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Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's brother but only he was with his father instead of his mother. And he wants ultimate power as the Tetsuseiga. But his father left him the sword of Tenseiga. But he really wants great power sohe can be stronger than any demon.

(Melissa) Tue, 27 May 2008 19:27:55 -0400

He is known as Inuyasha's brother but didn't seem to get along with him. In fact, he can often be seen attempting to kill Inuyasha. He appears to be cold, calm and confident. He seems to be quiet and when he does talk, he gets straight to the point and often use sacarstic words.
He wanted Inuyasha's sword known as the Tessaiga and sometimes wonder why his father gave him the healing sword Tenseiga and not Tessaiga.
On his journey, he is not alone and is accompanied by a youkai called Jaken and a little girl called Rin whom he saved using the Tenseiga when she got killed by wolves. Although Sesshoumaru dislike human, he didn't seem to be so heartless after all. ^_^
How i wish i was Rin... =Þ

(baby) Sun, 06 Jan 2008 00:27:40 -0500

Sesshomaru is InuYasha's older brother, half brother to be exact. Unlike InuYasha he is a full demon and very powerful. At first He is so much stronger than InuYasha that it would have been easy for him to kill his younger brother but soon later on InuYasha is closer to his level.

At the beginning the two brothers would always try to kill each other each time their eyes met. THey seemed to hate each other more than anything. Though when Kagome asked InuYasha why they hated each other his response was that it was because InuYasha was a half demon. THis is not entirely true. Sesshomaru doesn't really dislike his brothr because of that but because he blames InuYasha and his mother for his fathers death. He wanted to kill his father with his own hands in order to be the most powerful demon. He hoped to get his fathers Tetsuiga, the sword that can kill 1000 demons with one swing. However his father left him the Tenseiga, the sword that can bring 1000 back to life if you have compassion. This angered Sesshomaru because he was a demon that killed, to him the Tenseiga was a disgrace and worthess (Yet he always carries it with him)so when he found out that his father left the Tesuiga to his younger brother his anger becomes stronger because he is confused. He does not understand why his father left him that sowrd or if it was because he prefered InuYasha.
Even through all of this there are times where it seems as though he truly does like InuYasha as a brother. We see this in a flash back when Jaken goes to InuYasha to ask him to help his brother fight the cat demons. But when Jaken returns with news that InuYasha was sealed to a tree he bcomes angry. When the cat demons return 50 years later Sesshomaru does not want his bother to fight in this war. He never shows any emotion but this tim he actually got angry at InuYasha and punched him. InuYasha didn't understand why his brother was angry at him so when Jaken explained about the time efore (the flash back i mentioned before) he realizes that Sesshomaru was still mad at him because of it. Even though the enemy was right infront of them Sesshomary fought against his brother instead because he truly didn't want InuYasha to fight. But when Sesshomau is knocked to the ground by the leader InuYasha goes and does a frontal attack (kinda like avenging his brother). After this Sesshomaru comes up with a plan to weaken the demon and then tells InuYasha to finish then demon. Here he shows that he awcknowledges his younger brother as part of the family and not as a half demon by letting him end the war that has been in their family for centuries.
Slowly Sesshomaru becomes more kind and no longer just a demon that kills. Proof of this is the little human girl, rin, that tags along with him in his journey to kill Naraku. This shocks InuYasha because Sesshomaru had always said that he hated humans that they were nothing more than flies that can be killed easily. Having Rin along side him shows that he is slowly changing.
He does not see Rin as a lover nor anything like that, I point this out because their are some sick pople out their who believe so, but he is more of a father figure to her.

(Amthyste) Thu, 09 Jun 2005 01:24:48 -0400

Lord Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older, full-demon brother. He around 400 years old or so(still super good looking though). He is very quiet and doesn't scare easily. He rarely shows any type of emotion. Lord Sesshomaru puts on the front that he is evil and that he doesn't care for anything but once he saw Rin (not talking girl who lost her parents a while back) dead on the floor of the forest he showed that he cared by reviving her(even though he said he was just testing it). After being saved by Lord Sesshomaru she started to talk. Oh how lucky Rin is to be traveling with him. Lord Sesshomaru is on an ever lasting quest to obtain the Tetsuiga (Inuyasha's sword) even though he already has a sword (Tensaiga) that protected him all on its own. There is also a long going fued between the two brothers that neither is willing to give up on....

(Ghetto Goth) Sat, 19 Feb 2005 15:08:41 -0500

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older half brother. He had tried to kill Inu quite a few times but was always defeated. He lost his left arm when he transformed to his demon form and Inuyasha cut it off with the Tetsaiga* (spelling?) After a different bout with his brother and being defeated yet again, a young girl named Rin took care of him until he was feeling better. He ends up taking in this girl and now she follows him every where. He seems very protective of her.

(Emerald_Yuy) Fri, 16 Apr 2004 06:22:25 -0400

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