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Manga : A, A Prime

A, A Prime Title A, A Prime
Japanese Title -
Total 1
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Love-Romance, Mystery, Science-Fiction, Short Stories
Year Published 2003
Author Hagio Moto (萩尾 望都)
Publisher -
US Distribution Viz Communications, Inc.
User Rating 9.0/10.0 (3 reviews)
Updated Fri, 17 Mar 2006 03:53:36 -0500

A, A' [A, A Prime] (as released in English by Viz) is a set of three related short stories by Moto Hagio about a genetically engineered race called Unicorns, who have ridges running down the cetre of their skulls from which a red mand grows. The Unicorns were developed to work in space, especially with computers, and their capacity for emotion was supposedly eliminated for facilitation of their work. This however, proves not to be the case in the stories presented to us, and the emotions locked within the Unicorns are revealed in ways that will touch your heart as well as opening your mind.

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