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Anime : Slayers Next

Slayers Next Title Slayers Next
Japanese Title スレイヤーズNEXT
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 26
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Light Novel, Magic, Novel
Year Published 1996
Release Date 1996-04-05 ∼ 1996-09-27
Broadcaster -
Studio SOFTX
US Distribution Software Sculptors
User Rating 8.8/10.0 (39 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 16 May 2008 10:42:03 +0000

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Meet Lina Inverse - the super-cute corceress who steals from the rich and keeps it!Along with her sword-swinging (but dumber than dirt) sidekick, Gouri, her hyper-enthusiastic protege, Amelia, and the overly-serious golem, Zelgadis, there's nothing Lina can't do! Lina and company have decided to reverse the spell that turned Zelgadis into a golem. Unfortunately, the counterspell is contained in a powerful spell book that Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis have to "acquire" from the less than charitable owners. But first, the gang's got to beat a really nasty monster, defeat a gang of flexing, bodybuilding bandits, face Lina's greatest fear and find a dragon to make dinner with.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Director Watanabe Takashi (渡部高志)
Original Creator Kanzaka Hajime (神坂 一)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Alfrednodescription  image
Yuki Hiro (結城比呂)description  image
Amelia Wil Tesla Saillunedescription  image
Suzuki Masami (鈴木真仁)description  image
Gourry Gabrievdescription  image
Matsumoto Yasunori (松本保典)description  image
Kurabosnodescription  noimage
Futamata Issei (二又一成)description  image
Lina Inversedescription  image
Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ)description  image
Martina Zoana Mel Navratilovadescription  image
Hiiragi Mifuyu (柊美冬)description  image
Mazendanodescription  noimage
Hyodo Mako (兵藤 まこ)description  image
Xellosdescription  image
Ishida Akira (石田彰)description  image
Zelgadiss Graywordsdescription  image
Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川光)description  image

description Info/Description is available
nodescription Info/Description is not available
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noimage Picture is not available

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