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Your Top 10 Anime Recommendations! UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS!
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Animal4890 (#469)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 1769
 Your Top 10 Anime Recommendations! UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS!


Originally this thread was to define your top 10 and to save us the trouble of threads like "What is the best comedy/romance/etc?"

I have however, noticed no one is posting in this, so if you are too lazy to follow guidelines just post your favorites here. You will not be punished for it. If you wish to take the extra time to actually follow the original instructions that would be nice, but I'm not making it a requirement anymore.

We haven't had a lot of responses to this, and I'm guessing that it's too hard. It would be nice to atleast include the genre or target audience of the anime you add - Caddberry

This thread was designed to replace this thread:
in order to compile a more descriptive listing of member anime favorites. This thread will mostly be used as a reference for fellow members to find new anime and to display a member's particular anime tastes.

#. Anime - genre - year - brief remark.

  • Legend:

    • #. = the rank of the anime in your top 10 list.
    • Anime = underlined title of the anime
    • genre = the two to three prominent genre seen in the anime
    • year = the year this anime was first released.
    • brief remark = One or two sentences of your personal thoughts/opinions.


  1. Noir - Action/Drama - 2000 - I fun series for all ages ^_o
  2. Trigun - Action/Comedy/Drama - 1998 - Vash rocks. He is god!

  1. This thread is only intended to list anime. There is to be no additional discussion posts. Any post used only to discuss may be immediately deleted by a mod w/o any notification or warning. However, some short remarks following your listing will be allowed.
  2. Please use the {list=1}{*}{/list} tags to encompass your anime listing. Replace those tag bracket symbols {} with []. This will make lists much more readable. (quote my initial fav list post to see a good example of what I mean.)
  3. Only list your top 10 favorite anime. At any time you may edit your list as your tastes change.
  4. The "genre" and "year" of your anime should reflect what the AnimeNfo database uses. However, identifying genre is a bit harder. At first I thought standardizing the genre for each anime would be best, but that would be just too hard when using a forum. Instead, just use these guidelines when choosing genre:
    • Your list should initially be based off of what AnimeNfo's anime database lists to be the anime's genre
    • If AnimeNfo lists an anime to have more than three genre then narrow that list to the three most prominent genre in the anime
    • You may replace any of those genre if you think there is a better genre to describe that anime.
    • Any genre changes shouldn't be based off of your personal opinion, but from what strong attributes the anime displays
    • List genre alphabetically.
    • Remember, only use two to three genre to catagorize an anime.
    • A list of genre and a description of them will be posted below. These are the only genre allowed. This list will include all of AnimeNfo's choices (on the DB) as well as a few others.
  5. If you disagree or have found a fault with how someone has listed a particular anime, please PM that member or inform a mod about it.
  6. Also, if you've any questions, suggestions, comments, or genre alterations you'd like considered for this anime listing thread then please PM me (Animal4890) or another mod.

Genre List:

Thrilling action-packed stories for example high-speed car chases, fierce battles, people running around a lot, and gun-shooting.

Daring tales of people having adventures, journeying to far off and exotic places.

This genre tends to make you laugh. However absurd and insider jokes will sometimes just confuse you.

Anime with emotional and dramatic story, conveys a wide range of emotion.

Ecchi anime contains very light sexual themes, such as sexual comedy, transvestites, lecherous grandparents, the occasional bare breast, but never any actual sex. Lots of nosebleeds and potty humor.

Story about family or just perfect for the entire family.

Many anime creators draw ideas from the folklore and mythology of many different cultures, using everything from unicorns to umbrella monsters, from the great cosmic sea turtle to Santa Claus.

Historical Settings:
A look back at stories and events that just might have taken place during the Edo period of Japan, the French Revolution, or other times past. But probably not with total historical accuracy.

Creepy tales of ghosts, demons, vengeful ex-girlfriends and other frightening creatures.

Deviant, sometimes to the point of absurdity.

Evil sorcerers bent on world conquest, fairies from another world seeking the magic gems to save humanity, flying unicorns, enchanted swords, there's magic on the air.

Martial Arts:
Anime that falls into this category has a lot of bare hand fightings, from normal kicking and punching to awesome finishing moves.

Parental discretion is advised. Contains strong sexual content. Can possibly include yuri or yaoi content (lesbian/gay).

From fifty-foot robots to form-fitting battlesuits with high heels, anime is probably best known in the western world for mecha.

From the hardcore heavy metal band to the sweetly tinkling melody of a fairy song, music can often play an integral role in anime. Even a few of the stories about singing idols contain music.

Cops, private detectives, and troubleshooters searching for the clues to solve the great puzzles. Lots of intrigue and conspiracy.

As a well-established field, anime has earned its share of parody. From titles which parody the common themes to titles which use well-known anime characters from other titles in humorous guest cameos.

Romantic stories drawn from the close and sometimes intimate relationships amongst two, three, or more characters.

Story revolves around school life. From kindergarden to college kids, with all the adventures, it's a wonder they ever have time for classes.

SoL (Slice of Life):
A story representing a small portion of one person's life. Normally, this person is the only POV during the show.

From the whimsical adventures of a boy and his robot to the dramatic plight of a race of cyborg slaves, science fiction plays a common role in anime.

Depicts intimate female/female relationships that do not include content that is beyond ecchi. Unlike its root word, this genre is not necessarily aimed at a specific audience.

Depicts intimate male/male relationships that do not include content that is beyond ecchi. Unlike its root word, this genre is not necessarily aimed at a specific audience.

This genre conveys a wide range of sports from traditional martial arts like judo to western style sports like baseball or even fictional sports.

Super Power:
Be it an ancient greek Hercules, a cybernetic muscle-man, or a fourteen year-old girl in a mini-skirted sailor suit. As long as they have super power, they're in the show.


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Animal4890 (#469)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 1769
  1. Juuni Kokki - Adventure/Fantasy - 2002 - A captivating masterpiece.
  2. Tenchi Muyo OVA - Comedy/Drama/Science-Fiction - 1995 - My first love of anime.
  3. Angelic Layer - Action/Drama/Science-Fiction - 2001
  4. Maria-sama ga Miteru - Drama/Schoolkids/Shoujoai - 2004 - A lovely, heartfelt story. Perfect for every shoujoai addict on your list ^_^
  5. Rurounii Kenshin OVA - Action/Drama/Historical Settings - 1999 - An exemplar of anime.
  6. Tenshi na Konamaiki - Comedy/Fantasy/Schoolkids - 2002 - Although silly at times, this anime can be fairly serious. It's one of my favorite guy-soaps.
  7. Inuyasha - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 2000 - A fun and easy anime to watch by Rumiko Takahashi.
  8. Kenshin TV - Action/Adventure/Comedy - 1996 - A fun anime with a rather unique and lovable character named Kenshin.
  9. Haibane Renmei - Drama/Fantasy - 2002 - A bit surreal and sometimes serious. An excellent anime to watch when feeling you're feeling down.
  10. Trigun - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1998 - A humorous and at times, serious, anime. It is one of the best "common ground" anime out there.

I'll most likely be updating this list in the near future.

