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Review Moderation Standard 1.7 *Updated 4/11/05*
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 Review Moderation Standard 1.7 *Updated 4/11/05*

Review Moderation Standard (Version 1.7): Criteria for a valid review

* denotes updated information.

A valid review:

*Criteria 1: must be at least 60 words in length.
Criteria 2: should not contradict itself.
Criteria 3: should be appropriate for all members to see and devoid of all flame inducers.
Criteria 4: should not be SPAM.
Criteria 5: should not be used to balance other ratings.
Criteria 6: that has an adverse rating needs an explanation.
Criteria 7: must be written in English. Pending change read note below
Criteria 8: should not contain spoilers.
Criteria 9: should not be written in all CAPS.
*Criteria 10: should be based on seeing at least 20% of the series being reviewed.
*Criteria 11: should explain the user's opinions.
*Criteria 12: should not target other reviews or reviewers.


Criteria 1: Self explanatory.
Criteria 2: Positive review but low rating or vise-versa.
Criteria 3: First, obscenities are restricted. Reviews with content that's sexual in nature will be policed outside the adult section and are regulated inside the adult section. Cussing and bigotry will be policed, as will any flame inducing reviews.
Criteria 4: Just symbols, just emoticons, something that doesn't make any grammatical sense, or something that has no relevance at all to the anime. To be relevant a review should be addressing the anime. An example of something irrelevant would be if a user reviewing Akira only said, "My dog barks at lots of mailmen".
Criteria 5: A review that can be proven to be balancing either another review or the average rating for the anime. Make sure you check if the user's rating style is or isn't justified in their profile before you decide on this criteria. Also, a user's history of reviews can be used to prove this. If any of a member's reviews are found to have the purpose of solely balancing an anime rating, then the rest of that member's reviews are more at risk of being removed.
Criteria 6: If a review has a rating that's adverse when compared to the majority of other reviews for the same anime it should have a proper explanation in the review for its abnormal rating.
Criteria 7: This was never stated before, and I apologize to all of our foreign members, but this is an English site. Your reviews must be written in the English language. Writing a review that is unreadable or writing a review that requires readers to "decipher" the text will also be removed.
Update: Multilanguage reviews will be allowed, site will have support for Multilanguage with the new upgrade.
Criteria 8: Your review should not contain explicit plot details or "spoilers" ruining the series for those who have not seen it yet.
Criteria 9: Your review cannot be written all in Capital Letters. Please use proper a proper text format when making a review.
Criteria 10: You (the reviewer) should watch at least 20% of the series you review before submitting a review.
* Reviews for a new series can be helpful, and this criterion can be overlooked for a new series being released provided it is updated upon the completion of the series.
*Criteria 11: A review should explain the reviewer's opinions. If you say "I liked the sound" you should explain why you liked the sound. If you say "The characters were original" you should explain why you felt they were original.
*Criteria 12: Your review should not target another review or reviewer. If you disagree with a review, or if you disagree with a users opinion you can discuss it in the forum. The review moderators will deal with flaming reviews. Donít throw your good review off track just to flame someone else.

Obey the forum Rules!
Find answers to your questions in the Forum FAQ

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