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Anime : To Heart 2

To Heart 2 Title To Heart 2
Japanese Title To Heart 2
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Comedy, Game, Harem, Romance, School Life
Year Published 2005
Release Date 2005-10-03 ∼ 2006-01-02
Broadcaster -
Studio Aqua Plus
US Distribution
User Rating 5.6/10.0 (6 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Sun, 18 May 2008 10:45:36 +0000

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This anime is based on the game of the same title, a typical dating sim, produced by Aqua PLUS. The story revolves around high school student Kono Takaaki. He spends his high school days one spring with various girls, such as childhood friends Yusuhara Konomi and Kosaka Tamaki, and he encounters various other girls with unique personalities.

The name implies that this is a sequel to "To Heart", but there is no relation between them except that the story of "To Heart 2" takes place two years later at the same school that was featured in "To Heart".

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Tomoshibi (ED)Suara

Animation Director, Character Designer Nishio Kouhaku (西尾公伯)
Character Designer Nishio Kiminori (西尾公伯)
Director Sudo Norihiko (須藤 典彦)
Original Character Designer Mitsumi Misato (みつみ美里)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Danielnodescription  noimage
Kusumi Naomi (楠見尚己)nodescription  noimage
Himeyuri Rurinodescription  noimage
Yoshida Konami (吉田小南美)description  image
Himeyuri Sangonodescription  noimage
Ishizuka Sayori (石塚 さより)nodescription  noimage
HMX-71a Ilfanodescription  noimage
Hagiwara Mieko (萩原 みえこ)nodescription  noimage
Komaki Manakadescription  noimage
Rikimaru Noriko (力丸 乃りこ)nodescription  noimage
Kono Takaakinodescription  noimage
Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤)nodescription  image
Kosaka Tamakinodescription  noimage
Ito Shizuka (伊藤静)nodescription  image
Kosaka Yujinodescription  noimage
Toriumi Kosuke (鳥海 浩輔)nodescription  noimage
Kusakabe Yukinodescription  noimage
Sato Rina (佐藤利奈)description  image
Lucy Maria Misoranodescription  noimage
Natsuki Rio (夏樹リオ)description  image
Sasamori Karinnodescription  noimage
Nakajima Saki (中島 沙樹)description  image
Tonami Yumanodescription  noimage
Nabatame Hitomi (生天目 仁美)nodescription  image
Yamada Michirunodescription  noimage
Kosaka Akira (小坂 あきら)nodescription  noimage
Yoshioka Chienodescription  noimage
Ota Kaori (太田 佳織)nodescription  noimage
Yuzuhara Harukanodescription  noimage
Honda Chieko (本多知恵子)description  image
Yuzuhara Konominodescription  noimage
Ochiai Yurika (落合 祐里香)nodescription  image

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