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Maru Botan (#40395)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 1140
Location: Melbourne, Australia
  1. Air -Drama - 2005 - An SLG-based fascinating drama suited for all age, among the best in presentation, character, story, setting. and definitely soudtrack of it's genre. Highly reccomended.
  2. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien -Drama/Romance - 2003 - Very realistic characters and plot.
  3. Saishuu Heiki Kanojo -Drama/Romance/SchoolKids/Science Fiction - 2002 - Heart wrenching love story in a country under siege.
  4. Aa, Megami-sama! TV - Drama/Magic - 2005 - "How a Goddess Changed My Life" by Morisato Keiichi :p
  5. .hack//SIGN - Action/Science Fiction - 2001 - Deep storyline backed with beautiful musical arrangement.
  6. MADLAX -Action/Adventure - 2004 - Far heavier plot than Noir, great musics.
  7. Rurouni Kenshin OVA - Action/Drama/Historical Settings - 1999 - This goes along the line of movies made by Akira Kurosawa ^^.
  8. Happy Lesson series - Drama/Romance/School Kids/Comedy - 2002~03 - I just can't stop laughing watching this.
  9. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy/School Kids - 2002 - Cultural humours with interesting characters.
  10. Sakigake! Cromatie Kokou! - Ermh... Irrational/Comedy/Schoolkids -2003 - The most wackiest and hilarious anime I've ever seen, nothing makes sense in this anime and don't try to make sense outta this. XD.


"If you give up, even the chances of succeeding will disappear." - Belldandy

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Just_jem (#39043)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 137
Location: Sydney
1.evangelion-science fiction/action/drama-1995/97- the anime that made me addicted to anime

2.Grave of fireflies-Drama-1988-I watched this anime and i cried my hearts out...... This is one of the best anime that i've watched has a deep storyline and very very emotional (even my dad and uncles cried)

3.Trigun-comedy/action/drama-1998- a great anime full of suspense

4.FMP/fmp fumoffu-comedy/action-2002&2003- hillarious good story line

5.Cowboy bebop-comedy/action/scify-1998- a must see if your an anime fan this would be a good watch for sure!!!

6.Chobits-comedy/romance-2002- good story line

7.midori no hibi-comedy/echi-2004- another love hina. green green, ao yori aoshi and happy lesson kind of movie... but strangely you'll never get tired of it.

8.saikano-2002-mecha/drama/romance- try watching grave of fireflies,kiminozo and this movie one after another..... the tears won't stop i tell you!!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

9.kimiga nozumu eien-2003-romance/drama- although it's very sad
but a deep storyline makes up for it and the drawings 2.

10.Onegai sensei-2002-drama/comedy-funny, good storyline and a touchy ending

PS: took me a lot of consideration for this... since i've got a lot of anime and watched a lot 2. nywayz xpect changes
In meliora Contende- To strive for better things

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Revanto (#31780)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 324
Location: Moscow, Russia
  1. Angelic Layer - Romance/Science-Fiction - 2001 - My favorite anime, more about friendship than love, very kind, light and good-hearted.
  2. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy/Schoolkids - 2002 - Perfect example of comedy about daily life of several schoolgirls.
  3. Chobits - Romance/Science-Fiction/Comedy - 2002 - I will never tire of male human/female robot theme, and this is one of the best examples of it.
  4. Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Drama/Romance/Science-Fiction - 2002 - I don't know why exactly I like it so much, but it is probably the best drama I've seen so far, apocalyptic and utterly hopeless.
  5. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Drama/Romance - 2003 - This story creates especially dramatic feeling because it is very real, about hopes, fears, memories and other worries of real life.
  6. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! - Comedy/Schoolkids - 2003 - I never laughed so hard in my entire life.
  7. Boogiepop Phantom - Horror/Mystery - 2000 - Surreal and unique thing, with lots of symbols and puzzles and hidden associations.
  8. Serial Experiments Lain - Mystery/Science-Fiction - 1998 - Reality and cyberspace intertwined here. It is hard to fully understand this series through only one review. I couldn't. ^_^
  9. Full Moon Wo Sagashite - Drama/Comedy/Romance - 2002 - The best example of a melodrama I've ever watched!
  10. Hunter X Hunter - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 1999 - Great never-ending adventure.

I have many famous animes yet to see, so this list will certainly be updated in the future.
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masahiko (#35136)
AnimeNfo Site Staff

Posts: 2779

  1. Ah My Goddess OVA - Romance/Fantasy/Comedy – 1993 –comical at first, become emotional approaching to the end.
  2. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Mystery – 1979 – the first masterpiece of Miyazaki Hayao
  3. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross - Action/Adventure/Drama/Mecha/Science Fiction – 1982 – an epoch making mecha anime.
  4. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy/School Kids – 2002 – funny and cute characters.
  5. Tenchi Muyo OVA - Comedy/Drama/Science-Fiction – 1995 – typical harem anime.
  6. Gakkou no Kaidan - Action/Horror/Schoolkids – 2000 – horror anime, but not too scary.
  7. Fullmetal Panic? Fumoffu – Comedy– 2003 – the best comedy of the year
  8. Onegai Teacher - Comedy/ Drama/ Schoolkids/ Science-Fiction – 2002 – there is a large gape between the main story and the last episode. But I like the last one, there are a lot of adult jokes.
  9. El Hazard: The Magnificient World- Action/Adventure/Fantasy/ Romance– 1995 –
  10. Meitantei Holmes –Mystery/Comedy – 1984 – another favorite anime of Miyazaki’s.

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simon (#39337)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 2404
Location: "closer to the heart"
1. Evangelion - drama - 95/97 - in two anime.
2. Cowboy Bebop movie - action/comedy - 2001 - some awesome action with humour and good music.
3. Blood: The last Vampire - action/horror - 2000 - mysterious story, cool animation.
4. FLCL - Irrational - 2000 - hilarious quotes, cool style.
5. vampire hunter D: Bloodlust - Horror/action - 2001 - future in the past style.
6. Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade - drama/Historical Settings - 2000 - alternative past.
7. Ebichu - comedy/mature - 2000 - a little perverted a little brutal but so hilarious..
8. Ghost In The Shell - action/science-fiction/drama - climate.
9. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu - comedy - 2003 - comedy:)
10. Hellsing - action/horror - 2001 - it is here only because of a perfect soundtrack.

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URBETH (#38920)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 1129
Location: where the sun doth shine and the grass doth grow
Edit 8/14/04: Ah, screw it, I can no longer confine myself to 10.

First of all, I would just like to say that this list is subject to change at any given moment:

1- Card Captor Sakura - adventure/magic - 1998 - Sooooo cute!!!!!
2- Neon Genesis Evangelion - Sci-fi/mecha/drama - 1995 - just...brilliant.
3- Fruits Basket - comedy/drama/fantasy - 2001 - Great characters.
4- Gensou Maden Saiyuki - action/fantasy/drama - 2000 - has everything you could possibly want in an anime... at least for me.^^
5- One Piece - action/comedy - 1999(ongoing) - its about pirates. How could you go wrong?
6- Pretear - fantasy/romance/drama - 2001 - Such a cute tulip-head.
7- Hellsing - horror/action - 2001 - Obviously.
8- Full Metal Alchemist - fantasy/drama/action - 2003 - this series is seriously fucking good. It continues to amaze me.
9- Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - adventure/romance/magic - 1999 -
10- Revolutionary Girl Utena - drama/action/irrational - 1997 - As cool as Shoujo gets.
11- Princess Tutu - magic/drama/music - 2002 - a fabulous metafictional story set to the best classical ever composed.
12- Berserk - action/horror/drama - 1997 - So very intriguing, and an awesome storyline.

