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Your Top 10 Anime Recommendations! UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS!
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Big R (#130586)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 47
I will update with the information on each. No special order.

1.Ouran High School Host club
2.GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)
3.Code Geass
4.Death Note
6.Elfen Lied
7.Fate/Stay Night
8.Genshiken Both seasons
10.Welcome to the NHK

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Unkind (#136213)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 66
Location: Michigan
1. Fate/stay night
2. Strawberry Panic
3. Maria-sama ga Miteru
4. Elfen Lied
5. Onegai Twins
6. Candy☆Boy
7. Berserk
8. Kanon 2006
9. Welcome to the NHK
10. Simoun

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Katayoku_No_Tenshi (#130322)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 32
Location: Don't turn around...'coz im not there lolz no real particular order (also no idea of the exact year so i'll just post the names and comments):

G(reat)T(eacher)O(nizuka) - GREATEST ANIME OF ALL TIME...despite the poor animation it's heartfelt, funny as hell and there's a little action in it as well. LOVE IT!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Arrow Cool

F(ull) M(etal) A(lchemist) - Action orientated anime with a deep storyline. Really enjoyed the depth and development of characters, so glad they'decided to continue the anime Very Happy .

Full Moon Wo Sagashite - Despite the crummy beginning and how long it seemed to drag on, I was glad I made it to the ending which made it all worthwhile.

Naruto - Up to Shipuuden I thought it was pretty good. After that I just like the artwork anymore...

Kimi Ga Nozomi Eien - I was hoping for a sweet romance type thing but the drama is what put it in the top 5. I suppose there are sweet moments also...

School Rumble - In a word "lolz". Although the ending (of the anime AND the manga) is kinda wtf.

Juuni Kokki - I was surprised at this one. The plot doesn't run that deep and the animation isn't spectacular but I suppose you develop a link with the characters and events that take place.

Hajime No Ippo - A must see for sporty people. I always feel charged with energy when watchin' Hajime No Ippo and it's one of the main reasons I bother to do so much exercise. Even if your not that active you'll be inspired by his hard work and you just gotta love Takamura and the gang.

Bleach - Good story and some of the bankai's (Byaykuya's of course) just leave you stunned.

BECK - I suppose it depends on your musical tastes but I think the anime (and it's music) should be felt by all. "The guitar is the human soul sending a message through six strings"...oh yeah...

Umm....on a side FF7 Advent Children has got to be the most fluid, best looking movie to date. Who knows how drastically different I maybe had I not played Final Fantasy...

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Silverfox (#137983)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 8
Location: Amsterdam
Making a top 10 is really hard with so many good animes...but I'll give it a shot!

    [1] Full Metal Alchemist - Action/Adventure - 2003 - This anime has everything. A good storyline, great character development, adventure, action, and drama. A must see.
    [2] Rurouni Kenshin OVA's Trust & Betrayal - Action/Historical Setting - 1999 - Beautiful story of a swordsman in the beginning of the Meiji era. Full of action, romance, and blood! (watching the series first, makes the ova's twice as good!)
    [3] Juuni Kokuki - Adventure/Fantasy - 2002 - Best adventure out there. It starts off slowly, but has great character development and the storyline is amazing. For those intrested, they are translating the 12 Kingdom novals Wink
    [4] Berserk - Action/Horror - 1997 - A more wicked anime is hard to find. Trilling story and simply kickass. The manga is even more harcore :p
    [5] Seirei no Moribito - Adventure/Fantasy - 2007 - I just love this anime. It's original, great action too, and you just got to love it. Very light to watch, doesn't take long to get addicted to this one.
    [6] Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - Action/Mecha - 2008 - Normally I don't like mecha but this was simply too good. It's a pretty intelligent anime and I never got bored with a single episode. Do watch the season 1 first though.
    [7] Nana - Drama/Music - 2006 - Not my usual genre. But this anime was so catching, it took me a while to get into it, but when I did, I was simply hooked. Rarely has an anime made me more angry and sad then this one. *damn you hachiko!* Crying or Very sad
    [8] Death Note - Thriller/Detective - 2006 - There may not be much action, but you'll never be bored by it. Every episode is exciting, a battle of wits, if the second half of this anime was as good as the first half, it would be in my top 3 for sure.
    [9] Black Lagoon The Second Barrage - Action - 2006 - Kick ass sexy chick with guns, what should I say more?
    [10] Full Metal Panic! - Action/Comedy - 2002 - Great comedy, first season was brilliant. I laughed till I cried no joke.

Enjoy <3

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Crestfallenx (#138294)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 4
Location: Brasil

    1. Saint Seiya - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 1986 - Well, it's a big part of my childhood. One of the best animes about friendship I've ever seen.
    2. Strawberry Panic!- Drama/Love-Romance/Yuri - 2006 - First and the best yuri I've even seen for far. This made me fell in love with the genre.
    3. Noir - Action/Adventure/Drama - 2001 - Loved the plot, no fillers and the soundtrack is just the best soundtrack ever created. Same with the characters.
    4. Black Lagoon - Action/Drama - 2006 - Lots of Anti-Heroes, there are no good guys. Just less evil ones. It's an addicting anime.
    5. Code Geass - Mecha - 2006 - Very intelligent anime, as someone stated. To me It's better than Death Note.
    6. Hellsing OVA - Action/Horror - 2005 - Well, I like Anti-Heroes and Alucard is the most Anti-Hero character ever created.
    7. Kara no Kyoukai - Fantasy/Light Novel/Novel - 2007 - Art Visual masterpiece with an intelligent and involving plot.
    8. Kanon 2006 - Drama/Harem/Love-Romance - 2006 - Its one of the most funny AND sad animes with a mistic plot and very charismatic characters.
    9. Madlax - Action/Adventure - 2004 - Couldn't list Noir without Madlax.
    10. El Cazador de la Bruja - Action/Adventure/Yuri - 2007 - Couldn't list Madlax without El Cazador de la Bruja.

