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Anime : Garzey's Wing

Garzey's Wing Title Garzey's Wing
Japanese Title バイストン・ウェル物語 ガーゼィの翼
Official Site -
Category OVA
Total Episodes 1
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Year Published 1996
Release Date 1996-09-21
Broadcaster -
Studio BMG Japan
Sunseibu Entertainment
US Distribution Central Park Media
User Rating 7.5/10.0 (2 reviews)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 16 May 2008 10:42:03 +0000

Alternative titles
Garzey no Tsubasa
Byston Well Monogatari : Garzey no Tsubasa

The story begins as a hapless youth is snatched right off his motorcycle and transported to the otherworldly realm of Byston Well. Swallowed by a giant, ghostly white swan, he is taken on a lurid voyage through dimensions unknown before being unceremoniously dumped into the middle of a bloody slave revolt, buck naked.

Manifesting ethereal "wings of light" that spring from his ankles in times of peril, Christopher is accepted by the oppressed Metomeus tribe as their prophesied hero, gifted with the legendary wings of Garzey. Unfortunately, his status as savior cuts him no slack. He still has to carry his weight by hacking ineptly through the ranks of the tyrannical Ashicaba army, slogging through the beast-infested swamplands, and pushing refugee rafts down the river, all the while enduring sneers from the battle-hardened Metomeus warriors. Well, at least they give him a sword and a potato sack to wear.

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