URBETH says: Rules are fun for everyone!
Got a question? It may be one that is frequently asked.
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excBaka (#42138)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 6
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Well this may not be the correct one cus i cant rem all the anime ive seen (if u tell me the name i'll rem but not just like that...) so these i write might just be slighty changed.. Wink

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Action, Adventure, Comedy and Science-Fiction (this anime is very nice, it got it all)

2. Onegai Teacher Comedy, Drama, SchoolKids and Sience-Ficton (Lost my count on how many times i cryed for this masterpiece)

3. Princess Mononoke Action, Adventure and Fantasy (ok this is a masterpiece indeed! Exclamation )

4. Love Hina Comedy, Ecchi, Romance and Schoolkids (cryed for this one too.. well i´m a ecchi person Razz)

5. Rurouni Kenshin Action, Adventure, Comedy and Historical Settings (Very nice and should be praised by all, thought i havent seen the last 2 episdoes Rolling Eyes )

6. Hunter X Hunter Action, Adventure and Fantasy (still waiting the unrealesed ovas.. but its very nice.. very Very Happy)

7. Shaman King Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Magic ( i give this same stats as hxh but hxh is a little better Razz)

7. No idea mind is blank... have to do the rest later :S

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Siggy (#22646)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 172
Location: Las Vegas, NV
1. Stellvia - Sci-fi/Adventure - 2003 - Very interesting sci-fi/adventure series that I've ever seen.

2. Aa! Megami-sama OVA (aka Ah! My Goddess) - Romance - 1993 - Very first romance anime I've ever watched.

3. Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu - Comedy - 2001 - This series I had the most number of laughs.

4. Excel Saga - Comedy/Parody - 1999 - Excel's antics and Hyatt's anemics are a great combo.

5. Rurouni Kenshin The TV Series - Action/Drama/Comedy - 1996 - Best swordplay series I've ever seen.

6. Air Master - Martial Arts/Schoolkids/Action/Comedy - 2003 - High-flying streetfight action at its finest.

7. Noir - Action/Drama/Mystery - 2001 - Killing people w/ fashion and style.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Sci-fi/Mecha/Drama - 1995 - Very nice mecha design.

9. Slayers - Comedy/Fantasy/Action - 1995 - This had hurt my stomach a lot laughing.

10. Hanaukyo Maids - Comedy/Ecchi - 2001 - Ecchiness level at its highest!

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Vivafruit (#6135)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 206
1. Grave of the Fireflies - Historical Settings/Slice of Life/Drama - 1988 - Heartbreaking tragedy about the consequences of prolonged war.
2. Kino no Tabi - Drama, Science Fiction - 2003 - Brilliant philosophical journey that explores and redefines the deepest parts of the human soul.
3. Spirited Away - Fantasy/Family/Magic - 2001 - Fantasy movie with almost unsurpassed creativity in its characters and plot.
4. Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence - Historical Settings/Action/Drama - 1999 - Wonderfully animated, thoroughly captivating, and emotionally moving samurai piece.
5. Cowboy Bebop - Action/Science-Fiction/Music - 1998 - Incredibly well polished science fiction with an outstanding soundtrack and terrific characters.
6. Now and Then, Here and There - Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi - 1999 - Remarkably fulfilling story about the true nature of brutality and suffering.
7. Crest of the Stars (and its sequels) - Science-Fiction/Drama/Adventure - 1999, 2000, 2001 - Engrossing science-fiction epic of amazing depth and tremendous satisfaction.
8. Furi Kuri - Irrational/Comedy/Parody - 2000 - Deliciously eclectic experimental anime that transcends every genre that it touches.
9. Hoshi no Koe - Science-Fiction/Romance/Mecha - Poignant, beautiful and touching short film about the loneliness of seperation.
10. Full Moon wo Sagashite - Music/Drama/Schoolkids - 2002 - A tremendously heartwarming anime with loveable characters and a fantastic ending.

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Villain (#24670)
AnimeNfo Review Moderator

Posts: 601
Location: Finland
I don't know if anyone will read this anymore, but I decided to re-arrange my terribly outdated list. In the end, I made separate lists for movies and series.

Anime series:
  1. Monster - Drama/Mystery - 2004 - A mature thriller with a huge story that developes slowly; also an amazingly faithful adaptation of the famous manga.
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Action/Drama/Mecha - 1995 - A challenging story with heavy psychological, philosophical and religious themes, plus wonderfully flawed characters.
  3. Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku (aka Now and Then, Here and There) - Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi - 1999 - A touching tale of survival in the horrors and cruelty of war.
  4. Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex - Action/Mystery/Sci-Fi - The best detective series I have ever seen.
  5. Noir - Action/Drama/Mystery - 2001 - Has just so much style that the lack of substance and the flaws in execution can be completely ignored.
  6. Cowboy Bebob - Action/Sci-Fi - 1998 - Style over substance, but has an incredible groove and excellent music.
  7. X TV - Action/Drama/Magic - 2001 - A good adaptation of the best CLAMP-manga, vastly superior to the movie.
  8. Last EXILE - Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi - 2003 - A great adventure with a wonderful steampunk-setting.
  9. Berserk - Action/Fantasy - 1997 - Even though not nearly as great as the manga, has still some of the best overall storylines in all of anime.
  10. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy/Slice-of-Life - 2002 - A hilariously weird schoolgirl comedy with truly memorable characters.

Anime movies:
  1. Ghost in the Shell 2 - Innocence - Action/Drama/Sci-Fi - 2004 - A brilliant philosophical masterpiece, despite all its pretentiousness.
  2. End of Evangelion - Action/Drama/Mecha - 1997 - The mind-shattering finale for the ground-breaking series.
  3. Princess Mononoke - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 1997 - The best Studio Ghibli movie, both exciting and touching.
  4. Jin-Roh, The Wolf Brigade - Drama/Romance - 2000 - A tragic movie with some of the best and most realistic animation ever.
  5. Spirited Away - Family/Fantasy/Magic - 2001 - Simply one of the most beautiful and memorable movies ever made.
  6. Wings of Honneamise (aka Royal Space Force) - Action/Drama/Sci-Fi - 1987 - "The first true anime art-movie" and a unique masterpiece.
  7. Patlabor 1 - Mobile Police - Action/Drama/Mecha - 1989 - A brutally intelligent movie.
  8. Ghost in the Shell - Action/Drama/Sci-Fi - 1995 - A classic.
  9. Tokyo Godfathers - Comedy/Drama - 2003 - Satoshi Kon's best movie.
  10. Grave of the Fireflies - Drama/Historical/Slice-of-Life - 1998 - The saddest and most tragic of all Ghibli movies.


