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Anime : Submarine Super 99

Submarine Super 99 Title Submarine Super 99
Japanese Title サブマリンスーパー99
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Action, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2003
Release Date 2003-05-08 ∼ 2003-07-31
Broadcaster -
Studio Vega Entertainment
US Distribution
User Rating 4.8/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 16 May 2008 10:42:03 +0000

Produced by Matsumoto Reiji who is involved in magnificent action stories, and from the hands of the main writer of "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (Battle Cruiser Yamato), Fujikawa Keisuke, a complete new Anime has been reborn!

In the year 20XX AD, mysterious shipwrecks have been continuing to occur near Japan. Oki Juzo and Itsuro disappears to investigate these incidents. Just before they left, they came by a key engraved with the letters "SS-99" in the underground lab where Juzou's grandchild and Itsuro's younger brother, a senior high student Oki Shinji, had been improving various "99 Shikipo Heichu" rifles. As the two progresses in their investigation, the two gets caught when they sneak into a laboratory and are lead to a workshop underground. There, one never seen before huge submarine rests.

*** thanks to Kaworu S. for description & translation ***

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Design Harada Yoshiro (原田吉朗), Itabashi Katsumi (板橋克己), Shimazu Ikuo (嶋津郁雄)
Director Matano Hiromichi (又野弘道)
Music Mizobuchi Shinichirou (溝淵新一郎)
Script Fujikawa Keisuke (藤川桂介)
Supervisor Matsumoto Reiji (松本零士)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Hell Deathbird Generalnodescription  noimage
Sawaki Ikuya (沢木 郁也)description  noimage
Moriki Miyukinodescription  noimage
Horie Mitsuko (堀江美都子)description  image
Narratornodescription  noimage
Naka Hiroshi (中 博史)nodescription  noimage
Oki Itsuronodescription  noimage
Mizushima Yu (水島裕)description  image
Oki Juzonodescription  noimage
Cho Katsumi (長克巳)nodescription  noimage
Oki Shinjinodescription  noimage
Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤)nodescription  image
Ooyama Kizukinodescription  noimage
Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川智之)description  image
Ze Streitnodescription  noimage
Inoue Kikuko (井上 喜久子)description  image
Ze Stroganovnodescription  noimage
Yukino Satsuki (雪野五月)description  image
Ze Stronestronodescription  noimage
Narita Ken (成田 剣)description  noimage
Ze Strongnodescription  noimage
Naruse Makoto (成瀬誠)nodescription  noimage

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