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Title  order_asc Updated Notes
.hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet 2003-06-04 on CD
.hack//LIMINALITY 2003-06-04 on CD
.hack//SIGN 2003-12-22 on CD personal top 5 favorite of all time, great storyline, original idea
AA! Megami Sama 2004-03-10 on DVD, series is kinda weak and hard to follow if you haven't read the manga.
AA! Megami Sama: The Movie 2003-03-08 on DVD, reccomended
Ai Yori Aoshi 2003-03-08 on CD
Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ 2003-12-07 on CD
Angel's Egg 2004-04-05 on computer
Azumanga Daioh 2004-07-13 on computer. Absolutely hilarious series. Very enjoyable. Osaka is one of my favorite anime characters of all time. Personal top 5 favorite of all time.
Blue Seed 2003-03-08 on DVD

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