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Kiseki (#38680)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 310
Location: Canada
1. Kodomo no Omocha - Comedy/Romance/School Kids - 1996 - I was quite addicted to this anime series, it expressed basically every emotion you can think of, plus it's just one crazy anime series.
1. Fruits Basket - Drama/Comedy/Romance - 2001 - A literally laugh out loud series (to me anyways), all the characters are really lovable, Fruits Basket was addicting too!
2. Hunter x Hunter - Adventure/Action/Comedy - 1999 - Every aspect of this anime is great. It's all unique, the characters, the names of the characters, the clothes they wear, and the whole "Zen" thing. I love it!
3. Full Moon wo Sagashite - Romance/Drama/Fantasy - 2002 - Most touching, dramatic, and heartwarming series I've seen so far. The animation and music is beautiful! Pure shoujo.
4. Full Metal Alchemist - Science Fiction/Adventure/Drama - 2003/2004 - slow at the start, but really captured my full interest later on. The plot is unbelievably fluid, very well thought out. Could be liked by all ages and genders.
5. Princess Tutu - Music/Romance/Fantasy - 2002 - Different from other shoujo series that I've seen, it has a more ominous theme than expected, I really liked it though
6. Hikaru no Go - Sports/Drama/Comedy - 2001 - I don't know how they did it. But they made a boardgame so intruiging. I think it's all about the characters though, very captivating.
7. Elfen Lied - Horror/Science Fiction/Drama - 2004 - This can't really be summed to one genre, it's unique on its own. Seriously, you can't couple this with any other series, it's perfectly unique. How the story flowed, the characters, and the action was all candy.
8. Prince of Tennis - Parody/Sports/School Kids - 2001 - You can always rely on Japan to make an anime series based on anything, this time it's Tennis, but not like it's not all focused on it, character development is what I watch it for.
9. Spiral - Parody/School Kids/Mystery - 2002 - I really liked all the characters in Spiral, the ending was quite unsatisfying but I don't regret watching it.
10. Rizelmine I - Ecchi/Comedy/Romance - 2002 - Never failed to make me laugh, but notice how it's only part I, part II was too ecchi for me I was quite disappointed, but it's still good for some laughs.

- These are not my favourites, and after #5 it's in no particular order really
- Will be updated
- Assume that every Romance genre has suspense/drama
- There are some favourites that are not liseted, I wouldn't recommend it that's all
- I don't have a strong opinion on recommendations, but I do for non-recommendations (there should be a topic on this perhaps)

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Xiayi_chan (#41938)
AnimeNfo Warrior

Posts: 993
Anime Top 10

1. Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence – Historical Settings/Action/Drama – 1999 – The best samurai anime ever created.

2. Cowboy Bebop – Science Fiction/Action/Drama – 1998 – About bounty hunters of the future.

3. Vision of Esca Flowne – Mecha/Action/Drama – 1996 – Contains the best music of all anime.

4. GTO – Schoolkids/Comedy/Ecch – 2000 – About a teacher who was once the most famous leader of motorcycle gangs.

5. Trigun – Comedy/Action/Science Fiction – 1998 – One of the best gun fighting anime series (probably the best).

6. Noir – Drama/Action/Music – 2001 – Watch this if your tired of having all the men saving the "weak" women. Lets just say you wouldn’t want to be in this anime if you’re a guy (you’d be dead).

7. Tenchi Muyo – Comedy/Drama/Science Fiction – Don't get jealous...

8. Love Hina – Comedy/Martial Arts/Ecchi – 2001/2002 – Very violent (jk) and funny. Every once and a while you like seeing people getting kicked out two story buildings…

9. Hellsing – Horror/Action – 2001 – Great anime (don’t give a vampire a gun). Don’t watch the last 6 or 5 episodes.

10. Rurouni Kenshin TV – Action/Adventure/Comedy – Fun to watch with a great story. Ending could have been better.

Will be uptaded.

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Pantha (#38360)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 173
Location: Pretzals and Mountain Dew are very close
My Top 10 Anime:

1. Rose of Versailles (1979): Rose of Versailles is shoujo in its finest form. Some of the best anime I've seen were created in the mid to late 90's. And a few of my favorites were created just two or three years ago. Rose of Versailles is an anomaly in that it's one of my favorite anime, and yet it is twenty-five years old. But it's still drawn better than some more recent anime, and the story itself sure as hell blows at least half of the trash on the top 100 out of the water. Rose of Versailles is an avant-garde classic in every sense of the word.

2. Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence (1999): As close to unadulterated perfection anime will ever achieve.

3. Berserk (1997): Beginning each episode with the question: "Is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or Law?" Berserk is also about fate or the existence of chance. Anime such as Escaflowne, X, and even Full Moon wo Sagashite, have asked this same question and gave pretty much the same answer: If fate does in fact exist, then it's not written in blood or set in stone. It can be changed. Berserk, however, gives two answers for the same question.

4. Grave of the Fireflies (1988): One of the greatest anti-war movies ever made.

5. The Vision of Escaflowne (1996):

6. Great Teacher Onizuka (2000): A rare anime in which just about every episode is awesome, and can still be great despite a pretty shitty ending.

7. Barefoot Gen (1983): In the end, this classic is not about despair, but hope in the midst of it. Here, cruelty came in the form of fire and not from the hands of human beings. If you want to cry, watch Grave of the Fireflies. If you want to SMILE and cry, watch Barefoot Gen.

8. Fruits Basket (2001):

9. Brother, Dear Brother (1991):

10. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003):
The Pantha's Top Anime
My Anime Collection

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Hitokiri_B (#806)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 10
1- Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen - Drama/Romance - 1999 - Incredible art and wondeful story.

2- Evangelion - Drama/Sci-Fi - 1995/1997 - This anime almost change my way of thinking. Thank you Gainax.

3- Saikano - Drama/Romance - 2002 - I got depressed for 1 week after seeing it.

4- Kaze no tani no Naushika - Drama/Fantasy - 1984 - My favorite from Miyazaki.

5- Grave of the Firelies - Drama/Drama! - 1988 - I have no words for this one...

6- Rurouni Kenshin - Action/Comedy - 1996/1998 - Some of the funniest anime moments I've ever seen.

7- Shingetsutan Tsukihime - Drama/Fantasy - 2003 - Really rich in emotions.

8- Last Exile - Adventure/Drama - 2003 - The best art I'ver ever seen in a TV series.

9- Rurouni Kenshin Seishouhen - Drama/Action - 2001/2002 - I did cry at the end of this one.

10- GTO - Comedy/Drama - 1999/2000 - This one is funny like hell too.

* I aslo would like to put here Touch - Drama/Comedy - 1985 - which I can't put in the top 10 (very dificult for older anime) but it deserves to te mentioned and Hoshi no Koe - Drama/Romance - 2002 - A masterpiece.

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Anubis (#43712)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
1. NEON GENISIS EVANGELION && END OF EVANGELION... wow, great anime got me into anime hardcore ever since.
2. OUTLAW STAR... how can u people not have this on your lists... this is a great anime, great characters great art... what more do u want? great music? it's got that too.
3. Full metal alchemist... wow, so far so good
4. LAST EXILE!!!!! wow...
5. BERSERK... super fun... big sword guy (Gatts) kicks arse.
6. Trigun.. vash-the-stampiedo! no more needed to say.
7. Ninja Scrolls... hahahah good shat. JUBEI!
8. Princess Mononoke
9. Inuyasha
10. Cowboy Bebop

... for all of you who didnt even have NEON GENISIS EVANGELION in the top 10, i take pity on you....

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Sakoto (#8857)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 16
  1. Hunter x Hunter - Action/Adventure/Martial Arts - 1999 - By far the BEST anime I have ever seen.
  2. Piano - Music/Schoolkids/SoL - 2002 - Slow paced anime. Sweet and very enjoyable.
  3. Dai Gaurd - Mecha/Action - 1999 - Not your normal mecha anime. And no matter what people say it is nothing like eva; It's better ^_^
  4. Hikaru no Go - Schoolkids/Drama - 2001 - I loved watching the characters grow up and Hikaru going through the steps of grief.
  5. Junkers Come Here - Family/Drama - 1995 - Touching movie that will make you laugh and cry.
  6. Laputa: Castle in the Sky - Fantasy/Adventure - 1986 - Wonderful. Has a dreamlike quality to it.
  7. Tenchi Universe - Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy/Romance - 1995 - One of the first anime I saw. It is good from beggining to end.
  8. Twin Spica Schoolkids/Drama - 2003 - Slow paced with a good story.
  9. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust - Horror/Magic/Action - Great animation. Much better than the first movie.
  10. Like the Clouds, Like the Wind - Historical Settings/Drama - 1990 - Really this anime is nothing super special, but I love it.

