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Anime : Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai

Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai Title Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai
Japanese Title それゆけ!外道乙女隊
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Comedy, Magic
Year Published 2005
Release Date 2005-07-04 ∼ 2005-09-26
Broadcaster -
Studio RADIX
US Distribution
User Rating 8.2/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
Updated Sat, 17 May 2008 03:53:58 +0000

Alternative titles
Akahori Gedo Hour Love-ge : Sore Yuke! Gedo Otome Tai

The five Hokke sisters lost their parents when they were quite young. Although they are poor, they're living comfortably because they have a dream, which is to be evil. The Hokke Family has belonged to an evil organization and worked as a combatant. When their father died, he left them a message that asked them to become a villain that he couldn't become. However they wondered how to become the best villains.

One day, the youngest sister Utano found a jar. They were told not to open it until they we're 18. It was sealed by a talisman labeled R18. Akuma-ko broke the seal on the jar and a devil appeared. The demon said they had special powers inside of them, when they have the weapons in their hands they would turn into Gedo Otome Tai.

* This anime will be aired with "Zettai Seigi Love Pheromone" as "Akahori Gedo Hour Love-ge".

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Character Designer Ishino Satoshi (石野 聡)
Director Matsui Hitoyuki (まつい ひとゆき)
Mechanical Designer Saito Hisashi (斎藤久)
Music Yoshikawa Kei (吉川 慶)
Original Creator Akahori Satoru (あかほり さとる)
Script Akahori Satoru (あかほり さとる), Akao Deko (赤尾でこ), Hasegawa Katsumi (長谷川勝己), Ifukube Takashi (伊福部 崇)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Hokke Kashinadescription  noimage
Kondo Kanako (近藤 佳奈子)nodescription  noimage
Hokke Maikadescription  noimage
Kadowaki Mai (門脇舞)description  image
Hokke Otonedescription  noimage
Enomoto Atsuko (榎本温子)description  image
Hokke Utanodescription  noimage
Hirota Shion (廣田 詩夢)nodescription  noimage
Hokke Yokudescription  noimage
Otomiya Tsubasa (音宮 つばさ)nodescription  noimage

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