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Your Top 10 Anime Recommendations! UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS!
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USMC2Hard4U (#72015)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 3
Location: Al Asad, Iraq
My Top Anime Listed in Order.

1) Noir - Action/Drama/Mystery? Kinda... - 2001 - Great Anime, Deep Character Development, Storyline that Makes you think... Great Soundtrack.

2) Cowboy Bebop - Its own Genre - 1998 - The most unique Anime ever created. Alot of people recommend Evangelon to everyone, I recommend Bebop to everyone. I think the series should have been longer, but Deffinatly a great story. Characters are the best that there is.

3) Full Metal Panic! - Comedy/Action/Schoolkids - 2002 - FMP deffinatly is a typical anime with Slight sexual themes and comedy all around. I havent seen Fumoffu yet. See this for a good laugh and good anime all around.

4) Samuri Champloo - Action/Adventure/Samuri - 2004 - From the creators of Bebop. Same style and animation as bebop. Only seen the First DVD so far, waiting for the rest to come out. Good so far, anyone who likes bebop, should get this.

5) Steel Angel Kurumi - Comedy/Action - 2002 - The Most intresting anime I have ever seen. What the hell are the japenese thinking when they create this stuff. Deffinaly sexual themes and brief nudity, but nothing that bad. I recomend this to everyone as well. Not a style for everyone, either you will like it or not. Cute characters.

Thats all I feel are worth listing that I have seen. Currently on order are Full metal Alchemist and MadLax... we will see how they are too Smile
United States Marine Corps
Semper Fi

"He who sees his own reflection dies.... it was in a book... Poe I think?..." - Mireille Bouquet

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Meliavor (#71449)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 7
I will only have a list of the 5 highest recommendations I have. It's not fully what I prefer, just shows that I think people will truly enjoy.

1. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Drama/Romance - A truly fascinating story about life, about love and about how Small descitions matter in life. It took a long time before I could stop thinking about it and the messages that it carries. It makes me value what I've got and what I want. Watch it if you haven't done so already.

2. Onegai Teacher Romance/Comedy - A friend of mine adviced me to see this one, and my thoughts was: "an alien coming to earth and marrying a random dude to keep it a secret... sounds like some perverted animators dream", but I watched it and loved it. A lot reminded of Ah My Goddess, but it contained so many more elements.

3. Kanon Drama/Comedy - Cute and funny. I couldn't help smiling to myself every time Ayu says "Uguuuuuu meanie" Very Happy
It's about friendship and trust and lots and lots of Taiyaki

4. SaiKano Drama/Mecha/Romance - Horrible. So dark. To be honest, I hated it. Did I cry? NO! I hated the way it describes mankind, how it mocks the common man. How you can ignore things because of love? or what you think is love? and what is love? Watch it, and discuss the topic with me later Smile

5. Love Hina Comedy/Romance - lol almost forgot this one. It's a piece of pure amusement. Laugh with it, cry with it. And sing the title song! Ps. do it while nobody watching, I cant tell what you're friends will do to you if they find out xD

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Frank (#71358)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
#1 Hajime no Ippo action, comedy 2000 A amine about boxing? That cant be good. Thats what I thought before I watched it, now it's my fav anime.

#2 Berserk Action, Adventure, Fantasy 1997 Was my all time fav untill I watched Ippo, to bad the company ran out of money and never finished the series though.

#3 Bleach Action, Martial Arts 2004 A new anime out that I can never wait until the next episode for.

#4 BECK Drama, Music 2004 A anime about a kid learning to play guitar and joins a band? Cant be that good, right? WRONG, this series is almost about nothing but it is addicting. To bad FUNimation is trying to get the rights to it and F*$% it like they do to all of the anime that they get their hands on.

#5 Naruto Action, Comedy, Martial Arts 2002 Started me off on my readdiction to anime, since I started watching Naruto 8 months ago I have watched about 60+ anime series and movies.

#6 Trigun and Bebop I love these two and I always have them rated the same.

#6 Initial D Action 2001 /me drools over the cars Its just to bad that there is only 2 episodes that come out every 2 months

#7 GunGrave Action, Science-Fiction 2003 Great story and character development, which is not done enough in a lot of series that I have watched.

#8 Fullmetal Alchemist Action, Adventure, Magic 2003 Its FMA thats all I need to say.

#9 Sunabozu Action, Adventure, Sci_Fi 2004 A little bit like Trigun except Sunabozu admits to who he his and brags about his legend.

If you want to see my entire list of anime be my guest, I love recomendations, as long as I can find a place to download them for free like always.

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Chilipepper (#73341)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
- Top 10 Recommendations in catagory style:

Most thought provoking: Need brain power and high attention span for these...definitely not for everyone
1. Lain - Mystery/Science-Fiction - one of most complicated and confusing anime ever, best of its genre if there is such a thing.
2. Neongenesis - Sci-fi/mecha/drama - no explaination necessary...
3. Texhnolyze - Sci-fi/drama/mystery - Get past the first 5 episodes and this is one of the most philosophical animes out there. Is evil necessary for existance....?
4. Perfect Blue - Drama/mystery/horror - One of the best psychological thrillers in anime.
5. Ghost in the shell - Sci-fi/drama - philosophical. What is considered life or a living entity...
(animes I haven't seen that could go here are Kino's Journey, Paranoia agent)

Most mindless enjoyment action: NO THINKING ALLOWED!
1. Naruto - ninja/action - good plot
2. One Piece - pirate/action - interesting powers - devil's fruit
(Haven't seen Hunter X Hunter, but heard that is also good)

Most enjoyable comedies: These are hilarious
1. School Rumble - comedy/school/romance - High school love comedy at its best.
2. Azumanga Daoih - comedy/school - great characters
3. Full metal panic fumoffu - comedy/school - funniest situational humor anime.
4. FLCL - mecha/action - head is going to explode!
5. Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Sci-fi/opera/comedy - a bit dated in terms of animation and takes a few episodes to get funny...but this is very good.
(animes I haven't seen that could go here are Great Teacher Onizuka)

Most enjoyable action-drama:
1. Cowboy Bebop - Sci-fi/action - some episodes are very funny too.
2. Samurai Champloo - historical/action - Very good high tension fight scenes
3. Full Metal Panic - mecha/action/romance - best of its kind
4. Last Exile - Sci-fi/action - great scenery and story line
5. Berserk - medieval - good but ending was a bit messed up.
6. Gantz - Sci-fi/action - cult hit due to interesting and strange plot - ending is a bit weak though.
(Haven't seen Wolf's Rain, Now and then here and there)

Most enjoyable drama series:
1. Beck - rockband - series isn't done though...
2. Fruits Basket - magical - lots of animals.
3. Kodomo no Omocha - drama - haven't seen them all...
(haven't seen Kimi ga nozomu eien or haibane renmei)

Most enjoyable movies:
1. Pretty much all the Ghibili movies especially Nausicaa, Laputa, Porco Rosso (watch this one when you are overworked and need to escape), Spirited Away.
2. Tokyo Godfathers - drama - homeless have it pretty good in tokyo compared to USA.
3. Ghost in the shell - listed again!
4. Akira - cult classic
5. Puss in Boots Around the world in 88 days - so dated yet so good and funny too.
(I haven't seen Wings of Honneamise)

Sorry for listing more than 10 anime!!