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neko_vamp (#43501)
AnimeNfo Warrior

Posts: 898
Location: texas, y'all

  1. Cowboy Bebop: Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1998 - I've never seen anything like it. It's definitely original.
  2. Genso Maden Saiyuki: Adventure/Magic/Martial Arts - 2002 - Tons of ass-kicking demons and sexy men. Wink
  3. Naruto: Adventure/Comedy/Martial Arts - 2002 - I want a Kakashi action figure sooo bad!
  4. Excel Saga: Action/Comedy/Parody - 1999 - "Nabeshin" is the best director ever!
  5. Hellsing: Action/Horror - 2001 - Vampires are just cool... bottom line. Plus, Alucard is dangerously sexy.
  6. Fruits Basket: Comedy/Drama/Romance - 2001 - Character-driven, sometimes sickly-sweet, but funny too.
  7. Grave of the Fireflies: Drama/Historical Setting - 1988 - Extremely depressing, but a Studio Ghibli masterpeice!
  8. Spirited Away: Family/Fantasy/Magic - 2001 - Mesmerizing.Masterful.Miyazaki.
  9. The Fantastic Adventures of Unico: Family/Fantasy/Magic - 1981 - My first anime. Hey, it's as old as I am!
  10. Vampire Hunter D: Action/Horror/Science-Fiction - 1985 - Very cool and well done for 1985!

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Anthony (#45535)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
1. Berserk - Action/Fantasy - 1997 - the best anime of all time it has so much meaning and the anime is better then the series. everyone must watch.

2. Gundam Seed- Action/Mecha- 2003- i think the best gundam ever created so far.

3. Scryed - Action/Super Power- 2003/2004- another great anime some great action scenes. a great anime.

4.Fullmetal Alchemist - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Science-Fiction -2004- a great and exciting new anime.

5. DragonBall - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Martial Arts - has alot of action and pretty funny at the same time.

6. Evangelion-science fiction/action/drama-1995/97- a great story alot of meaning, gets you thinking.

7. Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence – Historical Settings/Action/Drama – 1999 – so great to see kenshin kill such a good story, best samurai series yet.

8. Fushigi Yuugi- adventure/Fantasy- 1995- funny got to love the crossdresser.

9.Golden Boy- Comedy- one of the funniest anime's ever.

10. Princess Mononoke-Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 1997 - The best Studio Ghibli movie without a doubt.

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Evil_G.T.O (#45701)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 5
1. neon genesis evangelion: action/science fiction. enjoyable and confusing storyline, will have u watching it again and again
2. GTO: great teacher onizuka: comedy/drama/schoolkids. funny and touching. a great to watch anime
3. naruto: action/comedy/martial arts. fun to watch. very addictive
4.ah! my goddess: comedy/drama/romance. very short 5 eps + movie, very touching and fun for all ages hina & love hina again: comedy/romance/drama. enjoyable and addictive
6. HACK//sign : drama. a dramatic story supported by great musical structure.
7.Please Teacher: drama/romance/school kids. fun and great to watch, for all ages. and a great pass time.
8.Ghost in the shell: science fiction/action. action pack movie, very good. suitable for teenagers 15+
9.Trigun: action/drama/comedy. very light comedy, addictive to watch, good story line, great characters
10. Vampire hunter D: action/adventure. good fighting scenes. siutable for teens 15+
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Erium Kross (#41987)
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  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion - Action/Mecha/Science-Fiction - 1995 - Brilliant!
  2. Cowboy Bebop - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1998 - Beautiful animation, and upbeat action make this a great one.
  3. Love Hina - Comedy/Ecchi/Romance - 2000 - Lots of fun in this one.
  4. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) - Comedy/Drama/Schoolkids - 2000 - Onizuka is a crazy ass teacher that solves every situation using his own biker gangster means.
  5. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Drama/Romance/Schoolkids - 2003 - A great and moving drama; one that will lead you to tears.
  6. Inuyasha - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 2000 - One of those rather long anime series, but nonetheless a very good one.
  7. Furi Kuri - Comedy/Fantasy/Science-Fiction - 2000 - Completely insane and irrational; that's why I love it.
  8. Vision of Escaflowne - Adventure/Mecha/Romance - 1996 - It's got it all bundled up into one series.
  9. Rurouni Kenshin - Action/Adventure/Comedy - 1996 - Just love it; plenty of historical references that make you say, "Hey, I know this."
  10. Trigun - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1998 - Real silly at times, but still a real good one.

I tried not to include any movies, specials, and OVAs simply because each series has tons of them. I tried to keep it strictly to an entire series.
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My anime list:

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A.j (#41912)
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Not in any order!

Evangelion and Evangelion the end of Evangelion - what can I say. . . . WoW

Ramna - Great!!

CowBoy Bebop - Mint anime!!

Chobits - Hilarious!!

Excel Saga - Very confusin but at the same time very funny!!

Inuyasha - Minters!!

Noir - I liked it mainly because of the guns!!

Love Hina - Funny as F*ck!

Naruto - Funny and Cooool!!

Ghost in the shell - Superb!!

Trigun - Saw it at my mates, there wasnt another place on earth Id rather be Kick Ass!!

Onegei Teacher / Onegei Twins - Soooo Funny!!

Can you tell what can of animes I like Razz

Action / Comedy

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Soulrival (#44074)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 22
I don't like orders either:

Hunter X Hunter -(action/adventure) by far one of the best of its kind out there. Funny and extremely dark at times. Definitly worth the watch, all 4 parts of it. The dark animation in the TV series and OVA is completely on the mark.(is it just me or do the 2nd and 3rd OVA remind me of the transition .hack//SIGN did into .hack//DUSK with the animation style. The animation is made quite lighter and the characters look a lot cuter.)

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - (drama/romance) A tear-jerking masterpiece. Falls short of nothing but brilliance. DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CRY!(I warn you). And don't be swayed by the first 2 episodes. They are only the introduction to the true greatness of the anime.

Pita Ten - (comedy,magic, schoolkids) Very cutsy but you just gotta love Miisha. Very funny and often hilarious. It is just a warm touchy feeling anime that you will wish could last forever.

Kanon - (romance, drama, magic, schoolkids) Another tear-jerker. This anime mixes in magical and superficial themes into a mix that just turns out perfect. The art style is also very cutesy(beware the giant eyes!!!)

DNAngel - (action, adventure, romance) One of those animes that fall into the category of "just about for everyone". Anyone can really find something to like about this anime. The character designs are great and the animation is superb, the story is interesting and every character is loveable. And lets not forget how cool Dark is ^_^

Naruto - (action, adventure, comedy) A funny anime that just can kill you of laughter if it isn't dazzling you with the action. Naruto can sure kick some butt, and the ninja action in it never fails to amaze.

One Piece - (comedy, adventure) Another funny adventure anime. So many fun events and parts to the anime you just can't help but love it. Luffy is by far one of the coolest and funniest(if not completely stupid) anime characters I have ever seen.

Scrapped Princess - (action, adventure, drama) This anime is one that I was immediatly hooked to. This anime just leaves u with a soft feeling once u finish and really inspects the value of an individual.

