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Anime : GALAXY ANGEL II Galaxy Angerune

GALAXY ANGEL II Galaxy Angerune Title GALAXY ANGEL II Galaxy Angerune
Japanese Title ギャラクシーエンジェる~ん
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Comedy, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2006
Release Date 2006-10-01 ∼ 2006-12-24
Broadcaster TV Tokyo (Sun 26:00)
Studio Broccoli
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment
User Rating 1.6/10.0 (2 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Sat, 17 May 2008 13:11:12 +0000

Alternative titles
Galaxy Angel Rune

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In the distant future, the city of Transbaal was founded on the planet Celdar in the NEUE galaxy under the affiliation of Planet Transbaal of the EDEN galaxy. There, the Transbaal Army organizes a special squad of five girls, the Rune Angels. They are supposed to be elite pilots, piloting the latest fighters, with important roles to play in the vast universe…
However, they are hard to deal with for they always go their own way creating havoc. What disaster will they cause next?

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Character Designer Shinohara Kenji (篠原健二)
Director Kishi Seiji (岸 誠二)
Mechanical Designer Yang Byong Gill (梁 炳吉)
Original Character Designer Kanan (かなん)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Anise Azeatdescription  image
Hanamura Satomi (花村怜美)description  image
Apricot Sakurabadescription  image
Inamura Yuna (稲村優奈)nodescription  noimage
Kahlua Marjoramdescription  image
Hirano Aya (平野 綾)nodescription  noimage
Lily C. Sherbetdescription  image
Nakayama Erina (中山 恵里奈)nodescription  noimage
Mimolettenodescription  noimage
Kobayashi Akiko (小林 晃子)nodescription  noimage
Nano-Nano Puddingdescription  image
Akesaka Satomi (明坂 聡美)nodescription  noimage

description Info/Description is available
nodescription Info/Description is not available
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noimage Picture is not available

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