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Anime : Earth Defense Family

Earth Defense Family Title Earth Defense Family
Japanese Title 地球防衛家族
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Action, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2001
Release Date 2001-01-09 ∼ 2001-03-29
Broadcaster -
Studio Bandai Visual
US Distribution
User Rating 5.5/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Chikyu Boei Kazoku

An ordinary family is chosen to become high-tech fighters to defend the earth from an invasion of horrible alien monsters. The family consists of 8 year old Daiichi, his 14 year old big sister, his 34 year old Mom and his 40 year old Dad. But this isnt your ordinary Japanese family after all.

First of all, everyone is involved in this, not just the kids. All four have their own power suits, special weapons and roles. Daiichi and his sister have flying surf boards, the Moms car transforms into a flying car and the Dads suit doubles as a rocket suit. Everyone is initially enthusiastic about this turn of events, but things start to wear thin pretty quickly when they find out that they are charged for each super weapon that they use to defeat an alien, and the bounties that they get are being swamped by an ever growing debt. And they can't resign because the unknown agency that has chosen them will throw them into debtors prison if they don't pay off their bills.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Daichi Dainodescription  noimage
Kumai Motoko (くまいもとこ)description  image
Daichi Mamorunodescription  noimage
Kamiya Akira (神谷明)description  image
Daichi Nozominodescription  noimage
Shimizu Kaori (清水香里)description  image
Daichi Seikonodescription  noimage
Koyama Mami (小山茉美)description  image
Koujima Junkonodescription  noimage
Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子)description  image
Shiratori Ellennodescription  noimage
Yajima Akiko (矢島晶子)description  image

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