Excel Saga - (comedy) This is the craziest anime I have ever seen. You have every Japanese-related parody imaginable in it, not to mention a main character that talks about a mile a minute. Pure, unadultrated fun.

Saikano - (drama, romance, action, mecha) Very sad anime that is just hard to watch if your an easy crier. It helps examine the horrors of war without interfering with the relationship going on with the 2 main characters. The ending just killed me though. Definitly worth a watch for anyone.

Ruroni Kenshin - Reminiscence - (drama, action) Wanna know why I love Kenshin so much? This is the answer. This is THE definitive anime of its genre. This anime is just awesome. I loved every single bit of it. The action, the drama, the story and its style are all definitive and remarkable. I think any and all anime lovers should at least check this out.

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jutsuri (#26170)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 29
Location: California
1. Naruto - Action/Fantasy/Martial Arts - '02 - A little silly but great characters and story, fantastic fight scenes.

2. Cowboy Bebop - Action/Sci Fi - '98 - Just an all-around great anime.

3. Hunter x Hunter - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - '99 - Awesome story, but I can't help thinking of Gon as Naruto Embarassed

4. Berserk - Action/Fantasy/Horror - '97 - This anime kicks a**, although the end drove me crazy until i found out about the manga.

5. Trigun - Action/Comedy/Sci Fi - '98 - Fun story, i like how it starts out silly but gets real serious by the end.

6. Inuyasha - Adventure/Fantasy - '00 - Great characters, and although it's really long i don't think it gets boring... actually i think it gets better once you get into the 80's and above.

7. Samurai Deeper Kyo - Action/Fantasy/Historical Settings - '02 - Really interesting story and characters, Kyo rocks Twisted Evil

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Action/Mecha/Schoolkids - '95 - This anime defies description (at lest a short one) but if you haven't seen it, you should. Warning - you won't get a lot of stuff until you watch it a second time. Wink

9. Fullmetal Alchemist - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - '03 - Awesome animation, really fun story and great characters. Btw ep 29 has the most intense scene i've ever watched in an anime.

10. FLCL - Action/Comedy/Mecha - '00 - This may possibly be the wierdest anime i've ever watched...
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Pot4Life (#25298)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 2
My Top Ten Favorite Anime

1. Prince of Tennis (Tennis no Ohjisama) - Comedy/Sports - Best Anime
2. Hikaru no Go - Comedy/Drama/BoardGame - Great story and Music
3. Rurouni Kenshin - Action/Drama - Great story and Action
4. Hajime no Ippo - Sports/Comedy/Drama - Great story and Funny
5. Cowboy Bebop - Action/Sci-Fi/Drama - Great story and Characters
6. Naruto - Action/Comedy/Drama - Great story and Fun to watch
7. Full Moon o Sagashite - Romance/Drama - You will tear up watching
8. Great Teacher Onizuka - Comedy/Drama/Action - Fun to watch
9. Trigun - Comedy/Action/Drama - Great Anime
10. Initial D - Street Racing/Drama - Great Anime

All of these anime is DEFINELY worth watching at least once. You won't be disappointed with any of these animes. I am sure one of these will turn out to be your favorite anime too.

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Elekchron (#47598)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 2
#1 Love Hina-comedy/romance-2001/2002- I like Love Hina because it is very romantic, and Naru is hot. i think i'm in love with Naru Razz!

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Chey (#47971)
AnimeNfo Peasant

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Location: the Netherlands
These are my all time favorite animes....for now

  1. Naruto - Comedy/Magic/Martial Arts - 2002 - an anime what really makes you cry of laughing.
  2. Chrno Crusade - Action - 2003 - Rosette, a brave young girl.
  3. Prince of Tennis - Schoolkids/Sports - 2001- i really think i can play tennis now
  4. Inuyasha - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 2000 - Will Inu Yasha ever forget Kikyo and give all his love to Kagome?
  5. Fullmetal Alchemist - /Adventure/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 2004 - Interesting...Alchemy...
  6. Saiyuki RELOAD - Adventure/Fantasy/Magic - 2003- This is really great watch it!!. .
  7. Ranma½ - Action/Adventure/Romance - 1989 - A fun and easy anime to watch by Rumiko Takahashi.
  8. Shaman King - Action/Adventure/Magic - 2001 - A fun anime with lazy person wanting to be the shaman king, don't be afraid of ghosts.
  9. Chobits - Romance/Science-Fiction/Comedy - 2002 - Having feelings for a robot it can only happen in this anime.
  10. Pita Ten - Magic/Comedy/Schoolkids - 2002 - "Angel" Misha is soo sweet but so is "devil" Shia...

I'll most likely be updating this list in the near future.[/quote]

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SouSou (#26837)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 78
1. Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Action/Mecha/Science Friction - 1985 - Epic story. Must watch for every Gundam fans.

2. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam - Action/Mecha/Science Friction - 1993 - Depressing to the max. Top notch for Gundam fans.

3. Grave of the Fireflies - Drama - 1988 - Depressing times 10. Well descriptive story.

4. Gunslinger Girl - Action/Science Friction - 2003 - Depressing times 2. Focus mainly on characters.

5. Saikano - Drama/Mecha/Romance/School Kids/Science Friction - 2002 - Depressing times 2. Focus mainly on romance and life during war time.

6. Doraemon - Comedy/Family/School Kids/Science Friction - 1973 - Classical comedy.

7. Paranoia Agent - Mystery - 2004 - Confusing but entertaining, and yet intelligent.

8. Aishiteruze Baby - Family/School Kids/Romance - 2004 - Top notch for the year of 2004. Simple but well developed.

9. SD Gundam (Classic) - Comedy/Mecha/Parody - 1988 - Making fun of Gundams and characters.

10. Char's Counterattack - Action/Mecha/Science Friction - 1989 - Epic finale of Char vs. Amuro.
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Last Exile (#35342)
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10. FLCL (Fooly Cooly). Comedy/Action (1999) - 6 episodes of essential insanity!
9. Full Metal Panic?(Fumoffu). Comedy/Action (2003) - The dynamic duo of Sosuke and Chidori go MUCH further!
8. Kiddy Grade. Action/Drama/Adventure (2002) - A potent look at politics and the future featuring the dazzling Eclair.
7. Azumanga Daioh. Comedy/Schoolkids (2001) - Just pure fun and never gets boring!
6. Paranoia Agent. Irrational/Slice of Life (2004) - Satoshi Kon makes the series humanity needed to see!
5. Onegai Twins. Comedy/Romance/Ecchi (2003) - Surpasses the original and Mina is so cool.
4. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. Slice of Life/Romance/Drama (2003) - A beautiful and inspiring series that everyone should watch at least once.
3. Shingetsutan Tsukihime. Horror/Action/Romance (2003) - Tragedy and doomed love never looked so good. Arcueid is magical.
2. Chrno Crusade. Horror/Action/Comedy/Romance/Historical (2003) - A delicious concept during a dark time in history. Rosette is a legend.
1. Last Exile. Action/Adventure/Drama/Historical (2003) - Sets out to be an epic, yet somehow achieves more. A true masterpiece.
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tsukasa (#48023)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 55
Location: the mental ward
  1. Wolf's Rain - action, fantasy - 2003 - Beautiful setting and atmosphere. Interesting foundation.
  2. .hack//sign - action, science-fiction - 2002 - Somewhat slow-paced but intruiging storyline.
  3. Vision of Escaflowne -adventure, fantasy - 1996 - I love Hitomi.
  4. Hunter X Hunter - action, adventure, fantasy - 1999 - Ridiculously addictive, at least in the first arc. Killua = I heart.
  5. Naruto - 2002 - action, comedy, martial arts - Hello. It's a story about ninjas. How cool is that. And Kakashi has to be one of the coolest anime characters ever.
  6. Hikaru no Go - 2001 - fantasy, historical settings - Only in Japan.... I don't know how they make this storyline interesting. But they do. It's an explainable phenomenon.
  7. Spiral - 2002 - mystery - The storyline takes a nosedive somewhere in the middle and the ending is a joke, but I found it fun to watch just for seeing how they solved the puzzles.

