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New to the AnimeNfo Forums?
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 New to the AnimeNfo Forums?
A guide to help you find your way around. V2.0

The purpose of this thread is to help new users navigate around the boards a bit easier.

Lets start off with the two most important threads you should read through before anything else.
1.) THE FORUM RULES - Pretty self explanatory. Please read it.
2.) THE FORUM FAQ - The forum's "Frequently Asked Question's" thread. The purpose of this thread is to help new users with any common questions they may have. This may even contain the answer you seek.

Starting from the top:
1.)Search - Use this feature to help with searching through the boards to help you find a particular thread or post, in case you do not want to make a duplicate thread or find a comment a user made long ago. Highly recommended.
2.)Profile - Here, you can customize your user profile, such as inserting a new avatar picture ot customizing your signature space.
3.)Private Messaging - Next to the profile option, you'll see "You have no new messages". That is the link which will take you to your Private messaging (PM) box. Here, you'll be able to view any PM's you'll send and receive.

As for how the forum is structured:

Board Announcements:
This is where you can view the important threads.

Forum Administration:
a.) News and Updates - Any news/updates for the forums/main web-page are put here.
b.) Forum Rules and FAQ - This sub forum contains the Rules and FAQ of the boards.

AnimeNfo Services:
The forums for AnimeNfo Radio are here. Any questions, comments or suggestions for the radio go in that forum.

Anime And Manga Discussion Section:
a.) Anime & Manga Chat - For general discussion about anime & manga (NOT about a specific series.)
b.) Contests Subforum where we hold any polling contests.
c.) Under 18 Not Allowed! ~Hentai/Adult Forum~ (NSFW) The Hentai subforum. You MUST be logged in to see its content.
b.) Anime Discussion Forum - Specific Anime is discussed in this section. This forum is divided into two different groups. At the top you'll find individual anime series big enough (discussion wise) to warrant their own section. If you scroll down further, you'll find individual threads for the other anime.

The Arts Of AnimeNfo:
a.) Writer's Block - Short stories, poetry, lyrics, writing ideas, and anything else related to this goes in here.
b.) Musically Gifted: - Discussion of anime soundtracks or any other genre of music goes in here.
c.) Artists Corner: - Fan art creations or your own personal art work not related to anime goes in here.

Non-Anime Chat Section:
a.) General Chat - Any discussion not related to anime or manga goes in here.
b.) Gamers Corner - Games of any type (video, board, etc) are discussed in here.

AnimeNfo Database Additions, Forum Feedback, and The Review Center
a.) AnimeNfo Feedback - Our feedback forum.
b.) Additions to the AnimeNfo Anime Database - Any additions that you feel should be added to the websites anime database should be made in here. Please read the sticky threads in the forum beforehand.
c.) Additions to the AnimeNfo Manga Database - Same as the Anime Database but this deals more with the Manga side of the website. Keep in mind due to the current issues were having with the manga database, any additions done to here will be kept to a minimum until further notice.
d.) The Review Center - If you come across a review which doesn't meet the review criteria we've set, or if you feel a particular review just plain sucks, put a thread in this forum to request it be deleted (with links of course) and one of the review moderators will take a look at it.


Introductions Forum This forum is where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the members here.

Anime to Watch - Suggestions, Questions, Discussion - Here, you can look up what other members have suggested in the past to see if any of them tickle your fancy, and even ask for a few recommendations yourself from your fellow member. Mention what you've seen before.

Manga To Read: Suggestions, Questions, Discussion - Similar to the Anime recommendation thread, except it deals with manga.

Help with Identifying Anime (Series, Characters, OSTs etc) - Wondered who that sexy female character was in that harem? Ask your question along with any others in here! Provide as much detail as you can.

Review Moderation Standard This is the review criteria that we ask members to adhere to when they try and write a review on the main website.

General Feedback Thread: Love the site? Hate it? Tell us! - This thread will allow you to give us feedback on the forums as well as the main website.

AnimeNfo Picture Thread - As it says, this is the thread where you can put in your picture to let the rest of us know what you look like!

AnimeNfo Picture Discussion Thread - This thread is to allow you to discuss with others about any pictures a user has put up.

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