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Seven Of Four (#63088)
AnimeNfo Warrior

Posts: 765
In my honest opinion, my list is a list of the greatest Animes that one must watch. I can't put these into any paticular order, they're all so good:

Fullmetal Alchemist - Fantasy/Adventure - The Anime in which all other Anime should be judge... every episode was suspenful/thought provoking/great/godlike and it's worth to watch all 51 episodes.

Onegai Twins - Romance/Comedy - Well surpassed Onegai Teacher, OTwins is one of the greatest love stories told in the universe!

Samurai Champloo - Samurai/Action - Probably the greatest Samurai Anime I'll ever see in my life, and well worth it. I was just expected some regular samurai story like Ninja Scroll or Kenshin, but I was very impressed and still am.

Cowboy Bebop - Sci-fi/Action - Another must see Anime. "One who has not seen Bebop has not seen Anime." - quoting someone I know

Beyond The Clouds, A Promised Place - Sci-fi/Surreal - From the guy who brought us 'Voices Of A Distant Star' (I think) comes one the best Animated and most highly thought provoking films. And I say thought provoking because me, my brother and a friend are all messed up on what we think the film means and is trying to tell us.

Studio Ghiblies - Mostly Fantasy Stories - Basically anything Hayao. Any and all of his works I have seen are defining and well worth watching. (Once he dies, Anime as we know it will never be the same!)

Haibane Renmei - Fantasy/Surreal - Want something to make your brain go POP! This was one of the most highly debated Anime amongst me and my friends, bascially trying to work out what it means... and we all have our own thoughts but I'm right and everyone else is wrong!

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Sci-fi/Action - One of the greatest Animes to come out of the 90s, Neon Genesis caused as much controversy as it did pain amongst Anime lovers alike. I have heard many hate, and I have heard many love it, anything that could cause so much uproar deserves to be one of the greatests.

Elfen Lied - Action/Horror - Blood, gore and a naked girl... Started off a little wierd, but this became one of the greatest Animes that mine eyes had, in their life, seen.

Ghost In The Shell - Sci-fi/Action - One of the defining Anime Sci-fi's. One could not go past this and say they have watched Anime.

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Shiroi (#43079)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 40
Here is mine top 10.

1. Princess Tutu - Magical Girl - 2002
The best anime ever made. It is just brilliant and beautiful and there will not ever be anything that can compare with it.

2. Cardcaptor Sakura - Magical Girl - 1997
Cardcaptor Sakura is as strong number two anime. It is just something that makes you act irrationally and you want to decorate your computers desktop with cherry blossoms and replace everything which is blue and grey in the WinXP to the pink and red.

3. Figure 17 - Tsubasa & Hikaru - Magical Girl - 2001
Series has very unique atmosphere. I cannot specify why it is good, it just shines brilliancy.

4. Bishoujo senshi Sailormoon - Magical Girl - 1992
An anime classic that’s influence for anime cannot be over estimated. The last season Sailor Stars is clearly the best one and it easily rises to the masterpiece class. Also Super and first season are excellent. R and SuperS are less good.

5. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Magical Girl - 1999
My first magical girl anime and it is influenced for me more than anything else in the world, because it told me the real reason why I watch anime. (That is Magical Girls!)

6. Tokyo Mew Mew - Magical Girl - 2002
A funny light version of Sailor Moon. I don’t know why, but it is just plain fun that main character changes into kitten when she kisses! Also it is fun to watch anime about gene technology, because I study that subject.

7. Fullmoon wo sagashite - Magical Girl - 2002
An elegant work from Tanemura Arina. It is emotional and nice.

8. Futari wa pretty cure - Magical Girl - 2004

9. Cosmic baton girl Comet-san - Magical Girl - 2001
Something very unique, warm and nice.

10. Fruits basket - Magical Girl - 2001
A good comedy that has plenty of magical girl elements although only magic Tohru can do is to hug!

Fushigi Yuugi is the first dropout from the list. Also from movies Hotaru no haka deserves special mentioning.

Whole list is on my home page.

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Ridian (#27302)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 37
Location: Californi-a
1. Monster - Mystery/Drama - 2004 - Simply the best thing to come out of the tube in years and years.

2. Grave of the Fireflies - Drama - 1988 - Tragedy at its most poignant.

3. Rose of Versailles - Drama/Historical Settings - 1979 - A classic of anime, and possibly one of the most underviewed gems of all time.

4. Now and Then, Here and There - Drama/Sci-fi - 1999 - Heartbreaking often, winsome and lifting rarely -- but a brilliant work any way you look at it.

5. Rurouni Kenshin - Reminiscence - Action - 1999 - Something for everyone; a magnificent fight scene, a touching romance, a love tragedy unmatched in anime.

6. Kino no Tabi - Adventure - 2003 - Intelligent beyond the scope of this media. Vivid, gripping and unique.

7. Paranoia Agent - Irrational/Mystery - 2004 - An absolutely fascinating, dark and mysterious look into two sides of society.

8. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy - 2002 - Fluffy, insubstantial and the most fun you'll ever have watching an anime.

9. Millenium Actress - Drama/Romance - 2001 - A unique romance that manages to be visually captivating, emotionally powerful and incredibly diverse all at the same time.

10. Serial Experiments Lain - Irrational - 1998 - An anime that, moreso than any other, warrants repeat viewings -- except maybe Boogiepop Phantom. Deeper than almost any other visual media out there.
"We can never really understand each other, but we can always try."

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PowerBarEX (#2372)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 101
Top 10 as of right now off the top of my head Very Happy
(in no particular order except #1)

1) Monster (suspense/drama) - absolute storytelling masterpiece

2) Scryed (action) - pure action with enough story and rhetoric so as not to be deemed completely senseless. Everything you wished DBZ, Naruto and Bleach were (ie. it doesn't take one episode to charge up a shot and no excessive flashbacks either). So far, the ultimate action anime.

3) Trigun (action) - just a personal favorite. Just a unique blend of action/tragedy/comedy.

4) Abenobashi (comedy) - best comedy i've ever seen. Love the satire, the fanservice and the ending.

5) Gundam War in Pocket (action/war) - Simply because of the story and how it conveys the senselessness of war.

6) Last Exile (fantasy/adventure) - the best visuals in the fantasy genre (until FF Advent?). Great story that keeps you hooked...and Dio.

7) Hikaru no Go (drama?) - the best lengthy series (70+) I've ever seen (although I heard Hajime no Ippo is just as good). Every episode keeps you interested. I still don't know a damn thing about GO and I want more! That in itself is simply amazing.

Cool Kenshin: Reminiscence (action) - what the guy above said =)

All I can think of right now...
for pure CG visuals - Macross Zero
for pure style - Noir/Hack Sign/ Hellsing (hack is absolutely nothing but style though).

And if I could pick the best portion of a series, the second half of Saikano...just brutal and tragic!!!