Not 10 but that's all I could think of that I thought was actually worth recommending.
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Sinai (#6517)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 104
  1. Great Teacher Onizuka - Comedy/Drama/Schoolkids - 2000 - The tale of an eternal adolescent teaching real adolescents life lessons regardless of the consequences. In school, no less.
  2. Crest of the Stars(and sequels) - Science-Fiction/Drama/Adventure - 1999 - A thorougly immersive universe that is simply epic in scope, yet intensely personal with it's characters.
  3. Hajime no Ippo - Sports/Comedy - 2000 - The refinement of sports anime, and the quest of becoming the best, all encapsulated bone-crunching boxing spirit.
  4. Full Moon wo Sagashite - Drama/Music/Romance - 2002 - A magical girl anime with horribly repetitive music. Despite that, you'll fall in love with it.
  5. Hoshi no Koe - Science-Fiction/Romance/Mecha - 2002 - A short film detaling a tale of separation and loss, beautifully rendered.
  6. Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer - Mystery/Fantasy/Irrational - 1984 - My all-time favorite anime movie, it's not often they take a popular series and make a thought-provoking yet entertaining movie out of it.
  7. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Mecha/Science-Fiction/Drama - 1995 - After all these years anime newbies are still driving me to distraction trying to discuss Evangelion. Certainly more than a footnote in anime history. And lest you forget, there's some hot fightin' mecha action in it.
  8. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Fantasy/Adventure - 1984 - Because I would simply be remiss if I didn't have a Ghibli movie in here, and I think this is their greatest. And yet it doesn't have Family listed as one of it's genre, odd, don't you think?
  9. Furi Kuri - Irrational/Science-Fiction/Parody - 2000 - Maybe one day GAINAX will be saved from itself. Until then, we can remember greats like this.
  10. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! - Comedy/Schoolkids - 2003 - Because sometimes I like to laugh, and Guu is just too strange.

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LadyAce74 (#35997)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 32
Hmm in no specific order:


one piece


full metal alchemist

samuari champloo



Cheeky Angel

groove adventure Rave

love hina


hunter x hunter

azumanga daioh

there's are some more others but im to lazy to list and that i forgot but check out my anime list Razz

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Caddberry (#27690)
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(No real order here Maybe I will work on that later..)

  1. Juuni Kokki - Adventure/Fantasy - 2002 - An awesome epic adventure.
  2. Scrapped Princess - Fantasy/Adventure - Very good or.. I liked it
  3. Onegai Teacher - Romance/School-Kids/Science-Fiction - First anime Love
  4. Chobits - Drama/Robots/Shoujo- Very cute must see..
  5. Rurounii Kenshin OVA - Action/Drama/Historical Settings - 1999 - Kenshin is awesome and can stab you
  6. Cowboy Bebop - Comedy- Excellent series
  7. Naruto - Ninja/fighting - Anime is drawn out but very creative.
  8. Vandread - Action/Adventure/Comedy - Awesome anime about battle of the sexes.
  9. Raiumurio Senkitan - Ecchi/Comedy - 2003 - It was funny as hell, and a good ecchi anime in my opinion.
  10. Full Metal Panic - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - Great comedy about adaption to your surroundings. See it!
  11. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu! - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - Great comedy about adaption to your surroundings. See it!
  12. One Piece - Action/Adventure/Comedy - Animation is kinda weird, but I got seriously addicted to this one.
  13. Ah! My Goddess - Romance/Comedy - Actually I like the manga a lot more, but the anime was nice too its worth mentioning in here.
  14. Fullmetal Alchemist - Action/Science-Fiction - Great newer series with deep character building, and great plot.

I'm going to edit/fix this later for now I just wanted to get something up here..

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Aumn (#48861)
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1. Saikano - A must see.

2. Berserk
3. Trigun
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Tsukhime
6. Full Metal Panic
7. Witch Hunter Robin
8. Chobits
9. Onegai Teacher
10. Lain

But Saikano Saikano Saikano Saikano, Saikano...SAIKANO.

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kirax05 (#43472)
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Location: Somewhere... over there! *points*
In no order... because that would way too hard to decide.

  1. Gundam Seed - Action/Mecha/Sci-Fi - 2002 - In my opinion, the best Gundam series ever.
  2. Shaman King - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 2001 - A great anime to watch with nice character development.
  3. Chrno Crusade - Action/Romance/Comedy - 2003 - Hooking from start to end.
  4. Full Moon o Sagashite - Music/Fantasy/Drama - 2002 - Completely compelling! Once I got hooked, I finished this series within a week.
  5. Hikaru no Go - Fantasy/Historical Settings/Schoolkids - 2001 - If you thought an anime about a board game was boring -- Think again!
  6. Naruto - Action/Adventure/Martial Arts - 2002 - Those who lust for nonstop action and fighting would be somewhat satisfied with this series.
  7. Fruits Basket - Drama/Romance/Comedy - 2001 - Even if it there are parts hilarious enough for you to roll on the floor laughing, there are also some parts where you won't be able to survive without a tissue box by your side.
  8. Inuyasha - Action/Romance/Adventure - 2000 - A long series that's totally worth watching.
  9. GetBackers - Action/Comedy/Magic - 2002 - A hilarious anime from start to finish.
  10. D.N.Angel - Romance/Magic/Schoolkids - 2003 - Love can do strange things to you.... But first loves aren't always forever.

"Each choice you make creates a new world and brings forth a new future. But at the same time, you're eliminating a different future with the choices you didn't make." - Miguel (Chrono Cross)

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Allyson (#26474)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 2
1. CardCaptor Sakura - magic/action - 1998 - Really cute!!!
2. Ranma 1/2 - comedy - 1989 - Funny, cute, though it can get repetative, though. English voices are awesome!
3.Ayashi No Ceres - action/romance/adventure - 2000 - Was awesome, although at some points was a little idiotic. Mrs. Q is the greatest comic relief you'll ever see!
4.Fushigi Yugi - Action/adventure/romance - 1995 - Really cute in an overdone sort of way. English voices aren't bad.
5.Inuyasha - action/adventure/comedy - 2000 - Wow...
6.Shamanic Princess - action/adventure/drama - 1996 - Kind of dark really cool although very confusing
7.Mamotte Shugogetten - action/comedy - 2000 - Very cute, if you liked Oh! My goddess, you should like this. It's longer and cuter.
8.X TV - action/fantasy - 2001 - Really good. I liked it alot.
9.Magic Knight Rayearth - action/adventure (are you seeing a pattern here?) - 1994 - Really good anime if you like cute monsters animals and characters, although it is not one of Clamps best.
10.Chobits - comedy/drama - 2002 - really cute costume designs!!! I loved it alot and it def. was one of clamps better series!

