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Lame as ever (Possible Spoilers)
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tenzen (#130876)
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 Lame as ever (Possible Spoilers)

so after 301 chapters, the main character, Kurono is sitll as lame as ever!! Even after they transformed his character from a horny teenager to someone more mature and likable. he still annoys the shit out of me. Probably because they focused on Kurono way way too much. Personally I like Masaru Kato much more, he's the tall do gooder dude. I usually find the dumb ass do gooder main characters to be extremely annoying but the mature persona they gave Masaru makes him really, forgive the cliché but, COOL! Like a really cool older brother.

I was glad Kurono died. although he was brought back way too fast, imo. It was a good opportunity to develop the other characters, mainly Masaru but they fucked it up. I'm rooting for Kurono to get his ass handed to him again but that wont happen. they would never allow the main character to die twice.

so if u writers ever catch this, how about a refocusing the spotlight on the other dumb asses? I do enjoy the manga and how the story is developing, Grantz got a good 2-3 more years left... hopefully more. But too much focus on one dumb ass can make ur audience really really hate the guy. yeah... most of the characters are dumb asses... lolReika

well... i'm done ranting. thanks for reading the wall[/code]

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Ken Hayashi (#52012)
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Added a spoiler tag.

Looks like you were more interested in ranting than continuing with the discussion.

Oh well, whatever. Perhaps other members here might want to carry this on further.

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