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Japanese Title CLAYMORE
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 26
Genres Adventure, Fantasy
Year Published 2007
Release Date 2007-04-03 ∼ 2007-09-25
Broadcaster -
Studio Madhouse Production
US Distribution FUNimation
User Rating 8.3/10.0 (53 reviews)  (top 200: # 128)  (Statistic)
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It is the world where the man-eating demon hangs out. To fight against the demon, the human beings create female soldiers that are half demons and half human. They have silver eyes and large swords. They are named Claymore after their swords.
When Claire was a child, she met Theresa, the strongest Claymore. To save Claire, Theresa broke their iron rule to kill a human. Because of breaking the rules, she was wanted by punitive group. Pricilla, a member of the punitive group, couldn't control the power of the magical sword, and turned into an "Awakened". Then, Theresa was beaten by the large power of Pricilla. To avenge Theresa, Claire decided to inherit Theresa's flesh to become Claymore.

* to be updated

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~ (ED)Kosaka Riyu
raison d'etre (OP)Nightmare

ADR Director Honda Yasunori (本田 保則)
Director Tanaka Hiroyuki (田中洋之)
Original Creator Yagi Norihiro (八木 教広)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Awakened Girl (少女 覚醒者)nodescription  noimage
Chihara Minori (茅原 実里)nodescription  noimage
Awakened1 (Ep.18) (覚醒者1(SCENE18))nodescription  noimage
Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之)description  image
Awakened2(Ep.18) (覚醒者2(SCENE18))nodescription  noimage
Otomo Ryuzaburo (大友 龍三郎)description  noimage
Bandit Leader (盗賊のお頭)nodescription  noimage
Seki Tomokazu (関 智一)description  image
Clare (クレア)description  noimage
Kuwashima Hoko (桑島法子)description  image
Claudia (クラウディア)nodescription  noimage
Morinaga Rika (森永理科)description  image
Cynthia (シンシア)nodescription  noimage
Miyagawa Miho (宮川 美保)nodescription  noimage
Dauf (ダフ)nodescription  noimage
Hamada Kenji (浜田 賢二)nodescription  noimage
Deneve (デネヴ)description  noimage
Takeda Hana (武田 華)nodescription  noimage
Elena (エレナ)nodescription  noimage
Kawasumi Ayako (川澄 綾子)description  image
Ermita (エルミタ)nodescription  noimage
Cho (チョー)nodescription  noimage
Flora (フローラ)nodescription  noimage
Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐)description  image
Galatea (ガラテア)description  noimage
Orikasa Ai (折笠 愛)description  image
Galk (ガーク)nodescription  noimage
Horie Kazuma (堀江 一眞)nodescription  noimage
Helen (ヘレン)description  noimage
Nagasawa Miki (長沢美樹)description  image
Inn Owner (宿屋の主人)nodescription  noimage
Oki Tamio (大木 民夫)nodescription  noimage
Irene (イレーネ)description  noimage
Takayama Minami (高山みなみ)description  image
Isley (イースレイ)nodescription  noimage
Yusa Koji (遊佐浩二)description  image
Jean (ジーン)description  noimage
Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)description  image
Juliana (ユリアーナ)nodescription  noimage
Miyagawa Miho (宮川 美保)nodescription  noimage
Karla (カルラ)nodescription  noimage
Kano Yui (鹿野 優以)nodescription  noimage
Ligardes (リガルド)nodescription  noimage
Yuki Hiro (結城比呂)description  image
Limt (リムト)nodescription  noimage
Nozawa Nachi (野沢那智)description  image
Miria (ミリア)description  noimage
Inoue Kikuko (井上 喜久子)description  image
Noel (ノエル)nodescription  noimage
Takeuchi Junko (竹内 順子)description  image
Ophelia (オフィーリア)description  noimage
Shinohara Emi (篠原恵美)description  image
Ophelia's brothernodescription  noimage
Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也)nodescription  noimage
Orsay (オルセ)nodescription  noimage
Otsuka Hochu (大塚 芳忠)description  noimage
Pamela (パメラ)nodescription  noimage
Kano Yui (鹿野 優以)nodescription  noimage
Priscilla (プリシラ)description  noimage
Hisakawa Aya (久川 綾)description  image
Rafaela (ラファエラ)description  noimage
Yukino Satsuki (雪野五月)description  image
Raki (ラキ)description  noimage
Takagi Motoki (高城 元気)description  noimage
Riful (リフル)description  noimage
Mizuki Nana (水樹 奈々)nodescription  image
Rig (シド)nodescription  noimage
Sato Gimpei (佐藤銀平)nodescription  noimage
Rubel (ルヴル)nodescription  noimage
Hirata Hiroaki (平田広明)description  image
Sid (シド)nodescription  noimage
Yoshino Hiroyuki (吉野 裕行)nodescription  image
Sophia (ソフィア)nodescription  noimage
Toyoguchi Megumi (豊口 めぐみ)description  image
Teresa (テレサ)description  noimage
Paku Romi (朴 璐美)description  image
Undine (ウンディーネ)description  noimage
Ishizuka Rie (石塚 理恵)description  noimage
Velonica (ベロニカ)nodescription  noimage
Watanabe Akeno (渡辺明乃)description  image
Vincent (ヴィンセント)nodescription  noimage
Yajima Masaaki (矢島 正明)nodescription  noimage
Zaki (ザキ(妖魔))nodescription  noimage
Ishida Akira (石田彰)description  image

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