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Anime : Angelique TV

Angelique TV Title Angelique TV
Japanese Title 恋する天使アンジェリーク ~心のめざめる時~
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Adventure, Fantasy, Game
Year Published 2006
Release Date 2006-07-08 ∼ 2006-09-30
Broadcaster -
Studio Satelight
US Distribution
User Rating 7.3/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki ~

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There is a world where a queen governs a universe. It is said that the queen lives in a sanctuary at the center of the universe and there are 9 god-like male guardians called "Shugosei" who wait on her.

There are two universes appearing in the story, "the Universe of the God Bird" and "the Universe of the Holy Beasts". The former is protected by the one and only queen and her Shugosei, while the latter has only been recently created. However, a tremendous crisis is approaching the Universe of Holy Beasts.

A 17-year-old girl named Enju is suddenly chosen as the legendary Etoile who saves the universe. She is always alone and she doesn't think she is anything special, because of that she felt she was not worthy enough for the Shugosei even though they greet her warmly.

Enju is bewildered by an important call…

Now, being supported by the Shogosei, her journey to discover herself begins.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Clavisnodescription  noimage
Tanaka Hideyuki (田中 秀幸)description  noimage
Julliousnodescription  noimage
Hayami Sho (速水奨)description  image
Lumierenodescription  noimage
Tobita Nobuo (飛田展男)description  image
Marcelnodescription  noimage
Yuki Hiro (結城比呂)description  image
Oriviernodescription  noimage
Koyasu Takehito (子安武人)description  image
Oscarnodescription  noimage
Horiuchi Kenyu (堀内賢雄)description  image
Randynodescription  noimage
Kanna Nobutoshi (神奈 延年)description  image
Revarnodescription  noimage
Seki Toshihiko (関俊彦)description  image
Zephyrnodescription  noimage
Iwata Mitsuo (岩田光央)description  image

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