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AnimeNfo Forum Rules (Version 2.2)
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 AnimeNfo Forum Rules (Version 2.2)
What we ask of users. Please read if you're new here.

AnimeNfo Forum Rules (Version 2.2 )

1. Be respectful to both the moderators as well as other members. Direct attacks on others with obvious malicious intent will NOT be tolerated.

2. Posting guidelines:
__a. Post your topics in the appropriate forum.
__b. No useless threads/posts (ie. "I like to shower")
__c. No obscenities. This includes:
____i. Porn or hentai pictures.
____ii. Other pictures that could be considered overly obscene.
____iii. Discussions that are graphic in a sexual nature. Hentai discussion is allowed, but any improper discussion will not be tolerated.
__d. No links to copyrighted digital material, and no asking for links.
____i. No links pointing to places to download anime, manga, mp3's.
____ii. The posting of links for Novel translation websites are allowed. Keep in mind though that links to Manga scanlation websites are NOT allowed.
____iii. No posting or asking for CD-Keys, Serial numbers, or other ways to get this information.
____iv. Do not use the names of sites either. Posting the name of a website is just like posting a link.
__e. Avoid cloning existing threads. Search the forum a bit before you post.
__f. Do NOT flame. Flame post wars will be policed and most likely locked.
__g. Stay on topic with the thread's purpose and subject.
__h. No unauthorized advertising is allowed on the forum.
__i. All spoilers need to be quoted and colored white. However, spoilers pertaining to the subject do not need to be marked if the subject line of the thread has a spoiler warning in place, and it specifies the series. If no series is specified include the subject of your spoiler.
__j. Do not double post (See the Forum FAQ)
__k. This is an English forum not a chat-room, instant message, or a cell phone. We expect members to use the proper English words. (Other languages are permissible in proper threads, or if you don't over take an entire thread with it.)

Abbreviations are acceptable. eg: lol, iirc, imho, imo, etc.
Slang abbreviations are not. eg: da, fo, needa, dess, 4, dis, n, etc.

3. Rule enforcement measures:
A problem poster will get two warnings before they are punished. The first general punishment will be a one to two week ban from the AnimeNfo Forum. If a user continues to break the forum rules then the admistration can consider a permanent ban. If necessary, an IP ban will be used.

In extreme cases we reserve the right to IP ban on the first offense. This may also include a ban from the main site.

4. Please report any problems with the forum to the moderators. This includes all forms of SPAM and even something as trivial as a double post.

5. No more than one account per user.

6. Post Avatar and Signature Rules:
__a. The maximum allowed dimensions for an avatar are 130 X 220 pixels. (wXh)
__b. The maximum allowed dimensions for a signature is 500 X 250 pixels. (wXh)
__c. Both the entire avatar and signature can be no larger than 100 KB.

7. Privacy Policy: respects and protects the privacy of the individuals that use services. AnimeNfo does not collect any identifiable personal information except the aforementioned email address, and by registering to AnimeNfo you are agreeing that you are over or exactly 13 years of age. Also,information of a personal nature about a member is private, therefore do not violate their privacy by publishing it.

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