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Anime : .hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet

.hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet Title .hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet
Japanese Title .hack//sign黄昏の腕輪伝説
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 12   (12 x 24)
Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2003
Release Date 2003-01-08 ∼ 2003-03-26
Broadcaster -
Studio Bandai Visual
Bee Train
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment
User Rating 7.6/10.0 (72 reviews)  (top 200: # 153)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

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The story revolves around a network game called "The World." It takes place four years after the "Twilight" incident chronicled in the PS2 game which shook not only the game world, but the real world as well.

CyberConnect Corporation (CC Corporation), the creator and operator of The World, held a "Limited Edition Character" campaign for The World players and its participants. The prize of the campaign was the Limited Edition Characters: the legendary "Kite" and "Black Rose" from the ".hackers" avatar that was prohibited after the Twilight incident.

A pair of twins in 2nd year junior high, Shuugo (the elder brother), and Rena (the younger sister), successfully obtained the Legendary Characters from the campaign. Shuugo, who wanted to quit playing the network game, once again set foot into The World under his sister's invitation.

In the game world, Shuugo and Rena met two other players, Mileyu and Houka, and they quickly became close friends after several events and encounters. However, the seemingly peaceful game world began to experience many weird changes which resembled that which occurred during the incident four years ago. This time, Shuugo, Rena, and their new friends are caught up in it...

*** thanks to Yagami Kaede for description, and cast & characters translation ***

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Author Hamasaki Tatsuya (浜崎 達也)
Design Kikuchi Yoko (菊地洋子)
Director Mashimo Koichi (真下 耕一), Sawai Koji (澤井幸次)
Music Ueno Yoko (上野 洋子), Yoshino Yuji (吉野裕司)
Script Nishizono Satoru (西園 悟)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Auradescription  image
Sakamoto Maaya (坂本真綾)description  image
Barmunkdescription  image
Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之)description  image
Hotarudescription  image
Kawasumi Ayako (川澄 綾子)description  image
Houkadescription  image
Kaida Yuki (甲斐田ゆき)description  image
Mileyudescription  image
Matsuoka Yuki (松岡 由貴)description  image
Rekidescription  image
Hoshi Soichiro (保志 総一朗)description  image
Renadescription  image
Nakahara Mai (中原 麻衣)description  image
Sanjuroudescription  image
Masutani Yasunori (増谷 康紀)description  noimage
Shuugodescription  image
Minagawa Junko (皆川 純子)nodescription  noimage

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