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mindy6784 (#69726)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 7
1. Bleach - [Action/Martial Arts-2004] this is among my #1 fav.
2. Full Moon wo Sagashite - [Drama/Fantasy/Music-2002] this is a very heart warming story and very touching too..i cry at the ending...absolutely great series
3. Naruto - [Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic/Martial Arts-2002] kind of funny, great story, good action
4. GTO - [Comedy/Drama/School Life-2000] one word "FUNNY" Laughing
5. GetBackers - [Action/Comedy/Magic/Martial Arts-2002] love Ginji..he is so funny Razz
6. Rurouni Kenshin - [Action/Adventure/Comedy/Historical Settings-1996] the actions and story was GREAT!!!! all time fav. as well
7. FullMetal Alchemist - [Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic-2003] the story was really good and so is the characters
8. Fushigi Yuugi - [Action/Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy/Love-Romance/Magic-1995] romance, adventure, and the two manin characters...Tamahome and Miaka. But everytime i rewatch the series i would cry on the part that Nuriko sad...and he loves Miaka too... Crying or Very sad
9. Hikaru no Go - [Fantasy/Historical Settings/School Life-2001] never play Go...but the anime was really interesting...but it was fun watching Hikaru going from not knowing anything about Go into loving Go very much...good anime
10. Chrno Crusade - [Action/Drama-2003] great story but it had a really sad ending...i just wish Rosette and Chrno could be together

well that sum up all my fav. anime Cool

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tsukasa nishino (#80030)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 9
Location: Diamond Bar
1. ichigo 100%
2. tenjou tenge
3. kimi ga nozomu eiien
4. Ruroni Kenshin Reminiscence
5. Bleach
6. Trinity Blood
7. Samurai Champloo
8. Naruto
9. Scryed
10. He is my master

lol 2 lazi il updayt dis layter

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Thomas(akaTammo) (#57694)
AnimeNfo Review Moderator

Posts: 1763
Location: At work. Always at work. Always at Your service.
It can change, but for now...

My top 10.

My review on it

My review on it

My review on it

My review on it

My review on it is on the way

My review on it

Help Yourself to reviews. Most of Ghibli movies have at least good animation and music, very warm fondness to them, and storywise they are constantly good if not better as well. Ghibli is a studio that has mark. Have I not heard anything about a movie apart from studio Ghibli, I decide to watch it and I have high expectations. Almost always fullfilled. Really worth noting here, as a group rather, than several separate titles.

Added titles are:
12 Kingdoms
Ghost in the Shell (already reviewed)
Ghibli movies

Although I haven't reviewed them yet, I shortly will.
So this post also can be changed in future. Stay put.
Tammo (aka Thomas)
STH = SomeTHing POV = Point Of View
-------GO---------------------READ -----------------------THOSE--------------------NOW------------
Useful Info ** Moderating related stuff ** My anime opinions ** Adorable quotes

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kaneda1080 (#81804)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 173
Location: the Edge of Nothingness.
(unsorted, except for #1 and #2)

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Action/Drama/Mecha/Sci-Fi - 1995 - THE series. Most Impressive.
2. Akira - Action/Drama/Science-Fiction - 1988 - Another milestone. Impressive.
3. Cowboy Bebop - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1998 - A smooth, melancholic blues. Awesome OST.
4. Samurai Champloo - Drama/Schoolkids/Shoujoai - 2004 - Brilliant. A great mix of history and anachronisms.
5. Ghost in the Shell - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Science-Fiction - 1995 - This is the Blade Runner of anime.
6. Ranma 1/2 - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Romance/Martial Arts/Humour - 1989 - Massive series. It's got everything you may want.
7. Gasaraki - Action/Mecha/Sci-Fi/Drama - 1998 - Evangelion-like, this brings up theology, philosophy and other escatological themes. It's as dark as it's great.
8. Full Metal Panic! - Action/Mecha/Sci-Fi/Humour - 2002 - Pure fun, with some dramatic cues now and then.
9. Love Hina - Comedy/Ecchi/Romance - 2000 - Pure college romance, a great sit-com mood, loads of fun.
10. The Slayers - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy - 1995 - Classical fantasy, added with great fun and humour.

kaneda1080' reviews

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fit (#70330)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 14
1. Elfen Lied- Compared to this all other anime is crap
2. Full Metal Alchemist- Nice Anime great story great characters great everything.
3. Neon Genesis Evangelion- Whats there to say it's Eva it superb.
4. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Funny and doesn't spoil the comedy by trying to have a plot.
5. Utena Just beutiful and sublime.
6. Read or Die TV/OVA- Mainly i just liked the idea of controling papaer.
7. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - A bit Melodramatic and slightly boring in parts but still great.
8.Cowboy Bebop- Lacks Substance but great for style and Music
9.Mai HiME Cute and Dramatic and just about everything else.
10.Paranoia Agent- Confusing and Weird but ultimatly great.

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GoldenBoy89 (#83277)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
1. Inuyasha - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy - 2000 - Overall the best all around.
2. Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - Action, Mecha, Science-Fiction - 1998 - Great plot and characters.
3. Outlaw Star - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science-Fiction - 1998 - Great story with funny characters.
4. School Rumble - Comedy - 2004 - Funny characters, every episode is hilarious.
5. Golden Boy Adventure, Comedy - 1995 - Everything the main chacracter does is hilarious. It made me laugh all the time.
6. AIR - Drama - 2005 - Sad but very enjoyable.
7. Detective Conan - Action, Adventure, Comedy - 1996 - very interesting stories. I love the mystery cases.
8. I My Me! Strawberry Eggs - Comedy - 2001 - Hilarious cross-dressing moments.
9. Kimagure Orange Road - Comedy, Drama, Romance - 1987 - perfect and hilarious love triangle.
10. Trigun - Action, Comedy, Science-Fiction - 1998 - Funny action scenes.

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animesumo (#73963)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 31
ok, here are my top ten favorites of all time and are all rated tens. all of the shows below are highly recommended and are very cool and funny.

1-azumanga daioh
4-fullmetal alchemist
5-hanaukyo maid team la verite
6-read or die
7-love hina
8-dn angel
9-hand maid may
10-strawberry egg

so thats it there all very good have perfect animation great characters very important and are all very good and extremely enjoyable and highly recommended. Laughing
juan arzola

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jsy3k (#32616)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 1130
Location: Surrounded by cute girls (~^_^)~
1. Infinite Ryvius - Drama/Romance/Sci-Fi - 1999 - A very powerful anime with a lot of emotions involved
2. You're Under Arrest - Drama/Romance/Police - 1997 - Quite a long anime, but worth watching for its good storyline and romance
3. Elfen Lied - Gore/Romance/Action - 2004 - Gory anime with powerful and deep background of each character. Good storyline too
4. Mahoraba ~Haertful Days~ - Drama/Romance/Comedy - 2005 - A good and sweet drama anime with a touch of romance
5. Full Moon wo Sagashite - Drama/Comedy/Romance/Musical - 2002 - A good romance/comedy genre with good songs
6. Full Metal Alchemist - Action/Fantasy/Comedy - 2003 - Excellent anime overall with good storyline and animation
7. Ah! My Goddess TV - Romance/Comedy/Fantasy - 2005 - Mediocre animation, but with powerful storyline with sweet romance
8. Pita Ten - Comedy/Fantasy - 2002 - Nice chibi-anime with lots of giggles and comedy. Pure laughter for comedy seekers
9. Da Capo - Romance/Comedy/Fantasy - 2003 - Decent storyline with lots of twist and light comedy. Unique characters to watch
10. Gundam SEED - Romance/Action/Mecha - 2002 - Excellent mecha anime with touch of romance

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Tiffany (#82391)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 4
My top ten favorite are:

•Neon Genesis Evangelion
•Gunslinger Girl
•Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu
•Excel Saga
•Great Teacher Onizuka
•Cowboy Bebop
•Now and Then, Here and There
•Paranoia Agent
•Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

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X-Death (#87759)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
My Top 10 Anime

* GunGrave
* Full Metal Alchemist
* Ghost in the Shell
* Naruto
* Hunter X Hunter
* Full Metal Panic fumoffu?
* One Piece
* Gundam Wing
* Berserk
* Full Metal Panic

  Read_profile Send_private_message    Back_to_top (#89222)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
1. Gundam Seed -Action/Mecha/Science-fiction -2002- the anime that made me addicted to anime. best ever
2. Rurouni Kenshin: reminiscence -Action/Drama/Historical Settings/Love-Romance -1999- best sword-fighting scenes, romantic anime. A masterpiece
3. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien -Slice of Life/Drama/Love-Romance -2003- extremely sad, it can make you cry.
4. Chrno Crusade -Action/Horror -2003- Rosette "she is purer than anyone else". As life goes on, you have to get over the sadness.
5. Elfen Lied -Action/Horror -2004- 1 more anime that can make you shed tears
6. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! -Comedy -2003- Sousuke,who is excellent at making everything more complicated. Laugh with your springtime of youth
7. GTO -Comedy/Drama/School-life -2000- A teacher deals with his students by his unique methods.
8. Full Metal Alchemist -Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic -2003- the older loves the younger,the younger loves the older. Touching Brotherhood.
9. Midori no Hibi -Comedy/Ecchi -2004- good ending, I like it
10. Naruto -Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic/Martial Arts -2002- Fight strongly for comrades, believe in them.We are a family in the village of Konoha.

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ChobO (#91686)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
My top 10 :

1- Rurouni Kenshin - Reminiscence

2- Hunter X Hunter

3- Hikaru no go

4- Infinite Ryvius

5- Twelve Kingdoms

6- Beck

7- Bleach

8- Neon Genesis Evangelion

9- Cowboy Bebop

10- Ranma 1/2

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Tatsurou (#22930)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 5
Location: Zanarkand
Re: Here they are! My top 10!

As of Apr 14, 2008.

1. Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen & TV (1999&1996) (Action/Drama/Historical Settings/Romance) - Tsuiokuhen is simply amazing for its time. So short yet it brings out so much emotions. The TV series showed an incredible story up to the Kyoto arc where Kenshin squares off against Shishio.

2. Full Metal Panic! series (2002-2005) (Action/Comedy/Mecha/Novel/School Life/Science-Fiction) - Actually the first season wasn't a real favourite. It was only not bad for me. Fumoffu was fantastic however and TSR was a incredible follow up season. So since fumoffu and TSR was so great I will have to recommend FMP the first season too.

3. Hachimitsu to Clover I&II (2005) (Comedy/Drama/Love-Romance) - It's such an endearing anime that will make you smile and saddens you at the same time.

4. Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu (2001) (Adventure/Comedy) - One of the funniest and intelligent anime series I've watched.

5. Juuni Kokki (2002) (Adventure/Fantasy/Novel) - Another great adaptation from a novel. It was sadly discontinued after 45 episodes.

6. Nodame Cantabile (2007) (Comedy/Music) - A very nicely done anime on classical music with many lighthearted funny moments. Nodame is really funny and cute.

7. Gankutsuou (2004) (Drama/Novel/Science Fiction) - Novel adaptations are the best and this is another gem.

8. CODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch (2006) (Mecha) - Really cool & intense story.

9. Hellsing (2001) (Action/Adventure/Horror) - Alucard remains my favourite anti-hero. The rushed ending is a demerit though.

10. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2006) (Drama/Game/Horror/Mystery) - Storytelling which sucks you in with its atmosphere and twists.

Honorable mentions:
Ergo Proxy
Eureka seveN
Kino no Tabi ~the Beautiful World~
Ouran Koko Host Club
Planet ES
School Rumble
Scrapped Princess
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Uchuu no Stellvia

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Shiningami (#92963)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 3
Location: Finland
1. Bleach - Action, Martial Arts,Comedy - 2004 - Best anime i´ve seen so far...

2. Elfen Lied - Horror, Action - 2004 - Very good and touching story

3. Full Metal Alchemist series+movie - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic - 2003&2005 - Great story and great characters.

4. Rurouni Kenshin (all of them) - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical Settings - 1996-2001 - Very good samurai story with humor and good fights

5. Full Metal Panic! (all of them) - Action, Mecha, Novel, School Life, Science-Fiction - 2002 - Good story with great humor and other stuff

6. Tsubasa Chronicle - Fantasy, Love-Romance, Comedy - 2005 - Well here we have very good anime with addictive story

7. Naruto - Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Martial Arts - 2002 - Superb at the beginning, but it´s starting to get boring

8. hmm....ill add later if i´m not too lazy
9. hmm....ill add later if i´m not too lazy
10. hmm....ill add later if i´m not too lazy

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Animan (#86802)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 30
Look screw all the recommendations here....if u wanna watch top ten anime then start with the top 5 essential classics:

2.Venus Wars
3.Project AKO
4.Fist of the northstar
5.Dominion tank police
6.Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

and the fairly modern:
7.Patlabor movie 1
8.Wings of honneimise
9.Ghost in the shell
10.My neighbour totoro

theres that covers the best in all genres.

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otaku_phil (#93554)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 3
Location: hell
Here are my recommendations

Tenjou Tenge
Elfen Lied
Chrono Crusade
Full Metal Panic

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Arilou (#34809)
AnimeNfo Overlord

Posts: 2176
Location: Piteå, Sweden
Oooh, a hard one.

I always have trouble ranking, so each ranking is provisional :p

#1 PlanetES Science Fiction/Drama Great story about mankind's future in space. One of the few "Hard SF" stories I've seen. Exceptional in every sence of the word.

#2 RahXephon Mecha/Romance: One of my absolute favourites where mecha is concerned and probably my favourite of all animés. Great story about love in the age of a time-space anomaly :p

#3 Naruto Martial arts/Ninjas Despite slowing down for a season of fillers Naruto is still one of my favourite series. Some of the individual episodes are so great that.... Welll.... They're really good :p Somewhat of a benchmark for this type of series for me.

#4 Infinite Ryvius Science Fiction/Drama: Cross Lord of the Flies and Lost in Space and you get this series. Exceptional in every sense of the word.

#5 Hana Yori Dango Romance/school One of my favourite romance stories, about a bullied girl who refuses to give up and the boys in her life. Despite it's age an amazing story.

#6 Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Drama/Romance Yeah, it's manipulative, yeah, it's melodramatic. But it's melodrama done with an expert's touch, they know *exactly* which buttons to push. You've got to respect that.

#7 Twelve Kingdoms Fantasy A kind of Confucian Narnia, a paralell world where rulers are divinely appointed and suffer the Wrath of Heaven if they do not rule justly. A richly imagined world populated by fascinating characters. A must-see.

#8 Azumanga Daioh Comedy/school life No coherent story, but a series of shorts that are sure to make you laugh. Done with a warmth and compassion that is just amazing.

#9 Rose of the Versailles Historical/Drama An amazing story about a woman in a man's clothes in the age of the Revolution. It takes a few liberties with history of course, but more than makes up for it with style and an amazing story.

