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Anime : Slayers: The Book of Spells

Slayers: The Book of Spells Title Slayers: The Book of Spells
Japanese Title スレイヤーズ すぺしゃる
Official Site -
Category OVA
Total Episodes 3
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Light Novel, Magic, Novel
Year Published 1996
Release Date 1996-07-25 ∼ 1997-05-25
Broadcaster -
Studio -
US Distribution ADV Films
User Rating 6.4/10.0 (10 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Sat, 17 May 2008 22:15:49 +0000

Alternative titles
Slayers Special
Slayers: Dragon Slave
Slayers: Explosion Array
Slayers: Jeffrey's Knighthood
Slayers: Mirror, Mirror
Slayers: The Scary Chimera Plan

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There are 3 OVAs in Slayers: The Book of Spells; Episode 1 - The Scarry Chimera Plan; Episode 2 - Jeffrey's Knighthood; and Episode 3 - Mirror, Mirror. However, ADV confusingly first released this OVA into 2 set of VHS (Slayers: Dragon Slave and Slayers: Explosion Array). Later they re-released this in one DVD called Slayers: The Book of Spells. Here is caption from ADV's DVD box:

In the annals of fantasy there is no mage as feared, no sorcerer as powerful as the fiery redhead Lina Inverse. And when the exceptionally well-endowed Naga the Serpent accompanies her, the forces of evil will find there's nowhere to hide. Join Lina and Naga as they thwart a plan to create the ultimate chimera, with Lina as one of the heads! Struggle with them as they attempt to turn the effeminate son of a noble family into a man deserving of appointment to the Royal Guard. And double the trouble, and the fun, when our intrepid heroines take on a rouge magic user with a mirror that his enemies in reverse.

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