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Anime : Maho no Star Magical Emi

Maho no Star Magical Emi Title Maho no Star Magical Emi
Japanese Title 魔法のスター マジカルエミ
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 38
Genres Comedy, Magic
Year Published 1985
Release Date 1985-06-07 ∼ 1986-02-28
Broadcaster -
Studio Studio Pierrot
US Distribution
User Rating 8.3/10.0 (2 reviews)  (Statistic)
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Kozuki Mai, an elementary student who was born in a magician's family, Magicarat. She wanted to be a magician, but her skill wasn't good. One day, a light ball got into a stuffed doll of flying squirrel, and it began to talk. Then, it gave Emi a magic that turned her into Magical Emi, who is 18 years old and had an ability to realize her dream.
Her joining the family, Magicarat became popular on TV. However...

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Design Kishi Yoshiyuki (岸 義之), Motoyama Koji (本山 浩司)
Director Anno Takashi (安濃 高志)
Music Oku Keiichi (奥 慶一)
Script Knishikawa Hiroshi (小西川 博)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Hirota Yukikonodescription  noimage
Okamoto Maya (岡本麻弥)description  image
Koganei Musashinodescription  noimage
Ikura Kazue (伊倉一恵)description  image
Koganei Shigerunodescription  noimage
Gori Daisuke (郷里 大輔)description  noimage
Kokubunji Madokanodescription  noimage
Chiba Shigeru (千葉繁)description  image
Kozuki Jun'ichinodescription  noimage
Naya Rokuro (納谷 六朗)description  noimage
Kozuki Mainodescription  noimage
Obata Yoko (小幡 洋子)nodescription  noimage
Kozuki Misakinodescription  noimage
Mita Yuko (三田ゆう子)description  image
Kozuki Yokonodescription  noimage
Aoki Nana (青木 菜奈)nodescription  noimage
Magical Eminodescription  noimage
Obata Yoko (小幡 洋子)nodescription  noimage
Matsuo Akiranodescription  noimage
Otaki Shinya (大滝 進矢)nodescription  noimage
Nakamori Harukonodescription  noimage
Mine Atsuko (峰 あつ子)nodescription  noimage
Nakamori Yosukenodescription  noimage
Yanami Joji (八奈見乗児)description  noimage
Siozawa Susuminodescription  noimage
Kameyama Sukekiyo (亀山 助清)nodescription  noimage
Toponodescription  noimage
Tatsuta Naoki (龍田 直樹)description  noimage
Yuki Shonodescription  noimage
Mizushima Yu (水島裕)description  image

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