#10 Witch Hunter: Robin SF/action Deserves kudos for it's unusual (for animé) style, great story and stunning character designs. Doesen't fall into many of the traps animé tends to fall into. Recommended.
"Who do you think I am? Some Republic Serial villain?
I "Did it" 30 minutes ago."
-Adrian Veidt, Watchmen

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cecile (#91778)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 2
fruits basket
school rumble
ah! my goddess
fullmetal alchemist
cowboy bebop
kare Kano (also known as his and her circumstances)
gunslinger girl
he is my master
ichigo 100%

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shon murphy (#93237)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 13
Hmmm good question I guess i'll give some that I enjoyed and some that are just classics.

1. Full Metal Panic: This is my second favorite anime. It has Mechas, school life, comedy, lots of action scenes. Plus I thought it had a great plot.. and even though Fumoffu doesnt have one, its still outrageously funny.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Great plot. While Al gets on my nerves , the show is a great show. Hard to explain why I like it, but i just do.

3. Yu Yu Hakisho: An older anime but has some good fighting scenes for its day. If you like anime with an attitude.. this one has it. Main characters who can kick your A$$ and know it, gotta like it.

4. Beserk: If you like serious animes with a great plot , or just fantasy anime's.. or if you just liked Lord of the Rings.. you'll love this show. The ending made you cry out for a second season though.. maybe fans of this anime should gang up together and force them to get another season.. for those american fans on here, we could try and get them to revive it like Family Guy.

5. Maburaho: This is a light hearted love/romance/comedy anime. While there are others out there that do the same thing better im told, this one i watched and enjoyed.

6. Slayers: Its quite comical and you can take older animation and love fantasy settings. Then you cant get enough of Slayers.

7 Elfen Lied: Great plot. This show would of gotten a second season IMHO if it hadnt overdone the blood and nudity. The story was great enough to carry the show and i believe it would of been more loved if hadnt overdone it.

8. Ghost in the shell: Its not really the type of setting that I like but it has great animation and a good plot if you like that sort of setting. Im more of a sword guy than a gun guy.

9. Cowboy Bebop: I only sort of liked this anime. I liked it enough to want a second season but didnt like it enough to rewatch it. Ed was too annoying for me to rewatch it lol. But so many like this anime i have to recommend it.

10. Ranma 1/2 : Its a classic.. its like what the Matrix is for movie goers... its pretty much essential.

Oh and any of you guys who love comedy... if you havent watched the american animations of Family Guy and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.. then you are missing out. They have such a huge cult following for a reason..

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yitjuan (#43055)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 16
Location: australia
Will try to list my favourite anime ::
Taiho Shichauzo(You're Under Arrest!) - Light-hearted fun traffic police drama/comedy/action. Everyday happenings and exploits of Bokuto Traffic Police! Great soundtrack as well ... especially the 1st OP(Flying Kids) and 2nd ED(Sora wo Miagete) songs! Watch OVA, Season 1 and Season 2. Skip the Specials and Movies, they don't count for much. This is my fav. anime!

Last EXILE - Lovely animation, great plot and most of all ... great mood setting. I love this anime.

Cowboy Bebop - One of the BEST. I like the soundtracks, the voice actors, the story. A bit heavy on the filler side, but it makes up for it with a wacky comedic subplot and a main plot with substance.

Galaxy Angel - Sorry, this is one funny anime. Got hooked the first time I saw it, and knew I had to get everything. I like how there is not much plot in it, it's more of an everyday life story of the girls. This , and YUA. Good fun anime.

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Touching, believable, and hits straight home. Deserves it's number one spot on animenfo's Top Lists, and not just because it has a wide reach of viewers.

FLCL - CRAZY anime with an underlying metaphorical plot that holds a deeper meaning. At least for us boys.
Plot Spoiler :
Surface plot is about pirates, NO channel, mecha and aliens.

FLCL is also symbolic about a boy undergoing puberty, and the changes around him ("Nothing happens around here") , and the decisions he has to make ("Can he swing the bat?"). Oh, and don't tell me you didn't have a vivid sense of imagination when you were his age...

Spirited Away,My Neighbour Totoro,Laputa - Castle in the Sky ... basically Studio Ghibli's films. They're great clean children's fare that appeals to a wider audience. I find myself constantly immersing my thoughts in the film while the younger ones enjoy the funnier aspects. Japan's Walt Disney, if you may call it.

Ghost in the Shell - My introduction to the world of anime. And boy, what an introduction. Brought a lot of imagination to my world that time, cutting edge animation(for it's period) and inspiration to one of the best(and most homaged) movies of all time - The Matrix.

Initial D - Yeah! Cars! Street Racing! 'nuff said

GTO - like the above, watched this while in high school. Had a profound influence on my life as well Wink

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Igor (#94259)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
My list:

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
2. Neon Genesis Evangelion
3. Neon Genesis Evangelion
4. Appleseed (2004)
5. Spirited Away
6. Cowboy Bebop
7. Grave of the Fireflies

:prayer: Eva - best anime ever! :prayer:

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funkymonkey (#94242)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 8
Your Top 10 Anime Recommendations! UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS!


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Stormblazer (#94499)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 73
Location: Colorado
Kinda dissapointed at some of the reccomendations... (like Naruto, which could have been good, but they screwed up royally). Oh well, here's mine (may change from time to time as I watch more series or change my mind).
Keep in mind these are NOT neccessarily in order of best to worst, they are simply on my list.
Also, I will (obviously) only list animes which I have seen. That's not to say there aren't great animes I haven't seen yet.
My criteria follows both the quality of the show, the popularity of the show, and an attempt to capture the whole spectrum of anime, while staying within the bounds of the shows that I have personally seen.
1. Infinite Ryvius (drama,sci-fi) - absolutely amazing... probably the ultimate for developing characters, and the microcosm aspect only amplifies that.
2. Last Exile (fantasy) - The artwork/CG alone makes this worth seeing, but there's a good plot behind it too.
3. Serial Experiments Lain (sci-fi,irrational) - It's weird, but it's pretty unique. Makes good use of a non-chronological storyline, and puts up some very interesting questions about reality. Worth watching more than once to understand everything.
4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (mecha,drama) - It's good, and it's extremely well known. So many references to it, it's pretty much a must-see.
5. Ranma 1/2 (martial arts,comedy,romance?) - Probably the only really long series I'll recomend, and that only because you don't have to watch more than the first 2-3 seasons before reading books 37-38 of the manga for the real ending. It's funny, it's the only anime that makes use of literal gender bending. (the term "aquatransexual" comes to mind.
6. Paranoia Agent (irrational,drama) - Makes an interesting statement about people and society, but you have to see the whole show to understand. Further, look around on the web for translation notes, because this show uses a lot of stuff that's unqiue to either japan or the japanese language. Oh and stay away from the offical DVDs if you can, the translation was done very poorly for a show that relies so much on the japanese language to make sense.
7. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (drama,romance) - very well known romance anime. I won't tell you anymore because it'd spoil everything.
8. Haibane Renmei (drama) - It's good, and worth watching, enough to get on this list from my point of view.
9. Scrapped Princess (fantasy,adventure) - Excellant story, good soundtrack.
10. .hack//SIGN (sci-fi,adventure,drama) - Somewhat unique concept, and it's got one of the best soundtracks of any anime I've watched to date.

