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Bakaman (#29063)
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I just wondered what people who have seen this anime think

I dont think that I could trul apriciate this anime, maby if I was more familiar with kenji's poetry and the circumstances of his life.

but it was good, and I did enjoy it a lot,

a little sad at the end though
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Revanto (#31780)
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The greatest feat of this anime is that it shows a thoughts of a poet, the way he sees the world. All these underground mechanics, eerie visions, a trains raising in the skies (one of the most magnificent pictures I've ever seen in anime) - this is unique. Another great episode is when he sees something and begins to write words quickly in his notebook, and hasn't make it in time - vision fades away before he could capture it.

I don't think it is necessary to know the works of Kenji Myazawa to watch Spring & Chaos. However, I knew about some major events of his life before I watched the movie, and I think it helped me greatly to understand this movie properly.

PS: I googled for translated poems of Myazawa-san, but without success. If anyone knows some links, please, post it (I believe it is allowed).
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