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Anime : Blood Shadow

Blood Shadow Title Blood Shadow
Japanese Title 紅蓮
Official Site -
Category OVA
Total Episodes 3
Genres Game, Harem, Mature
Year Published 2001
Release Date 2001-09-07 ∼ 2002-03-29
Broadcaster -
Studio Discovery
US Distribution
User Rating 8.5/10.0 (2 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Sat, 17 May 2008 22:15:49 +0000

Alternative titles

Daemons are roaming around in Hoen, an area resembling ancient Japan. To keep the peace, an anti-daemon agency called "Guren" is organized. One of the members, Rekka, is assaulted by daemons when he strays from his comrade, Tsukikage. Tsukikage and Rekka have always trained together, and he respects her like his elder sister. He manages to survive but the daemons kidnap Haruka, who nursed him, and he cries over how helpless he is. Then, in order to save them, he undertakes a journey to defeat the daemons with his comrades, Akane and Ayano.

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