UPDATED (2006/05/24): Added some more on here:

11. Full Metal Alchemist (fantasy/sci-fi/adventure) - Excellent concept, has almost no filler, which is exceptional for a 51ep series, and really holds to a strong pace with a well built plot line. Strongly reccomended.

12. Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku (fantasy/adventure) - also known as Now and then, Here and there; this series is about a disturbing future that makes all too much sense, and the struggle against both tyranny and human error.

13. Kino no Tabi (Fantasy) - An unusual anime that portrays human nature and the ideas that people always dream about for a "perfect society" as well as the mistakes within those. It's a collection of stories revolving around Kino, a traveler, who visits countries which are basically incarnations of those ideas. (for those who are confused, Kino is a girl. And yes, it is difficult to tell early in the anime).

14. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (comedy/school/supernatural) - The only anime I've ever given a 10/10, and it's for a very good reason. This anime is true excellence in all areas, animation, sound, seiyuu quality and matching to characters, unique and fresh plot design, clear and fresh characters, and a unique presentation. Not to mention there's a lot there both on the surface and underneath it, especially because of the unique presentation of the eps.


Anyways... the reason I didn't put any long series up is because generally, long series take so long to make a point that you lose it along the way. Several of those series are worth seeing the first 20 or so eps, but generally it's best to read the manga instead.
The best video player for just about anything.

Anime Reccomendations:

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Fuchser (#33755)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 8
1 Azumanga Daioh(comedy/highschool)
2 GTO(comedy/highschool)
3 Infinite Ryvius(space/teen)
4 School Rumble(comedy/highschool)
5 Haibane Renmei(fantasy)
6 Full Metal Panic Series(comedy/action/highschool)
7 Kanon(drama/highschool)
8 Berserk(action/medieval)
9 Yakitate Japan!(comedy/ehm.. bread)
10 BECK(music)

Rising Stars if maintaining the current level:
1 Ichigo Mashimaro(comedy/school)
2 Mushishi(fantasy)

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Kashimir (#96548)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 2

1. Excel Saga : Action/Comedy/Parody : 1999 : great parody of all sorts of animes.. Nabeshin ftw! ^^
2. Love Hina: Comedy/Ecchi/Love-Romance/School Life: 2000 : really fun to watch.
3. Azumanga Daioh : Comedy/School life: 2002 : funfunfun ^^

sorry too lazy to go on like this.. so:

also GTO, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Be-bop, Samurai champloo, Vandread.. and so on

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bob (#92485)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 439
IF i were to make my sister like anime i would start her off with these and possibly even in that order:

1.Ranma 1/2 -the best anime comedy.
2.Trigun-overall, trigun ownz.
3.Cowboy bebop-it can be slow at times, but its a cult anime.
4.Inuyasha-great characters, nice fantasy story.
5.Ebichu-funny ecchi, although i might not have the guts to show it to her.
6.Lupin the third- everyone likes lupin!
7.Samurai X (the 4 episodes edition)-great samurai drama.
8.Maison Ikkoku-romance, but maybe i should choose something shorter.
9.3x3 eyes- its awesome (at least the 1992 series).
10. now here im fighting with myself , FLCL, or Macross Plus, or Blue Seed, or the rational choice Big O. Well, how bout let her choose.

by the way, how can anyone possibly recommend "excel saga"? that thing is crazy crazy not funny crazy.

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Feitan (#75952)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 253
Location: I'm not from Virginia, I'm from Northern Virginia
The other nine animes are in no particular order

Edit #1:

1. Hajime no Ippo - Sports/Comdey - 2000. The anime that got me into anime.

Hunter x Hunter - Action/Adventure - 1999. Nice music, cool fight scenes and is captivating. A structured system that is introduced in this anime is fascinating.

One Piece - Action/Adventure/Comedy - 1999. Is about Luffy's grand adventure as he seeks One Piece. Has a rich cast of characters. Don't let the first 30 eps fool you, it gets better as the series progresses.

Oruchuban Ebichu - Comedy - 1999. If you like crude, slapstick and sexual humor than this is the archetype anime.

Azumanga Daioh - Comedy - 2002. Freakin hilarious.

Goldenboy- Adventure/Comedy - 2002. Very amusing.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Adventure/Comedy/Drama - 2003. Engrossing series that blends many genres into a neat package. Has a wonderful cast of characters.

Berserk - Action/Horror/Fantasy/Historical - 1997. Intriguing story.

Bleach - Action/Supernatural/Comedy - 2004. A good fighting anime.

Samurai Champloo - Action/Historical - 2004. Nice animation and does a great job of depicting life during the Edo period.
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Gen (#87969)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 7
I'd go with no particular Order.

Neon Genesis Evangelion-

Now and Then, Here and There
- not to be judged by the picture on animenfo. This is one bloody anime and a very good one at that (not because it's bloody)

Planetes- I can't believe no one mentioned this. It's one of the best anime I've ever seen that happens in space (and the most realistic one at that, too).
Space garbage-men. Also one of the most satisfying endings ever.

Ruruoni Kenshin~Reminscence~
This one probably everyone will like, except maybe those who have allergy to blood or beautiful, yet sad, romance stories. One of the best samurai anime (movies) I'ver seen.

- one of the best medieval stories I've ever seen/heard. It's got very strong feelings of friendship, betrayal, hatred, and love. The ending and the opening (1st episode) might not be very pleasing but the middle episodes are enough to make it one of the best.
PS> Read the manga if you want more. One of the best manga out there.

~ not about the action but the characters. The music is one of the best I've heard, but most pleasant surprise is the endings.

Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo)- This is an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' novel at its best.


Mind Game - craziness with a sense of sanity
Kino's Travels (Kino no Tabi).
Honey & Clover (both Seasons)
Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) Another good romance anime
Last Exile- It's not just pretty animation. It's got great cast of characters and a very well thought story. The directing of this series is also brilliant. (
GTO (I liked the manga more than the anime/live series/movie)
Hajime no Ippo- the best sports anime I've seen.
Gunslinger Girl
Cowboy Bebop
FLCL- Definitely worth a watch
FMP (a very fun series)
Golden Boy- study, study, study
Mushishi- Gives a really nice feeling to the viewer
FMA- both the manga and the anime are ok with some flaws
Wolf's Rain- the story, ideas, music and characters are nicely portrayed
Monster- Only seen 2 episodes but have read the manga, and almost nothing comes close to it in characters and the story with the thrill that it gives you.
GHIBLI's Movies: They're just marvelous. (the ones I've seen at least)
Master Keaton - This is another one of Naoki Urasawa's finished projects (he didn't work on this alone).
Touch-Welcome to Adachi's world

Good anime shorts:
COMEDY: it's not really funny at all, but a very good one indeed.
She and Her Cat

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CakeOrDeath (#86677)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 28
Location: Brighton, England
1.Beserk - Action/Fanatasy. very violent have to read the manga to continue the story

2.Trigun - Every genre under the sun. Extremely Funny and Stylish

3.Genshiken - Comedy. To be watched only after having become an Otaku yourself

4.Elfen Lied - Horror. Shocks from the first 10 seconds a must see anime.

