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Title  order_asc Updated Notes
AIR TV 2007-01-22 [Drama] Crisp animation, wonderful music, slow paced plot. 13 episodes - Good so far (2 episodes watched)
Aishiteruze Baby 2007-01-22 [Family/Romance/Drama] An anime to watch which isn't bad to pass time. Not good for attention to turn fully away from the lead little girl in chapter 10. 26 chapters - OK so far (watched 9 episodes and a bit of 10)
Asatte no Hoko 2007-01-25 [Drama/Fantasy] Interesting fantasy twist. 12 episodes - Good so far (2 episodes watched)
Ayashi no Ceres 2007-01-22 [Action/Romance] Unique storyline, keeps me at the edge of my chair, wanting to find out what happens next. There's a fair bit of violence. 24 episodes - Good so far. (watched 2 episodes)
Azumanga Daioh 2007-01-23 [Comedy/School Life] Cute character designs (even teachers!), Totally random and silly (in a good way). Hilarious events. 26 episodes - Great so far (1 episode watched)
Bleach 2007-01-18 [Action] Cool storyline, nice character designs. 111 episodes currently - Great so far. (6 episode watched)
Bokura ga Ita 2007-01-20 [Romance/School Life] Nice backgrounds, unique character designs, interesting storyline and love triangles. 26 episodes - Great so far (16 episodes watched)
Card Captor Sakura 2007-02-03 [Action/Comedy/Fantasy/Magic] Cute character design, good beginning and storyline. 70 episodes - Good so far (2 episode watched)
Chrno Crusade 2007-01-23 [Action] Begins with action and a great way to introduce the main characters, personality, their jobs and backgrounds. Action-packed, Has a bit of comedy. Addictive! 24 episodes - Very good so far (4 episode watched)
D.N Angel 2007-01-22 [Romance/Comedy/Action] Interesting storyline, mix of characters with different personalities, nicely drawn wings, great opening music. 26 episodes - Excellent! (COMPLETED)

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