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Anime : Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Title Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!
Japanese Title フルメタル・パニック? ふもっふ
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 15   (11 air dates)
Genres Comedy, Light Novel, Novel, School Life
Year Published 2003
Release Date 2003-08-25 ∼ 2003-11-17
Broadcaster -
Studio Kyoto Animation
US Distribution ADV Films
User Rating 8.9/10.0 (158 reviews)  (top 200: # 14)  (Statistic)
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This second installment of Full Metal Panic follows the manga closely. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! consists of short episodes chronicling events taking place mostly within the school. It follows a light theme packed with comedy.

School is supposed to be a peaceful study environment. Not anymore... Today is a typical morning with Sagara blowing up his shoe-locker because he suspected that it had been tampered with. In actual fact, it was only someone leaving a love letter for him...

*** description & translation for Animenfo by f4t3, Poof and Evo ***

* There are long episodes (24min long), and short ones (12min).
* Total number of episodes includes two unaired ones, included only as OVAs.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Design Horiuchi Osamu (堀内修)
Director Takemoto Yasuhiro (武本康弘)
Original Work/Script Gato Shoji (賀東 招二)
Script Shimo Fumihiko (志茂文彦)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Bonta-kundescription  image
Kaneda Tomoko (金田 朋子)description  image
Chidori Kanamedescription  image
Yukino Satsuki (雪野五月)description  image
Hayashimizu Atsunobudescription  image
Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之)description  image
Inaba Mizukidescription  image
Yoshida Sayuri (吉田 小百合)description  image
Kalinindescription  image
Otsuka Akio (大塚 明夫)description  image
Kurtz Weberdescription  image
Miki Shinichiro (三木眞一郎)description  image
Mardukasdescription  noimage
Nishimura Tomomichi (西村 知道)description  noimage
Mellisa Maodescription  image
Neya Michiko (根谷 美智子)description  image
Mikihara Rendescription  image
Tanaka Rie (田中 理恵)description  image
Sagara Sosukedescription  image
Seki Tomokazu (関 智一)description  image
Testarossa Theresadescription  image
Yukana (ゆかな)description  image
Tokiwa Kyoukodescription  image
Kimura Ikue (木村郁絵)description  image

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