5.Cowboy Bebop - Action/Sci-Fi mainly stand alone episodes. An easy watch with great characters

6.Hellsing - Horror. The best vampire anime, the story is great but tales off in the later episodes when it moves away from the manga.

7.Samurai Champloo- Action/Samurai. Unique animation style highly entertaining with an intriguing story

8.Naruto (and I'm not afraid to admit it) :hiding:- Fantasy/Action. Put your brain away and enjoy the cool action scenes and the loveable characters

9.Gantz - Horror. Yet to read the manga (which is supposed to be superior) but stand alone I found Gantz to be a great series

10. Full Metal Alchemist - Fantasy. A bit like naruto but requires the brain to be turned back on. Worth watching simply for Alphonse.
Keep Smilling, it makes peple wonder what you are up to.

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Manuel (#77615)
AnimeNfo Scout

Posts: 156
Location: Amsterdam
1. Trigun - Action/Sf/Comedy - Unique Style, perfect timing for humor and drama. Action amazes and the characters are effective. I fell in love with the soundtrack.

2. FMA - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic - Characters are superb, storyline original and satisfying, plot great, good humor and above all: Everything looks and sounds great. What would one want more?Wink

3. Hunter X Hunter - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Magic - The original series is great, but the OVA's also are worth watching, if not necessary. Yet the OVA's are piece by piece just not as amusing as the 'real' HxH. What have they done to Hisoka! V_V

4. Gundam Wing - Mecha/Action/Drama/Romance - Action and drama well balanced, very little humor. Storyline intrigues, because of the subject (Earth vs Interplanetary colonies).

5. Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) - Fantasy - Beatiful anime movie with supers sound and visuals. I saw the pictures in the theatre and I had the day of my life.

6. Bleach - Action/School-life/Comedy - Despite the quality decreasing every ep lately, this anime is a must-see for action lovers. Characters are cool, but imo the bad guys > the good guys.

7. Love Hina - Harem/Comedy - Keitaro is the man! By far the best harem anime (and one of the first) Ive seen, because the girls have huge.... ... personalities! ^__^

8. Samurai Champloo - Action/Historical Settings/Comedy - Really funny and amazing sound / visuals. The main characters are the best imo and Japan was never displayed this great.

9. Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence - Action/Drama/Historical Settings/Romance - Beautiful prequel which explains a lot in an amazing way. Very dramatic though. Not for easy-going action freaks.

10. Akira - Action/Adventure/Horror/Science-Fiction - The best anime for the time being. Amazing how future Tokyo is presented. Lots of cool eyecany-shots and the soundtrack is magnificent. Definately not overrated!

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Mark ZoR (#100285)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1

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Lien (#100926)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 21
Location: USA
My Top 10 Recommendations (alphabetical order):

    1. AIR TV - Drama/Game - a really nice series that brings its share of sadness
    2. Azumanga Daioh - Comedy/School Life - just regular, everyday girls and little stories about their lives. a good series to watch for those that have already attended high schools - but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it even if you haven't gone to high school yet!
    3. Great Teacher Onizuka - Comedy/Drama/School Life - a great anime that teaches you some important things about life and gives you a good laugh every now and then
    4. Gunslinger Girl - Action/Science-Fiction - little girls that have nothing in this world but their "big brothers" is kind of depressing. a very emotional series about five main girls and what they loss
    5. Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu - Adventure/Comedy - this anime seriously made me laugh out loud and its sequels Deluxe and Final were just as funny, if not more so
    6. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Drama/Harem/Love-Romance - one of the best romance dramas I've seen
    7. Mai HiME - Action/Drama/Mecha - I guess this anime would be good for anyone that likes anime with magical girls (i.e. Sailor Moon), but I liked this anime because of the drama and romance and not just for the action
    8. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Drama/Mecha/Science-Fiction - haven't seen this one in a while so I can't really comment on it, but it's definitely a must see for all anime-lovers
    9. Now and Then, Here and There - Action/Adventure/Science-Fiction - it's pretty sad to see children in the midst of war and this is exactly what this series gives you
    10. Paranoia Agent - Mystery - a mind-boggling series with very good animation

Other good animes you should check out:

    • ~ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror - as the title states, this anime's good for anyone that enjoys horror animes (along with historical settings)
    • Aishiteruze Baby - such a cute and heart-warming series
    • Akira - as this movie's been labeled a classic, you should go check this out
    • Animal Yokocho - another cute series. if you enjoyed Jungle wa itsumo Hale nochi Guu, then you'll like this series
    • Cowboy Bebop - one of the first animes I saw, it was a favorite of mine back then and still is to this day
    • Da Capo - like most animes I've been seeing lately, the first half is dedicated to humor whilst the second half is really where the story moves on. this series has some decent romance and drama
    • Elfen Lied - if you can handle blood, gore, and nudity then try this anime out. it's actually a pretty good series
    • Excel Saga - total randomness. check this anime out if you like parody and whatnot
    • Full Metal Panic series - this anime's pretty decent and it's worth your time to check this out and its sequels
    • Furi Kuri - again, total randomness. this anime made absolutely no sense and it got a few laughs out of me
    • Grave of the Fireflies - a sad war movie. it's okay if war movies bore you because I'm sure this one won't
    • Haibane Renmei - a heart-warming series on the outside about the daily lives of the Haibane but dig deeper and you'll see the real anguish of this series
    • Ichigo Mashimaro - a really cute series with some decent humor
    • Mahoraba~ Heartful Days - it's funny seeing Shiratori dealing with all of Kozue's personalities. this is a must-see series
    • Monster - if you don't mind long series then check this one out
    • Perfect Blue - if you liked Paranoia Agent, then you'll just have to love this movie
    • Rurouni Kenshin Reminiscence - don't let the TV series fool you. this OVA is much better than the series would lead you to believe
    • Samurai Champloo - made by the same people of Cowboy Bebop. this, instead, takes place in the past and provides you with lots of action
    • Scrapped Princess - a nice heart-warming series that had me hooked after a few episodes
    • Shingetsutan Tsukihime - not a good enough series that it left enough impact on me for me to remember anything about it, but nonetheless, you should still check it out
    • Tokyo Godfathers - three homeless people go through so much trouble just to find the mother of an abandoned baby. I can't remember much else of this anime but you should like it if you enjoyed Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue
    • Trigun - this series is a nice blend of seriousness and comedy
    • Voices of a Distant Star - this OVA has extremely nice animation and is pretty impressive seeing as how it was created by one man
    • Wolf’s Rain - I haven't seen this anime in two years so I can't say much about it. however, it is a pretty depressing anime so check it out if that's your cup of tea

Heh, I provided you with enough anime recommendations that should last you a while. ^-^;;
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My Anime List

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MrSentimental (#101565)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1

Here's my current TOP TEN:

1.) Elfen Lied- Mature Audiences. If you can tolerate the violence and gore, it fuels some of the most intense and emotional scenes in Anime!

2.) Full Metal Panic, The Second Raid. More intensity and strongly emotional scenes. Chidori and Sosuke are such a fun couple!

3.) Evangelion, Series and End. Great Characters! Great Mecha action! Great Music! The ending... well...

4.) Ninja Scroll, Movie. Some of the Coolest Villians and Craziest Action in Anime!

5.) Full Metal Panic, Fumoffu. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

6.) Full Metal Alchemist. Tons of interesting characters!