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WSL (#49913)
AnimeNfo Scout

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Location: why
1. Evangelion

2. Naruto

3. Chobits

4. Kenshin

5. Great Teacher Onizuka

6. Princess Mononoke

7. Onegai Twins / Teachers

8. Hellsing

9. Hack Udeden

10. Hikaru No Go

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black_wind (#21455)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 58
Location: In some place you can't imagine
This would be mine:

--Onegai Teacher - Sci-fi/Drama/Comedy/Romance
--Ah! My Goddess - Sci-fi/Drama/Comedy/Romance
--Boys Be - Romance/Comedy/Drama/Adventure
--Rave - Action/Adventure/Magical
--Naruto - Action/Adventure/Magical/Comedy
--Samurai X(RK) - Action/Drama/Romance
--Trigun - Action/Comedy/Adventure
--Yuyu Hakusho - Action/Magical/Adventure/Romance
--HunterXHunter - Action/Adventure/Magical
--Vandread - Action/Magical/Adventure/Comedy

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ruther (#50110)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 12
Location: Germany
1. Great Teacher Onizuka - Comedy/Drama/Schoolkids - 2000 - i laughed my ass off
2. Love Hina - Comedy/Ecchi/Romance/Schoolkids - 2000 - not as good as the manga, but still one of the best animes imho
3. Prince Of Tennis - Schoolkids/Sports/Comedy - 2001 - since i play tennis myself, i liked this one very much ^^
4. Chrno Crusade - Action/Drama/Comedy - 2003 - Good Anime with a good ending
5. Scrapped Princess - Comedy/Drama/Fantasy - 2003 - very cool anime, made me laugh quite often

sorry, i'm too lazy ;p

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Season (#51669)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
My top 10 Anime series in no particular oorder

1.Ranma 1/2 - 1989/comedy/action/adventure/romance - one of the first long series I got into. Characters are funny!
2.Neon Genesis Evangelion1995-drama/Science-Fiction/Action/Mecha - I was hooked after the first episode. I remember the anticipation building waiting for the next episodes to come out.
3.Azumanga Diaoh2002-comedy/School Kids- this is one hilarious and cute series
4.Hana Yori Dango1996-drama/romance/school kids-I was also hooked after the first episode. It's a good romance series.
5.2001/action/drama-it's a bit slow paced, but i love the animation and storyline. the soundtrack is awesome!
6.Fruits Basket 2001-drama/comedy-this got me and my sister cracking up. the characters are cute and the the storyline is sweet.
7.Saikano2002-drama/romance/science-fiction-it really is one of the more dramatic series I've ever watched.
8.Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 2003-drama/romance/school kids-this is another dramatic series that I took a quick liking to after the first episode.
9.Boogiepop Phantom2000-Drama- it's a dark series, but I love the fact that you find something new watching the series over and over. This one is a real thinker.
10.Cowboy Bebop1998-Action/Science-Fiction-entertaining![/u]

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Micho (#36993)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 152
Location: Russia, Samara
    1. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito - Drama/Shoujoai/Irrational - 2003 - I'd say it's a bit specific, but... what a great anime it is! Nothing impressed me more than this. If you like it, you'll never forget.
    2. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Drama/SoL/Romance - 2003 - nothing to say, just see it
    3. Nadesico - Comedy/Parody/Mecha - 1996 - a funniest thing
    4. Slayers series - Fantasy/Magic/Comedy - 1995 - great world, lots of magic
    5. Chobits - Drama/Science-Fiction - 2002 - great drama, impressed me a lot
    6. Mahoromatic series - Ecchi/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 2001 - the best ecchi series I've ever seen
    7. X TV - Action/Super Power - 2001 - exciting, great show
    8. Aa, Megami-Sama! - Magic/Romance/Comedy - 1993 - great anime about love between goddess and ordinary guy
    9. Tsukihime - Fantasy/Super Power/Schoolkids - 2003 - mysterious and... just beautiful anime
    10. Scrapped Princess - Fantasy/Magic/Drama - 2003 - one of the best fantasies, great at all
    11. Onegai Teacher - Schoolkids/Drama/Romance - 2002 - heartwarming drama
    12. Happy Lesson series - Schoolkids/Comedy/Drama - 2002 - cute characters & a lot of fun
    13. Full Metal Panic series - Action/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 2002 - was fun to see Sagara's tricks

Oops... a bit more than 10 ^^

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[AN]Wölf_Brother (#5002)
AnimeNfo Site Staff

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Location: UK
1. Jin-Roh - Drama, Historical Settings - 2000 - Great re-telling of the Red Riding Hood fable.

2. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi - 2002 - The movie's a classic but the series takes it to the next level

3. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Fantasy,Adventure - 1984 - Limiting to just 1 Ghibli movie is difficult but this is my fave of a good bunch

4. Juuni Kokki - Adventure/Fantasy - 2002 - The best character development of anything I've seen.

5. Cowboy Bebop - Action, Comedy, Science-Fiction - 1998 - Great stories, superb animation and simply stunning music

6. Banner/Crest of the Stars - Science-Fiction,Drama,Adventure - 1999, 2000, 2001 - A well told story with continually developing characters

7. Vandread - Action, Comedy, Mecha - 2000 - Battle of the sexes anime style. Runs the whole gamut of emotions.

8. Trigun - Action,Comedy,Sci Fi - 1998 - An excellent blend of comedy and seriousness. A calssic in the true sense of the word.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist - Action,Adventure,Comedy,Science-Fiction - 2004 - Something for everyone to enjoy in this series

10. Gankutsuou - Drama, Sci-Fiction – 2004-2005 - A truly dark and compelling retelling of the Monte Cristo story.
No matter how tight a monkey's trousers are, he has to leave space for his tail.

My anime list:

Have a question? Read the FAQ. While you're at it read the rules too.

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Freddy C (#31563)
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Oooookay then, realising i DON'T have to type an essay for this, i will give you my top 81 anime, just click the link in my signature, all animes there are reviewed, some are crappy reviews, but then im no expert!

the list will be updated.

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crystar (#37357)
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Location: Asia
There's no number because I can't really say what my Top 10 is. I'm just putting stuff I like.

Hunter x Hunter - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 1999 - One of my favourites. It starts out pretty slow but it gets better as time goes on. Has a brillliant cast of characters.

Naruto - Action/Fantasy/Martial Arts - 2002 - Awesome anime with cool fight scenes and generally a interesting story.

One Piece - Action/Adventure/Comedy - 1999 - A hilarious action packed anime with some of the coolest cast of characters ever. I actually got teary-eyed at some of the arcs regarding the past of some characters.

Prince of Tennis - Comedy/Sports - 2001 - An exciting tennis anime. The characters are hilarious, each having their own personality, way of talking and play style. They even make special chibi episodes where all the characters are super-deformed (pointless but amusing).

Fullmetal Alchemist - Action/Adventure/Comedy - 2003 - Great action, great character, great story. I just like the whole idea of this anime.

Gundam Seed - Action/Mecha/Science Fiction - 2002 - Just amazing.

Pita Ten - Comedy/Drama/Fantasy - 2002 - Ultimate cuteness.

Rurouni Kenshin - Action/Adventure/Historical Setting - 1996 - Pretty much a legend. Haha. The second half of this anime got a bit filler-ish but I actually liked it.

Trigun - Action/Comedy - 1998 - I don't remember too much about this now, but it was cool. Very cool.

Whistle! - Sports/Comedy - 2002 - Soccer anime. I quite like it.

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