾公伯)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
A-kun (あーくん)description  image
Onosaka Masaya (小野坂昌也)description  image
Dandy (ダンディ)description  image
Nakata Joji (中田 譲治)description  noimage
Inku Mom (いんくママ)description  image
Ishige Sawa (石毛 佐和)description  image
Ka-kun (かーくん)description  image
Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之)description  image
Kuroi Sumi / Tempre Sumi (黒威すみ/てんぺらスミ)description  image
Tomatsu Haruka (戸松 遥)nodescription  noimage
Na-kun (なーくん)description  image
Kaneda Tomoko (金田 朋子)description  image
Nijihara Inku / Pastel Ink (虹原いんく/ぱすてるインク)description  image
Tamura Yukari (田村ゆかり)description  image
Oyaji (親父)description  image
Iwata Mitsuo (岩田光央)description  image
policeman (警官)description  image
Yanaka Hiroshi (家中 宏)nodescription  noimage
Reimi (麗美)nodescription  noimage
Honda Yoko (本多陽子)nodescription  noimage
Rina (里奈)nodescription  noimage
Iguchi Yuka (井口 裕香)description  noimage
Ruriko (瑠璃子)description  image
Morinaga Rika (森永理科)description  image
Shiratori Arisu / Alice (白鳥ありす/アリス)description  image
Nazuka Kaori (名塚 佳織)nodescription  image
Teacher Furuta Rihoko (古田りほこ先生)description  image
Sakamoto Misato (坂本 美里)nodescription  noimage
Tezuka Mio (手塚澪)nodescription  noimage
Nakao Eri (中尾 衣里)nodescription  noimage
Tezuka Nao (手塚ナオ)description  image
Ueda Yuji (上田祐司)description  image

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noimage Picture is not available

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