7.) Chobits. Cute! Cute! Cute!

8.) Ai Yori Aoshi. Romance! Romance! Romance!

9.) Please Twins. I'm a sucker for those "Orphans who struggle to make it in the world" types of storylines, at least the ones with happy endings.

10) Ghost in the Shell, 1st SAC. The A.I.'s are a Hoot! I'm still diggin' the OST!

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dutchMasta (#12827)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 26
Location: in hong kong/england
#1. Hunter X Hunter (1999) [Action/Adventure]
About a kid called Gon who wants to find his dad who is a hunter, and he meets some interesting new friends as he begins his huge adventure.
#2. Berserk (1997) [Action/Fantasy/Horror]
About a guy called Gutts who is incredibly strong, but gets defeated by Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk, and ends up joining them as a result, which changes his life completely.
#3. Rurouni Kenshin Reminiscence (1999) [Action/History/Samurai/Drama]
About a boy who gets trained into a very strong samurai, during a period which is filled with war, and he's determined to take part, and the events that occur change him completely.
#4. Full Moon wo Sagashite (1999) [Drama/Fantasy/Romance]
About a girl who meets two death gods who tell her that she doesn't have long left to live, but she wants to fulfil her only wish, which is singing, and the death gods help her do that and in doing so, become great friends, which leads to a lot of problems.
#5. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) [Action/Adventure/Drama]
About two brothers who's mother had passed away, and in a failed attempt to bring her back to life using illegal alchemy, learn more about it by become state alchemists, and in doing so learn things they could've never imagined.
#6. Samurai Champloo (1999) [Action/Adventure/Comedy/Samurai/Historical]
About a girl who is pursuing a samurai, and the only information she has is that the samurai smells of sunflowers. Weak herself, she finds and helps two stray samurais that turn out to be very strong, and go on a journey to find this sunflower-smelling samurai.
#7. School Rumble (2004) [Comedy/Schoolkids]
About a delinquent who falls in love with this very cheerful but clumsy and thick-headed girl, though she's fallen in love with someone else, and the combination of the deliquents constant mishaps and the girls constant misunderstanding and misinterpretations causes a lot of trouble and fun moments.
#8. GTO (2000) [Comedy]
About a former gang leader who is assigned to a class which has a very bad reputation for driving out teachers, and his personality that has formed from being a gang leader clashing with this class.
#9. Hikaru no Go (2001) [Drama/Fantasy/Schoolkids/Sports]
About a regular school boy who finds a go board in his relative's attic smeared with blood, and a ghost suddenly appears that only he can see, who happens to be a former master at go, and his only wish is to play go, especially with the best, but can only play through the boy, but in doing so, the boy eventually picks it up as well as having a passion for the game.
#10. Eureka Seven (2005) [Action/Mecha]
Moving up in the ranks, constantly gets better and leaves you on the edge of your seat, great characters, original and the animation is incredible.

Others that deserve a mention:
Planetes: A very realistic tale of drama/romance in space
Ergo Proxy: Set in the future, about a top-secret experiment gone wrong
Juuni Kokki: About a girl who gets encountered by a fantasical being, telling her that she's been foretold to be a ruler in his country, which is in another world
Read or Die: About 3 sisters who can manipulate paper in certain ways who get this job to protect this person, who turns out to be wanted by very powerful people
Golden Boy: About a very perverted genius who's dropped out of a top university to learn the ways of life

Yeah, well, this isn't really in the right order, and the explanations could be wrong, I don't remember much even though they are supposedly my favourite.

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Gena (#102898)
AnimeNfo Peasant

Posts: 1
In no specific order:

1. Full Metal Panic!/Fumoffu!/The Second Raid - Action/Comedy/Mecha/Novel/School Life/Science-Fiction - 2002/2003/2005 - I LOVE!! Very Happy My favourite.

2. School Rumble - Comedy/School Life - 2004 - Extremely hilarious!

3. Midori no Hibi - Comedy/Ecchi - 2004 - Love everything about it.

4. Gakuen Alice - Comedy - 2004 - One of my greatest loves. From what I know it's not too well-known..but it's really good so you should watch it and laugh your asses off!

5. Fushigi Yuugi/OVA1/OVA2/OVA3 - Action/Adventure/Comedy/Drama/Fantasy/Love-Romance/Magic - 1995/1996/1997/2001 - My first love. Great show, interesting characters. This show got me hooked onto anime (which was like 6 years ago I think). Very Happy

6. D.N.Angel - Drama, Love-Romance, Magic, School Life - 2003 - Fantastic show. You might be disappointed at the ending though.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist - Adventure/Drama/Mystery/Shounen/Supernatural - 2002 - One of the best anime ever.

8. Karin - Comedy/Love-Romance/School Life - 2005 - I've never loved vampires this much.

9. Ouran High School Host Club - Comedy/Romance/Shoujo - 2006(I think) - Just aired in Japan this April and I've only watched 2 episodes so far. BUT I'm already loving it!

10. Ultra Maniac - Comedy/Love-Romance/Magic/School Life - 2003 - Damn hilarious.

I'd extend this to top 20 if I could. ;D

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stevo (#103181)
AnimeNfo Warrior

Posts: 810
Location: Toledo, OH
1.) berserk
2.) elfen lied
3.) x the series
4.) yu yu hakusho
5.) naruto
6.) gantz
7.) fushigi yuugi
8.) bleach
9.) record of lodoss war
10.) hellsing

So many games, so little time.......sigh

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Anticbiotic (#34038)
AnimeNfo Scout

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First I started listing my favourites but then I realised the topic was "...Anime Recommendations, which changes the list somewhat.

  1. Rurounii Kenshin Tsuiokuhen (Reminiscence) - Action/Drama/Historical Settings - 1999 - Bittersweet, violent, touching and beautiful.
  2. RahXephon - Mecha/Drama/Romance/Mystery - 2002 - A mecha that is actually a romantic drama. Complex storyline, credible characters, great animation and stunning music. Cried my heart out.
  3. Perfect Blue - Psychological/Mystery/Horror - 1997 - Pop-idol falls from grace and mental health goes down the drain. Seriously messed-up.
  4. Juuni Kokki - Adventure/Fantasy - 2002 - Starts a bit slow but evolves into a great series. Incredibly well thought-through.
  5. X (TV) - Drama/Super Power - 2001 - The End of the World. Perfect theme. I was deeply affected by it.
  6. Mousou Darinin (Paranoia Agent) - Mystery/Irrational - 2004 - And Satoshi Kon keeps messing with our heads. At first it didn't convince me but after reading some explanations of its underlying meanings I started to think highly of it.
  7. Saigake!! Cromartie High - Irrational/Comedy/Schoolkids - 2003 - Bizarre. Just...bizarre. No, it's hilarious too.
  8. Serial Experiments Lain - Mystery/Sci-Fi/Irrational - 1998 - Messed-up, like a 13 episode acid trip. Needs to be watched a few times. The engurish made me cringe but it's still well worth watching.
  9. Boogiepop Phantom - Mystery/Irrational/Horror - 2000 - As above, only 12 eps and without the engurish.
  10. Golden Boy - Ecchi/Comedy - 1995 - Don't like ecchi and Japanese humour? Me neither. But check this one out!


My Anime List. ~ My Manga list ~ My band. ~ My blog.

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