PS: I listed the animes as a whole. Thats why I didnt pick any seaons or movies (on Kara no Kyoukai)

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sweetnsour1234 (#139861)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
I couldn't put them in a specific order! Too hard! =)
And different seasons are included as a whole.

Clannad - Comedy/Romance/Drama - 2007-2008 - Beautifully done, liked all the sybolic themes presented.

Code Geass - Action/Mecha - 2006-2008 - So intense! Kept me in suspicion the whole time! Quite possibly my absolute fav.

Death Note - Horror/Mystery - 2006-2007 - Loved the psycological aspects of it. Although, it didn't match up to Code Geass... still great though!

Fate/Stay Night - Fantasy/Romance/Magic - 2006 - This was just so well written, it kept the fighting and plot balanced and I just loved it!

Full Metal Panic - Mecha/Romance/Comedy - 2002-2006 - The whole time I watched it, it kept me laughing. Again this was another anime where it had its different genres well balanced.

Full Metal Alchemist - Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure - 2003-2004 - SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW FMA!!!

Gundam Seed - Sci-fi/Mecha/Romance - 2002-2005 - The first ever anime I watched and intantly fell in love with the world of Japanese animation!

Ouran High School - Comedy/Romance - 2006 - I LOVED IT! It was so funny, but it had it's serious aspects too. <3

Seto No Hanyome - Comedy/Fantasy - 2007 - The most awkward and one of the funniest. Kept me constantly laughing non stop.

School Rumble - Comedy/Drama/Romance - 2004-2008 - The most hilarious anime ever. It was totally random at times but you just cannot help but laugh. The character development was absoultely amazing.

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AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 3
Code Geass - This is by far my favorite anime

Trigun - This is what got me to start watching anime, its a true classic.

Death Note - Very well made

Gundam Seed - If you like Mechs this is a must see. Story of 2 friends dragged into a war and fighting on opposite sides.

Trinity Blood - story of vampires that work for the church that hunt other vampires.

Samurai 7 - This anime mixed real human emotions in it very well, makes you feel like the characters are human in a sci fi world

Elfen Lied - this is one anime that has a lot of shock factor to it. Very bloody, yet cute.

Fate/Stay Night - the plot and fighting was balanced and the story interesting.

Eden of the East - series is not finished its curretly airing but the story is getting interesting

Phantom - Young man is brainwashed into an assasin. It is also playing but very good.

Eureka 7 - another mech anime, really well made.

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BigMike (#141212)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 3

Since a lot of you are missing on the mecha approach ill remedy that

Black Lagoon - Dark Comedy, Action, Girls with Guns, About smugglers in the south china sea and their run ins with various nefarious peoples.

Full Metal Panic - Mecha, Action, Comedy, Mercenary has no social skills filled with every thing from giant robots blowing stuff up to school yard shenanigans with military grade weapons a must have for all ages.

Gundam Seed - Mecha, Action, Drama, A sterling example of anti war reminds me of the American Civil War almost but with robots not a fan of the gundams in general but this one was actually very good

0080 MS Squad (did i get that one right? probably screwed the pooch on the name) Mecha, Action, A heart string puller with a much more plausible ending than most in this anime about the day to day grind of a war. ie no good guys 1 bad guys 0 And not like gundam wing where five MS take on the better part of a 10 million strong army and some how win. Am i the only one who was thinking Nuke the bastards! about halfway through....oops i degress a bit anyway...

Air Gear - Drama, Comedy, Action, Sci fi (to an extent), Kids have fusion powered rollerblades and go tear assing around. its all about the upbeat feeling of this anime and how regardless u can take on a nation when u put your mind to it.

Code Geass - strong characters with a plot twist at the end that had me shedding some tears (ie im a 6' 6" Division 1 athlete so making me shed tears is a bit hard)

Teggen Toppen Gurren Laggon - (definitly misspelled that administrators feel free to make fun of me for my spelling) Mecha, Comedy had me in stitches pretty much all the way through second season not so much but the first season i laughed till i cried on quite a few of the episodes.

Speed Grapher - Guy has a camera that makes things go boom which is seriously awesome in my book. Things going boom i mean. interesting characters with a slightly slugish plot but then again i like my BOOM.

Eureka 7 - Mecha, Drama, Action, Sci Fi amazing anime literally pulled me in by the scruff of my neck even the characters that are only in for 4 or 5 episodes are well tailored and bring home the feeling. The whole ensemble works together to bring an anime of truly spectacular proportions into focus

Linebarrels of Iron - Mecha, Action Sappy ending but all around a good story with growth and development of all characters

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tania (#328139)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
hi dears
Inuyasha - Action/Adventure/Fantasy - 2000 - A fun and easy anime to watch by Rumiko Takahashi.
evangelion-science fiction/action/drama-1995/97- the anime that made me addicted to anime
kimiga nozumu eien-2003-romance/drama- although it's very sad
but a deep storyline makes up for it and the drawings 2.
Saishuuheiki Kanojo
Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade
Ebichu - comedy/mature - 2000 - a little perverted a little brutal but so hilarious..
Ghost In The Shell
Princess Tutu
Love Hina
Noir - Action/Drama/Mystery - 2001 - Killing people w/ fashion and style.
short friendship quotes

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