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Anime : Glass no Kantai - La Legende du vent de l'univers

Glass no Kantai - La Legende du vent de l'univers Title Glass no Kantai - La Legende du vent de l'univers
Japanese Title ガラスの艦隊La Legende du vent de l'univers
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 26
Genres Mecha, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2006
Release Date 2006-04-04 ∼ 2006-09-05
Broadcaster -
US Distribution FUNimation
User Rating 8.2/10.0 (3 reviews)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Glass Fleet

At the center of the galaxy, a war broke out between the Aristocrat Alliance and the New Aristocrats. The former group ruled the galaxy, while the latter was led by Vettii who had recently become an influential figure in aristocrat society. The war that decided the fate of the universe ended in triumph for the New Aristocrats. Subsequently, Vettii founded the Holy Empire, and he became its first Emperor. However, the end of the war wasn't the dawn of peace, but the beginning of tyranny.

A People's Army led by Michelle rises up against the Vettii regime. One day, they sneak into a wedding ceremony of two aristocrat families, and they rob the aristocrats of a territory ship. However, the People's Army is then counterattacked by a squadron commanded by Maconnais. Just as Michelle surrenders to them, Maconnais' battleship is attacked by the Glass Battleship. Cleo, the captain of the Glass Battleship, says to Michelle that he is a descendant of the royal family, and that he is going to conquer the universe using only his one ship in order to reestablish the monarchy. Michelle believes Cleo is the Messiah of the next age.

Meanwhile, Vettii is asked by the pope, Gorna, to marry his daughter, Rachelle. Vetti refuses the offer saying that it is too early. However, at a masked ball, Vettii meets and is attracted by an unknown woman.

== World View of this anime ===

In the far future, in a closed cosmic space, human beings live in urban-type spaceships called territory ships. The popular religion's doctrine says that the surface of planets are dirty, and so the faithful refuse to set foot on a planet. The size of a territory ship may be tens or hundreds of cubic kilometers, and each ship is a territory in itself. Their size represents the power of the feudal lord. When the lord marries or otherwise succeeds to another's territory, the ships join together to make a bigger territory. Conversely, when several children succeed to a territory, a ship is divided into several smaller ships. The feudal lords have been fighting each other to increase their territory.

Meanwhile, a big power that is trying to swallow the whole universe as well as human begins to encroach. Does humanity have a future? Why do they live in a closed space?

Crew, Cast, and Characters
CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Aimelnodescription  image
Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)nodescription  image
Badatnodescription  image
Kashii Shoto (樫井笙人)nodescription  noimage
Cleonodescription  image
Tsuda Kenjiro (津田 健次郎)nodescription  noimage
Hectornodescription  image
Iida Hiroshi (飯田 浩志)nodescription  noimage
Hizacknodescription  image
Yamaguchi Taro (山口太郎)nodescription  noimage
Isabelnodescription  image
Yoshikawa Akiko (吉川 亜紀子)nodescription  noimage
Jannodescription  image
Miyabayashi Yasushi (宮林 康)nodescription  noimage
Michellenodescription  image
Kaida Yuko (甲斐田裕子)nodescription  noimage
Ralphnodescription  image
Kugimiya Rie (釘宮 理恵)description  image
Silanodescription  image
Ito Shizuka (伊藤静)nodescription  image
Theodoricnodescription  image
Okawa Toru (大川 透)description  noimage
Vettiinodescription  image
Ishida Akira (石田彰)description  image

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