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Spring Festival recipes -- peace dumplings
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 Spring Festival recipes -- peace dumplings

Ingredients: wheat flour 200 grams, eggs, shrimps, 30 grams of two thin pig meat 50
grams, onion, ginger each a few quantity, salt, soy sauce dun 2 grams, a little sesame oil.
Saute onion, ginger, 1 will wash cut into foam, the eggs into a bowl.
2, fry boiler heat, heat, after a few put oil into egg liquid, fry pan rotation will
eggs stand egg first, with the sword out of the pot, add after chop meat,
shrimp, soy sauce, ginger, Onions, foam and a salt, finally drench into balm a few
drops, stir well become namely three fresh meat.
3, with meat dishes dumplings 3, 4 method of producing.
Features: delicious and nutritious.
4 chopping vegetables: select family likes vegetables, general use Chinese cabbage
add a few Chinese chives. Chinese cabbage first in boiling water, remove and ironed
the chop into the pot, poured oil, sprinkle with cut into fine grained leeks mix
together. Add meat mix, best tasted the taste sodium, such as necessary to add some
salt agitate, dumpling stuffing is done.
Note: some people are used to squeeze juice again after the vegetables stir paste,
such nutrition and freshness will be greatly reduced. In dish juice is not too many
cases, only in chop dish mix oil, was a layer of oil film package, meets the salt
water not easily.
5, roll skin, remove wake good dough, divided into several parts of size uniform,
grab a, the remaining put back the basin, with lid good, or use towel to cover or,
prevent moisture evaporates. Will this little piece and knead the dough grow strip
(the columned), with the sword cut into a small small duan (2.5 cm control), the width
of each section will rub into flat. Take a rolling-pin roll, attention among middle
thick thick edge thin, prevent dumpling stuffing leak, edge thin taste good tasting.
Note: JiaoZiPi don't roll many, see a pack dumpling of speed, general surplus five or
six can, or long dry skin is bad bag.
6, cooking pot, putting water: boil, add wood-pile born dumplings, put aside,
stirring in case sticky saucepan. Sank in the pot bottom layer and the height of the
dumplings above water layer thickness, with no more than three-to-two advisable.
Dumpling is overmuch, easily broken. Add pot. The whole process keep exuberant fire.
Water again; simmer gently, when dumplings are floating on the surface of the water,
should add a few cold water, make the billowing soup termination tumbling, stirring.
Water and open, again add a few cold water, churning. Water again, can the dumplings
with colander out. Determine whether cooked methods: fingers click PiEr not broken
dumplings belly, leave again after bulges, ripe

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